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Thursday, July 18, 2013

At Half Year: The Recommended Books of 2013 To Date (by Liviu Suciu)

As for the foreseeable future I will be just sporadically here at Fantasy Book Critic, I will try to present the books I found of interest and comment on the ones that did not go as expected as often as possible. 

Shorter or longer reviews of the books I finish - though not carefully edited as here but more in the form of raw thoughts - can be found on Goodreads and if time allows, I will edit them at FBC standards, if not I will just point you there.

Here is the list of 32 books of 2013 that comprise my current top lists - the positional "Top 25" which I expect to go somewhere from 25 to 30 titles by year end and the unordered Highly Recommended list which I call T1 (tier 1) on Goodreads.

As a quick analysis, in the Top 25  to date, outside of the 2 non-English language novels (Frontiere Barbare - French SF and Asylant - Contemporary Picaresque Romanian, both though with English language reviews and summaries on Goodreads), there are 7 fantasies (LE. Modesitt 2, D. Wexler, R. Ford, D. Abraham, P. Brett, B. McClellan), 4 sf (C. Priest, D. Weber, K. Lord, C. Gannon), 2 associational (JM Blas De Robles, I. Banks) and 3 non-sff (C. Cameron, L. Santoro, Wu Ming).

In the Tier 1 list there are 4 short story collections/serials (P. McAuley, D. Weber, C. Cameron, A. Roberts), 1 mix of short novel and Honorverse facts from D. Weber and BuNine, 5 non-sff (R. Brook, M. Werner, W. Ryan, A. Espinoza, J. Boyne), 2 fantasies (D. Walton, K. Elliott), 1 Romanian language contemporary and 1 non-fiction about the battle of Kursk by D. Showalter


(Click on picture for larger view)

Top 25 (click for ordered list on Goodreads)

(Click on picture for larger view)

Highly Recommended (click for unordered list on Goodreads)


Mihai A. said...

Very nice lists, Liviu! I've added a couple of these titles on my reading list. :)

bibliotropic said...

I think there are only 2 titles on there that I've actually read so far this year (and I wouldn't have classed one of them as any particular favourite). There are, however, about 10 titles there that are very high on my list of books that I wish I could afford right now, because I want to read them so very much!

Excellent list!

Liviu said...

Thank you for the kind words!

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