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Monday, July 28, 2008

Winners of the Mike Carey Giveaway and Misc. News...

Congratulations to Rhonda Bauske (Oregon), Lisa Foland (Illinois) and Kathy Hornick (Virginia) who were all randomly selected to win a SET of Mike Carey’s Felix Castor (US Version) novels including copies of "The Devil You Know” and “Vicious Circle”, courtesy of Hachette Book Group USA!!! “Vicious Circle” is officially out today and if you haven’t read “The Devil You Know” yet, then what are you waiting for! Both novels are highly recommended and have been reviewed by Fantasy Book Critic HERE (The Devil You Know) + HERE (Vicious Circle), and you can learn more about the author Mike Carey in an interview HERE.

Moving on, I’m on a semi-vacation this week, so I just have a few scraps of news:

~For mystery/thriller lovers, on August 12, 2008,
William Morrow is publishing “Takeover”, a hot new novel from talented debut author Lisa Black. “Takeover” is described as a gripping thrill ride that combines forensics details with the tautness of a hostage situation and heralds a major voice in crime fiction, and a sharp & gutsy forensic investigator:

Black, a former latent fingerprint examiner and forensic scientist for the Cleveland coroner's office, delivers a tautly plotted, relentlessly suspenseful debut. Let's hope she writes another scorcher-and soon.” —
Booklist, Starred Review

Fans of Tess Gerritsen’s Jane Rizzoli and Maura Isles novels will enjoy this debut thriller by a forensic specialist for its steady suspense, female intuition, and distinctive venue. A terrific vacation read...” —
Library Journal

In promotion of the book’s pending release,
Lisa Black talks about “TakeoverHERE, her work as a CSI HERE, about Cleveland HERE, and about forensic mysteries HERE

~In other news,
Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist recently posted an interview HERE with Adrian Tchaikovsky, author of the excellent fantasy debut, “Empire in Black & Gold”. One of my favorite novels of the year—read Fantasy Book Critic’s review HERE—I can’t recommend “Empire in Black & Gold” enough, so be sure to check out that interview. Also, Graeme’s Fantasy Book Review seemed to like the novel as well :)

~This next piece of news I came across via
Matt Staggs’ Enter the Octopus, which features Felix Gilman talking about his next novel, “Gears of the City”:

I’ve just finally emerged from editorial revisions on my second book, and what do I see when I check my email but a very kind offer from Matt Staggs to post something on his blog. But what? I’ve been off the internet for a month and I don’t know what’s happening in the world. Has Obama won yet? Oh God, please, has Obama won yet?

Here is
a picture of the cover of the book. It’s called Gears of the City, it comes out in December, and it’s a sequel to my first novel, Thunderer, which Matt reviewed here. It has madmen, pilgrims, ghosts, a remote and haunted Mountain, an evil Hotel, zeppelins, something that is almost but not exactly a dragon, a supporting character who is almost but not exactly the Marquis de Sade, and a certain amount of time travel. Also, other things.

In my opinion, “Thunderer” (Reviewed
HERE) was one of the best fantasy debuts in 2007 and I’ve been looking forward to the sequel. Now with Felix’s comments and the superb cover art, I can barely contain my excitement :)

SFcrowsnest has recently opened the doors on their new social networking site for science fiction and fantasy fans, called Hivemind. Cut from the same cloth as FaceBook, MySpace, Bebo and the like, but specifically designed with SFF fans in mind, users can use Hivemind to chat, blog, post polls, upload photos, create fan groups for your favorite conventions, SFF books and films, and make virtual friends with other Nestizens. Hivemind is currently in its early Beta, so all comments and feedback on how to improve the site are much welcome…


Graeme Flory said...

Cheers for the link! I had a great time reading 'Empire in Black and Gold' and would encourage any fantasy fan to give it a go.
Hope you have a great vacation!

Anonymous said...

Gears of the City. Wicked cover!

I'm gonna prob check out Thunderer when it hits stores in pb.

thanks for the update!

Robert said...

Anytime Graeme :) Thanks for the vacation wishes! I hope the weather cooperates...

Yeah, I love that cover! I definitely hope you get a chance to read Thunderer. Well worth it :D

Anonymous said...

interesting that gears of the city looks a like a complete opposite in art tones and summary then the last novel.

and they are set in the smae crazy world from the first book?

makes me wonder if the next is going to be a science-fiction style from the 1950's! lol!


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