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Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Choir Boats - Two More Weeks to Read a PDF for Free

WOWIO the ebook site of several incarnations to-date is offering Daniel Rabuzzi's superb debut as a free pdf download for July 2010. I reviewed the novel one year ago on its publication and I included it in my Remarkable Small Press Reads of 2009,

The sequel
A Tax from Heaven is a highly anticipated novel which I have included in the "2010 maybes" at the end of the post linked above though I still have no idea when it will be published.

The download link for The Choir Boats is HERE - bottom of the page - and hurry since it's available only for two more weeks!


Megan said...

Very cool, thanks for the heads up!

Liviu said...

thank you for your kind words


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