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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

"Westeros Wednesday" brought to you by the Dabel Brothers

"Imagine this, opening up one of our comics and seeing yourself standing in the world of Westeros, or Midkemia, or being a vampire within the world of Anita Blake... Yep, I think you’ve guessed it. All summer long we’ll be hosting a contest where, if you win, instead of winning just a sword, you’ll get to appear in a future Dabel Brothers fantasy title as a character!

We’ve all done it, dressed up as our favorite comic book character. But how many of us can tell our friends that we’ve appeared in a comic book, especially when it’s a book from a company like
Dabel Brothers Productions?

We’ll have all the details up for you on Westeros Wednesday (June 20th, 2007) on our
website or at participating comic book retailers. And please, DO stop by your local comic shop and tell them to sign up so they’ll have the cool things we’ll be providing for launch day!"

Sounds pretty interesting. If you're fan of GRRM or comic books, I'd definitely check it out... If you're neither, I would still check it out ;)


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