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Thursday, November 1, 2007

SPOTLIGHT: Books of November

Welcome to the November 2007 edition of Fantasy Book Critic’s monthly SPOTLIGHT. Previous spotlights can be visited here: June 2007, July 2007, August 2007, September 2007 + October 2007. Originally, I wasn’t sure if there were going to be enough November titles and I was toying with the idea of combining the months of November + December. Instead, there turned out to be quite a lot coming out this month which is good news when it comes to filling out our shopping lists for the holidays :) So, once again, thanks for the support and enjoy! (NOTE: Unless stated otherwise, all release dates are for the US):

Endgame” by Kristine Smith. Release Date: October 30, 2007. Fifth book in the Jani Kilian science fiction series—Code of Conduct (1999 Philip K. Dick Award Nominee), Rules of Conflict, Law of Survival, Contact Imminent—by author Kristine Smith (2001 John W. Campbell Award winner for Best New Writer). Julie E. Czerneda, creator of the Trade Pact Universe, says “Endgame is that rare gem, a science fiction thriller with big ideas and consequences, told through passionate, unforgettable characters…”
Official Kristine Smith Website
Official Kristine Smith LiveJournal
Order “EndgameHERE
Read Chapter 1 + Chapter 2 from “Endgame
NOTE: As you can see, “Endgame” is an October title, but because of its original November 1st release date, I didn’t include it in my October Spotlight. So, better late than never…

Bang Bang” by Theo Gangi. Release Date: November 1, 2007. Recent graduate of Columbia’s MFA writing program and a teacher at John Jay College, Theo Gangi’s writing has appeared in The Greensboro Review, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Columbia Spectator, 3AM, etc. “In this explosive debut, Theo Gangi redefines the crime thriller, delivering a pulse-pounding, white-knuckle ride through gritty back rooms, where justice is sealed with gunfire, no one can be trusted, and being innocent can get you killed…”
Official Theo Gangi Website
Official Theo Gangi Myspace
Official Theo Gangi Blog
Order “Bang BangHERE
Read Chapter One HERE

Saint City Sinners” by Lilith Saintcrow. Release Date: November 1, 2007. Continuing the Dante Valentine series that began with “Working for the Devil” (Volume 1), “Dead Man Rising” (Volume 2) and “The Devil’s Right Hand” ((Volume 3), “Saint City Sinners” finds necromancer/bounty hunter Ms. Valentine returning to her hometown of Saint City to face the past, investigate a murder, deal with betrayal and dish out some revenge… The fifth and final Dante Valentine book “To Hell and Back” comes out January 2008
Official Lilith Saintcrow Website
Order the Dante Valentine Books HERE
Read An Excerpt HERE
Read Darque Review’s REVIEW of “Saint City Sinners

War Machine” by Andy Remic. UK Release Date: November 5, 2007. US Release Date: November 13, 2007. From Andy Remic, author of the Spiral Trilogy (Spiral, Quake, Warhead), comes his fourth book “War Machine”, a hardcore, military SF, action-thriller that kicks off the new Combat K series. “In a time of post-Singularity and FTL, ex-soldier Keenan is a private investigator who must gather together the old military unit who swore they'd never work together again in order to get the revenge he seeks…”
Official Andy Remic Website
Order “War MachineHERE
Read An Extract HERE
Read SFX’s Interview with Andy Remic HERE

The High King’s Tomb” by Kristen Britain. Release Date: November 6, 2007. Long-awaited third volume in Kristen Britain’s beloved Green Rider fantasy series—following “Green Rider” (1998) and “First Rider’s Call” (2003)—“The High King’s Tomb” continues the swashbuckling adventures of Karigan G'ladheon and friends in their latest life & death situation, this time involving demons, gods, magical books, necromancers, gentlemen thieves, Riders-in-training, wizards, tombs and much, much more…
Official Kristen Britain Website
Order “The High King’s TombHERE
Read Fantasy Book Critic’s INTERVIEW with Kristen Britain
Read Fantasy Book Critic’s REVIEW of “The High King’s Tomb

Cauldron” by Jack McDevitt. Release Date: November 6, 2007. In 1994 Ace Books published “The Engines of God”, the first of author Jack McDevitt’s (winner of the 2006 Nebula Award + 2004 John W. Campbell Award) Priscilla "Hutch" Hutchins novels. Now, thirteen years and six books later—Deepsix (2001), Chindi (2002), Omega (2003), Odyssey (2006)—Hutch's story draws to a close in “Cauldron”, as the mystery of the deadly Omega Clouds which has haunted her for decades is finally solved…
Official Jack McDevitt Website
Order “CauldronHERE

Deadfall” by Robert Liparulo. Release Date: November 6, 2007. Deep in an isolated wilderness, four friends are on the trip of a lifetime. Armed only with a bow & arrow and the basics for survival, they've chosen a place far from civilization. But they quickly discover that another group has targeted the remote region for a more menacing purpose: to field-test the ultimate weapon. An intense novel of character forged in the midst of struggle, survival, & sacrifice, Deadfall is Robert Liparulo's latest rivetingly smart thriller…
Official Robert Liparulo Website
Order “DeadfallHERE
Read An Excerpt HERE
Listen To An Excerpt HERE
Enter HERE To Win an Autographed Copy or an Unabridged Audio of “Deadfall
NOTE: Film rights to Robert Liparulo’sComes A Horseman” was sold to producer Marc Neufield (Hunt For Red October, Patriot Games), “Germ” was bought by Red Eagle Entertainment, and the author’s unfinished fourth title, a political thriller slated for a July 2008 release, was picked up by Phoenix Pictures, headed by producer Mike Medavoy (All the King’s Men, Stealth, Holes).

The Sagittarius Command” by R.M. Meluch. Release Date: November 6, 2007. In the third novel of the acclaimed military science fiction series Tour of the Merrimack by R.M. Meluch, all of humanity and its alien allies have joined together to battle the Hive—a force of pure destruction sweeping through the galaxy. But when the leader of the Roman world is assassinated, tensions escalate, and Captain John Farragut is forced to lead a mission into the heart of Hive territory in search of a man who's been "dead" for decades…
Official R.M. Meluch Website
Order “The Sagittarius CommandHERE
Read An Excerpt HERE
Read Grasping For The Wind’s Review of “The Sagittarius CommandHERE

Reader & Raelynx” by Sharon Shinn. Release Date: November 6, 2007. A journalist / novelist, Sharon Shinn’s (winner of the 1996 William L. Crawford Award for Best First Fantasy Novel) works encompass elements of fantasy, science fiction & romance, and include the series Samaria, the YA Safe-Keepers and Twelve Houses as well as various standalones & short fiction. “Reader & Raelynx” is the fourth entry in the author’s Twelve Houses series and is a “novel of secret sorceries and forbidden desires…”
Official Sharon Shinn Website
Order “Reader & RaelynxHERE

Host” by Faith Hunter. Release Date: November 6, 2007. Under the moniker Gwen Hunter, Gwendolyn has produced a number of thrillers including the Rhea Lynch, M.D. series, the DeLande Saga, and four standalone novels (Ashes To Ashes, Blackwater Secrets, Bloodstone, Shadow Valley). As Faith Hunter, the Louisiana-born writer dives into dark fantasy with the post-apocalyptic series Rogue Mage starring neomage Thorn St. Croix. “Host” is the sequel to “Bloodring” (2006) and “Seraphs” (2007)…
Official Faith Hunter Website
Order “HostHERE
Read An Excerpt HERE

The Cipher” by Diana Pharaoh Francis. Release Date: November 6, 2007. “Welcome to Crosspointe, the hub of the Inland Sea, where gold runs like water and the balance of politics shifts uneasily between the monarchy, the majicars, and the Merchants’ Guild—a land where dangerous majick courses through black waters…” The Cipher is the start of the new Crosspointe series by author Diana Pharaoh Francis whose previous novels include The Path Trilogy (Path of Fate, Path of Honor, Path of Blood)…
Official Diana Pharaoh Francis Website
Order “The CipherHERE
Read An Excerpt HERE
Read Green Man Review’s Review of “The CipherHERE

Heroes – Volume One”. Release Date: November 7, 2007. Based on the smash-hit, Emmy and Golden Globe®-nominated NBC show Heroes, Volume One—featuring covers by comic book legends Jim Lee + Alex Ross—also includes an introduction by Masi Oka (Hiro), all 34 chapters of Season One, and Tim Sale's artwork as seen on the show. The comics included have been written & illustrated by some of comics' and television's top writers and artists, including Michael Turner, Phil Jimenez, Marcus To, etc…
Official Heroes Website
Official Wildstorm Comics Website
Order “Heroes – Volume OneHERE

Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born”. Release Date: November 7, 2007. Sumptuously drawn by Jae Lee and Richard Isanove, adapted by long-time Stephen King expert Robin Furth, scripted by New York Times-bestseller Peter David, and personally overseen by King himself, “The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born” comic books series delves deeper into Roland's origins and is the perfect introduction to this incredibly realized world, while long-time fans will thrill to adventures merely hinted at in the novels. Collects issues #1-7
Official Dark Tower Website
Official Marvel Comics Dark Tower Website
Order “Dark Tower: The Gunslinger BornHERE

Confessor” by Terry Goodkind. Release Date: November 13, 2007. “Join Richard and Kahlan in the concluding novel of one of the most remarkable and memorable journeys ever written. It started with one rule, and will end with the rule of all rules, the rule unwritten, the rule unspoken since the dawn of history. When next the sun rises, the world will be forever changed…” After eleven volumes and one short story (Debt of Bones), Mr. Goodkind’s best-selling epic fantasy series finally comes to a close with “Confessor”…
Official Terry Goodkind Website
Order “ConfessorHERE
Watch a Video Interview HERE with Terry Goodkind

Pirate Freedom” by Gene Wolf. Release Date: November 13, 2007. Gene Wolfe, winner of the World Fantasy Award for Life Achievement, as well as two Nebula Awards, the John W. Campbell Award, the British Fantasy Award, and the Prix Apollo, and the author of the Solar Cycle series, the Soldier saga, The Wizard Knight and many other works, is back with his captivating new masterpiece Pirate Freedom. “Fans of fantasy, of Wolfe, and of sea stories should all beat paths to anywhere this yarn is on the shelf…” –Booklist
Order “Pirate FreedomHERE
Read Andrew Wheeler’s REVIEW of “Pirate Freedom

The Outcasts” by L.S. Matthews. Release Date: November 13, 2007. Originally released in the UK in 2004, the National Association of Special Educational Needs and Times Educational Supplement Award-shortlisted YA novel “The Outcasts” by author L.S. Matthews whose other releases include “Fish” (The Fidler Award winner, a 2005 ALA Notable Books, Publishers Weekly Best Books 2004), “A Dog For Life” and “Lexi”, is just now making it’s US debut thanks to Delacorte Books For Young Readers
Official L.S. Matthews Website
Order “The OutcastsHERE
Read An Excerpt HERE

Shooting War”. Release Date: November 19, 2007. This "scary-smart" graphic novel is a bold, irreverent, unflinching spoof of network news, the war in Iraq, and the burgeoning "citizen journalism" movement set in the near future. Created and written by writer/producer Anthony LappĂ© ( Executive Editor, co-author of True Lies, Showtime, The New York Times, MTV News, Fuse, Air America, etc) and illustrated by Dan Goldman (ACT-I-VATE founder)…
Official Shooting War Website
Order “Shooting WarHERE
Read An Excerpt HERE

A Dark Sacrifice” by Madeline Howard. Release Date: November 20, 2007. Madeline Howard is the pseudonym for Teresa Edgerton, an experienced fantasy/steampunk writer whose many works include the Green Lion trilogy, the Celydonn trilogy, the Goblin Moon duology, “The Queen’s Necklace” and a number of short stories. Written as Madeline Howard, The Rune of Unmaking is a new epic fantasy trilogy that began with 2004’s “The Hidden Stars” and now continues with volume two “A Dark Sacrifice”…
Official Madeline Howard Website
Official Teresa Edgerton Website
Order “A Dark SacrificeHERE

The Darkest Evening of the Year” by Dean Koontz. Release Date: November 27, 2007. “With each of his #1 New York Times bestsellers, Dean Koontz has displayed an unparalleled ability to entertain and enlighten readers with novels that capture the essence of our times even as they bring us to the edge of our seats. From its breathtaking opening scene to its shocking climax, The Darkest Evening of the Year is Dean Koontz at his finest, a transcendent thriller certain to have readers turning pages until dawn…”
Official Dean Koontz Website
Order “The Darkest Evening of the YearHERE
Read An Excerpt HERE

Dreamsongs: Volume II” by George R. R. Martin. Release Date: November 27, 2007. Included in Volume II, are acclaimed stories such as the World Fantasy Award-winner “The Skin Trade,” as well as the first novella in the Ice and Fire universe, “The Hedge Knight,” plus two never-before-published screenplays. Featuring extensive author commentary, Dreamsongs: Volume II, is an invaluable chronicle of a writer at the height of his creativity—and an unforgettable reading experience for fans old and new…
Official George R. R. Martin Website
Order “Dreamsongs: Volume IIHERE
Read An Excerpt HERE

The Solaris Book of New Fantasy” Edited by George Mann. Release Date: November 27, 2007. In the tradition of The Solaris Book of New Science Fiction, this stunning new anthology presents an array of never-before-seen fantasy short stories. From fable to fairytale, epic quest to urban mystery, all lovers of fantastic fiction will find something to delight in this bold new tome. Includes works by Steven Erikson, Juliet E. McKenna, Jeff VanderMeer, Mark Chadbourn, Hal Duncan, Jay Lake, Conrad Williams, T.A. Pratt and more…
Official Solaris Books Website
Order “The Solaris Book of New FantasyHERE

V: The Second Generation” by Kenneth Johnson. Release Date: November 27, 2007. Creator of V, The Incredible Hulk, Alien Nation, The Bionic Woman and other Emmy Award-winning TV shows, writer-director-producer Kenneth Johnson (winner of the Viewers for Quality Television Award, multiple Saturn Awards + The Sci-Fi Universe Life Achievement Award) returns to his hugely popular world of V with “V: The Second Generation”, a new novel based on the sequel miniseries currently being developed for TV…
Official Kenneth Johnson Website
Order “V: The Second GenerationHERE

The Devil Inside” by Jenna Black. Release Date: November 27, 2007. Author of the paranormal romance series Guardians of the Night (Watchers in the Night, Secrets in the Shadow, Shadows on the Soul), Jenna Black (pseudonym for Jennifer Barlow) introduces exorcist Morgan Kingsley in “The Devil Inside”, the opening volume in a brand new urban fantasy series. “Possession. Murder. Mayhem. The Devil Inside is a wild ride of uninhibited thrills, shocking surprises, and pure, unadulterated terror. Let the games begin...”
Official Jenna Black Website
Order “The Devil InsideHERE
Read An Excerpt HERE

The Watcher” by Jeanne C. Stein. Release Date: November 27, 2007. “The Watcher” is Jeanne C. Stein’s third novel—following “The Becoming” (2006) and “Blood Drive” (2007)—to feature bounty hunter-turned vampire Anna Strong. “A heroine with the charm, savvy and intelligence that fans of Laurell K. Hamilton and Kim Harrison will be happy to root for…” –Publisher’s WeeklyMs. Stein also appears in the “Many Bloody Returns” vampire anthology, which includes Charlaine Harris, Jim Butcher, Kelley Armstrong, etc…
Official Jeanne C. Stein Website
Official Jeanne Stein/Mario Acevedo Blog
Order “The WatcherHERE

The Down Home Zombie Blues” by Linnea Sinclair. Release Date: November 27, 2007. In this steamy, suspenseful new novel from RITA Award–winning author Linnea Sinclair—a former news reporter and retired private detective whose bibliography includes Finders Keepers, Gabriel's Ghost, An Accidental Goddess, et cetera—a dangerously sexy space commander and an irresistibly earthy Florida police detective pair up to save the civilized galaxy…but can they save themselves from each other? Official Linnea Sinclair Website
Order “The Down Home Zombie BluesHERE
Read An Excerpt HERE

The Pearls” by Deborah Chester. Release Date: November 27, 2007. Since the late 70s, national bestselling author Deborah Chester (inducted into the 2004 Writers Hall of Fame of America) has written over thirty-five novels ranging from romance, historical fiction and Young Adult to fantasy, science fiction and media tie-ins based on Lucasfilm’s Alien Chronicles and Gene Roddenberry's Earth 2. “The Pearls” is the opening volume in a duology that features characters from The Ruby Throne fantasy trilogy…
Official Deborah Chester Website
Order “The PearlsHERE

Killswitch” by Joel Shepherd. Release Date: November 30, 2007. Two years after the unhatching of a plot to make the capital city of Tanusha the center of the Federation, Callay is now under siege. So begins the third installment in the gripping Cassandra Kresnov science fiction trilogy from exciting new Australian author Joel Shepherd. “Espionage, battles, secrets revealed, escapes, political intrigue, personality clashes, high adventure, outer space—it’s all here. Easily the best of the three…” –Don D'ammassa
Official Joel Shepherd Website
Joel Shepherd’s Blog
Learn about “KillswitchHERE
Read Fantasy Book Critic’s REVIEW of “Breakaway
Read Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist’s Review of “KillswitchHERE


SQT said...

I was at the bookstore yesterday and saw "The Cipher" already on the shelves. It kind of threw me since my review copy said it's going to be released Nov 6th. Anyway, I put down "The High King's Tomb" to hurry and read Cipher since it's out first, and I'm pleasantly surprised by how good it is. I haven't read Diana Pharoah Francis in awhile and had kind of forgotten about her... I won't make that mistake again.

Aaron Wilson said...

I love your Spotlight. I always find something that I want. This month I will need to find a copy of "Shooting War."

Anonymous said...

Bit of a slow month Robert, I agree, but thanks nevertheless to doing the wonderful Spotlight feature again.

One note: The book Escape from Hell from Hal Duncan is actually coming out in July 2008.

Robert said...

Theresa, I'm sure some places will have the book early because as far as I know, the release date is still November 6th--at least that's what it says on the publisher's website! Anyways, I've never read anything by Ms. Francis, but if I have time I'll try and read this this month :)

Aaron, thank you! I should be receiving a review copy of "Shooting War" any day now and I might be possibly running a giveaway for it ;)

Calibander, December looks like it will be a slow month too, but there are some pretty good releases in there :) Thanks so much for the heads up on the Hal Duncan novella! I was way off on that ;) I've edited it out and guess I have a headstart for the July 2008 feature...

Katie said...

Thanks for the roundup. Just got Saint City Sinners and I'm really looking forward to getting into that one.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to your review of the Scalding Rooms btw, I wonder if that will be something I'd like. 100 pages I believe, a PS Publishing offering.

Robert said...

Calibander. Well, I've finished the review for "The Scalding Rooms", but I'm going to do something different with it. So, it might be a few weeks before it's posted...


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