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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Collated and Updated Post with 2010 Anticipated Novels Available

I prepared the collated post - from the original three posts (I, II, III) discussing the 2010 novels *I know* about *and* I am looking forward to; about 90 titles are discussed there, with reasons why, a little discussion about earlier novels in the series if it's the case, or blurbs if new series/debuts. Some covers are available though they may change as titles can for that matter. Links to Amazon(US, UK) descriptions are provided when available, else author's relevant page if available...

I linked the post on the main page in the Best of Index and I plan updating it continuously with quick takes as I read any novel from there, links to reviews when they are posted or with more information as it becomes available in the cases where I could not find that much at the time of the original posts.

So far I read 8 of the 2010 novels in the post and did some quick takes for each, while one review is up on FBC with the rest to follow in time:

City of Ruin/Newton (draft, A+), The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms/Jemisin (A+), Spellwright/Charlton (C- from me but an A from Robert), The Bookman/Tidhar(A), The Desert Spear/Brett(A), Servant of the Underworld/de Bodard(A), The Left Hand of God/Hoffman(A++), The Conqueror's Shadow/Marmell(C from me but again an A from Robert so you may want to check it)


sg4 said...

Wow. I don't know whether I should be thanking you or cursing you. My wallet seems to take a big hit every time you make these types of posts. I want to say keep it up but I'm not sure how much longer it'll last! :)

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