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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tim Marquitz tries innovative pricing for his novella Sepulchral Earth

March 1, 2010 marked the publication date of Tim Marquitz's novella Sepulchral Earth via Damnation Books. This ebook, has an innovative pricing system. The first book was sold as free, and for each purchase the book moves up 25 cents, with a cap at the full retail price. The current price and more information on Sepulchral Earth can be found here.

Tim Marquitz is the author of Armageddon Bound (Reviewed by FBC here) and was listed in Mihir's top 2009 debut authors. Read an interview with Tim Marquitz with FBC here.

About Sepulchral Earth from the Damnation Book website:

Two years after the furious dead rose up to murder the living, the remnants of mankind face a brutal extinction. Wretched and broken, trading humanity for life, the survivors suffer under the inevitable shadow of death. Aided by friendly spirits, the necromancer Harlan Cole wages war against the merciless forces of the undead. Driven to bring peace to the souls of his wife and daughter, Harlan vows to return the dead to their graves, or join them trying.


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