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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Winners of the Kim Harrison + Solaris Books’ SF BUNDLE giveaways!

Congratulations to Adina Weinstein (New Jersey) who was randomly selected to win a SET of Kim Harrison’s Rachel Morgan novels (US Version) including copies of “Dead Witch Walking”, “The Good, The Bad, And The Undead”, “Every Which Way But Dead”, “A Fistful of Charms”, “For a Few Demons More” and “The Outlaw Demon Wails”, all thanks to EOS Books!!! Remember, the new Rachel Morgan book, “The Outlaw Demon Wails”, is officially out today, so be sure to pick up your copy HERE. Also, you can find an excerpt HERE, read a review of the book HERE via Darque Reviews, and WIN an Apple iPhone by following these directions HERE :)

Congratulations also to Gina Howard (Tennessee), Helen Hutmache (New Jersey), Belinda Yaxley (Australia), Vanessa Hunter (New York), and Meredith Shearer (Georgia) who were all randomly selected to win a
Solaris Books’ SF BUNDLE including copies of Andy Remic’sWar Machine”, Chris Roberson’sThe Dragon’s Nine Sons”, Jeffrey Thomas’Blue War” and “The Solaris Book of New Science Fiction: Volume II”!!! As above, today marks the official release of “Blue War" (Reviewed HERE) and “The Solaris Book of New Science Fiction: Volume II” so be sure to add them to your shopping list!

As far as the other giveaways, just a reminder that the ones for
R.A. Salvatore’sThe Ancient” (Sign up HERE) and a SET of Jim C. Hines’ Goblin War trilogy (Sign up HERE) end next Tuesday, March 4, 2008 – 11:59AM PST. Meanwhile, the giveaway for Felix Gilman’sThunderer” (Sign up HERE) ends on Thursday, March 6, 2008 – 11:59AM PST and a SET of Patricia Briggs’ Mercedes Thompson books (Sign up HERE) ends on Tuesday, March 11, 2008 – 11:59AM PST. Don’t worry though, I have a whole bunch of new giveaways that will be starting soon, kicking off this Thursday :D


Kimberly Swan said...

Some pretty awesome giveaways, bet those are some very happy winners. :)

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