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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Winners of the Jane Lindskold/Thirteen Orphans Giveaway!!! + News (Pyr Books, Charles Stross, The Company Giveaway)

Congratulations to Ruth Vick (Ohio), Becky Brown (Tennessee) and Cynthya Petzen (Indiana) who were all randomly selected to win a COPY of Jane Lindskold’sThirteen Orphans” thanks to Tor Books!!! “Thirteen Orphans” is officially out today and you can find more information on the book HERE.

Miscellaneous News:

In May 2009,
Pyr, a science fiction and fantasy imprint of Prometheus Books, will publish “Crossover: A Cassandra Kresnov Novel” in the premium mass market paperback format, with dimensions of 4-1/8 inches x 7-3/8 inches and priced at $9.98. Premium mass market paperbacks are taller than the traditional premium mass market size, allowing for improved readability and cover image area. “Crossover”, by Australian author Joel Shepherd, was previously published in trade paperback in August 2006.

The Cassandra Kresnov novels “Breakaway” (Reviewed
HERE) and “Killswitch” (Reviewed HERE) will follow at the same price and format, to be published in June and July 2009 respectively.

“We’ve had significant interest from the major booksellers in seeing
Pyr enter the mass market format, and a great deal of interest in this trilogy in particular,” says Pyr Editorial Director Lou Anders. “Joel’s series is smart, sexy, action-packed, and features a very well-rounded and admirable female lead. We’ve been very happy with their performance thus far in trade paperback, and feel they are especially suited to lead our charge into mass market, a perfect example of the type of smart, action-packed and engaging read that Pyr is becoming known for. I’m thrilled that Cassandra Kresnov is poised to entertain even more readers with her mass market debut.”

Cassandra Kresnov is a highly advanced hunter-killer android who defected from her League Dark Star special ops assignment, seeking the quiet life of a civilian, but then becomes unwillingly embroiled in dangerous interplanetary intrigue. Shepherd is known for his strong female protagonists, his gripping action sequences, and his rich depiction of Byzantine political machinations.
Tobias S. Buckell, author of Halo: The Cole Protocol, called the series, “A blast to read,” while Publishers Weekly described it as “Robert Ludlum meets Elizabeth Moon.”

Plans for making some
Pyr titles available in e-book format are also in the works.

Moving on, in promotion of
K.J. Parker’sThe Company”, a breathtaking standalone novel of war, friendship, and betrayal, set in a fantasy world that bears an uncanny resemblance to our own, Orbit Books is giving away one “standard-mail” short-sleeved t-shirt from To enter, just email Orbit HERE with the words “The Company” in the subject line. Read Official Rules HERE and find out more about the giveaway HERE.

Lastly, in support of the December 5, 2008 UK Paperback Publication (
Pan MacMillan) of “The Clan Corporate”, the third Merchant Princes novel, author Charles Stross will be signing copies of the book on December 11, 2008. Details on the signing and book information are included below:

Waterstone’s West End, 128 Princes Street, Edinburgh
Thursday, December 11th, 6pm
Free Tickets
available In-Store
For more information, call 0131 226 2666

In The Family Trade and The Hidden Family, Miriam got in touch with her roots. Now those roots have begun to strangle her. A young business journalist from Boston, Miriam discovered that her family comes from a parallel timeline, that she is very well-connected, and that her family is way too much like the Mafia for her comfort. She's tried hard to remain her own woman, even going so far to start a profitable (and legitimate) business in a third timeline she has discovered, outside the family reach. There have been murders and betrayals. Now, however, she may be overreaching—for if she gets caught, death or worse is around the bend…

The Clan Corporate offers more proof, if any were needed, why
Charles Stross has become universally acknowledged as one of science fiction’s major new talents”. —Mike Resnick, Award-winning author of “Kirinyaga” and “Stalking the Unicorn



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