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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Winners of the Jim Butcher/Small Favor Giveaway!!!

Congratulations to Don D’Souza (Canada), Cathie Morton (New York), Jeffrey Kuebler (Kentucky), Tom Timmsen (Iowa) and Holly Weston-Richardson (Michigan) who were all randomly selected to win a COPY of Jim Butcher’s new Harry Dresden novel “Small Favor” thanks to ROC/Penguin Group!!! Remember, “Small Favor” comes out today (Order HERE) and for more information you can check out Sample Chapters HERE and read new reviews of the book HERE via Darque Reviews + HERE via SciFiChick :)


weariedjuggler said...

darn, I wish I found this earlier...

Caffey said...

I just finished the book and it was fabulous!! Gosh, I'm now going back from the very beginning to read this series! I got my hubby reading it now and I'm sure my son when he's home on break from school will be so into this!

Thanks a bunch for the win. I'm so thrilled I played and gave this author a chance!

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