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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

SPOTLIGHT: Orson Scott Card's "Ender In Exile" + "Ender's Game" Comic Book Adaptation

On Tuesday, November 11, 2008, Tor Books will publish, “Ender In Exile”, a direct sequel to Orson Scott Card’s classic science fiction novel, “Ender’s Game”:

At the close of “Ender's Game”, Andrew Wiggin—called Ender by everyone—is told that he can no longer live on Earth, and he realizes that this is the truth. He has become far more than just a boy who won a game: he is the Savior of Earth, a hero, a military genius whose allegiance is sought by every nation of the newly shattered Earth Hegemony. He is offered the choice of living in isolation on Eros, at one of the Hegemony’s training facilities, but instead the twelve-year-old chooses to leave his home world and begin the long relativistic journey out to the colonies. With him went his sister Valentine, and the core of the artificial intelligence that would become Jane. The story of those years has never been told . . . until now…

To celebrate the release of “
Ender In Exile”, Marvel Comics is posting the ENTIRE first issue of the “Ender’s Game: Battle School” comic book adaptation as a FREE DIGITAL COMIC, but it’s only available for the month of November! “Ender’s Game: Battle School”, a five-issue limited series, is written and adapted by Christopher Yost (X-Force, X-Men: Evolution animated show), illustrated by Pasqual Ferry (Ultimate Fantastic Four, Ultimate Iron man), and overseen by Card himself.

A second five-issue comic book adaptation of Orson Scott Card's seminal Ender’s Game series begins December 3, 2008 with the first issue of “
Ender’s Shadow: Battle School”. Acclaimed scribe Mike Carey (Lucifer, Hellblazer, Felix Castor) and rising star artist Sebastian Fiumara introduce you to Bean, the only student at Battle School smarter than the famous Ender Wiggin. Born in an illegal genetic engineering laboratory, Bean grew up an orphan living off the brutal streets of Rotterdam. Now, he's been recruited to Battle School, where he'll make new friends, new enemies, and embark on the adventure of a lifetime—saving the Earth…


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