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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Winners of the M.J. Rose Giveaway! Plus Misc. News (Heifer International Fundraiser, Firstworld, Subterfuge, etc.)

Congratulations to Doug Carlberg (Iowa) and Nikki Evans (Ohio) who were both randomly selected to win a SET of M.J. Rose’sThe Reincarnationist” and “The Memorist” thanks to the author and Mira Books!!! “The Memorist” was officially released on November 1, 2008 and you can read Fantasy Book Critic’s review of the book HERE.

In news, the new wovel (web novel) from
Underland Press—“Firstworld” by horror author Jemiah Jefferson—is now available HERE. The wovel is described as follows:

March 2036. The world has been divided, not by geography, but by standard of living and technological status. Some have nothing but their ideologies. Others, their addictions, their cunning, or their desperation. The luckiest, safest, and healthiest live in the first world—all of them employees of FirstWorld Corporation: a global communications network, a consortium of manufacturers and energy suppliers, a system of belief. They are your doctors, your teachers, your bankers, your technicians. They are everywhere and they are you.

Maura Lakin is your average thirty-something single mother living in the Pacific Northwest, with a job, an apartment, and a daughter doing well in school. She's also got a shadowy past with the cadre of trippers, hackers, and innovators known as the Underground. And, along with her daughter Lalia, she has a radical piece of technology implanted into their brains which allows them to communicate wirelessly and untraceably with only the power of thought. Maura and Lalia have successfully kept their secrets from the outside world . . . or so they thought, when one day Lalia goes missing and the link goes dead.

Now Maura must go in search of her missing child, relying on her old skills and contacts—and picking up new ones along the way—in hopes of getting Lalia back. But Lalia may or may not want to come back, especially not if she finds her long-hidden techno-genius father Scott and tastes the freedom of his revolutionary way of life...

Moving on, Ian Whates’
NewCon Press has released a new short story anthology called “Subterfuge”. Launched on October 11, 2008 during the Newcon 4 science fiction convention, “Subterfuge” contains tales of misdirection, of finesse, of willful sleight of hand, and stories in which not everything is always as it seems…

The anthology is available in both a Standard Paperback and Hardcover edition as well as a special
Signed Limited Edition which is signed by all contributors, limited to 150 copies, and contains three additional short stories by Storm Constantine, Ian Watson and Ian Whates. The regular edition includes contributions by Neal Asher, Tony Ballantyne, Pat Cadigan, Tanith Lee, Juliet McKenna, John Meaney, Neil Williamson and many others.

In other news,
Pan Macmillan and Lexcycle, the maker of the highest rated electronic book reader for the iPhone, just announced the availability of the first set of Pan Macmillan titles for Lexcycle’s popular Stanza electronic book reader for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch.

Stanza users will have access to free excerpts from selected bestsellers and over the course of the next twelve months, more of the
Pan Macmillan ebook catalog will be made available on Stanza.

“By offering numerous classical literature works for free, we’ve proven that Stanza on the
iPhone provides a tremendous reading experience and that iPhone users love the convenience of always having their latest read in their pocket or purse,” commented Neelan Choksi, Chief Operating Officer of Lexcycle. “Our users who come from over 50 different countries have been clamoring to pay for contemporary content, and we are thrilled to offer them some great Pan Macmillan titles for their reading pleasure.”

“Since the
iPhone launched its App Store we have been watching developments closely to see which reading apps became most popular. Lexcycle’s Stanza emerged very quickly as a clear leader in its category and so we immediately made contact to ask about developing a strategic partnership to bring our ebooks to readers through this new channel,” commented Sara Lloyd, Digital Director of Pan Macmillan. “This is only the first small step for us into iPhone territory and we intend to extend our Pan Macmillan/Lexcycle programme in partnership with Lexcycle as they develop their platform to make buying in-copyright works for Stanza a more streamlined and secure process.”

Stanza for the
Apple iPhone / iPod Touch is available today from the App Store in iTunes for free download. The Pan Macmillan books are available at Available books include titles by Clive James, Peter F. Hamilton, China Mieville, Neal Asher and many others! To learn more, please visit

Last, but certainly not least, I was just informed of a wonderful fundraiser that author
Patrick Rothfuss is taking part in with Heifer International. It’s for an incredible cause, so I strongly urge everyone to visit Patrick’s blog HERE for the details on how you can help.



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