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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Winners of the David Moody SIGNED “Hater” Giveaway!!! Plus Misc. News...

Congratulations to Keith Hoddevik (Washington), Sara Fitzsimmons (Ohio), and Christy Hawkes (Utah) who were all randomly selected to win a SIGNED COPY of David Moody’sHater” (US Edition) thanks to Thomas Dunne Books!!! “Hater” officially hits stores today in North America and on February 19th in the UK. For more information on the book, please read Fantasy Book Critic’s review of “HaterHERE or check out excerpts from the novel HERE (Intro & Chapter 1) + HERE (Chapter 2).

In news, just a few tidbits:

First, author
Jordan Dane will appear on the “AUTHORS ON AIR” Romance Radio Show
to talk about her book “Evil Without a Face” on Thursday, Feb 26th at 2PM EST. Readers can call-in at (347) 826-9686 and listen to the show

Evil Without a Face” launches
Jordan Dane's Sweet Justice trilogy, which explores the dangerous world of human trafficking and follows three powerful women—a bounty hunter operating outside the law, an ambitious vice cop, and a former international operative with a mysterious past. Ripped from the headlines, Dane’s gritty suspense plots weave a tapestry of vivid settings, intrigue, and dark humor...

For more information on “Evil Without a Face”, Browse Inside

Moving on,
Jasper Kent, the author of “Twelve” (Reviewed HERE), has posted a couple of videos on Youtube. The first one HERE is a video version of the Flash introduction to the author’s website. The second one above is an interview with Jasper as he talks about his book “Twelve”. Be sure to check them out!

In other news, editor Marty Halpern has started his own blog
HERE. Marty recently accepted a position as a freelance Acquisitions Editor for Wilder Publications’ genre imprint, Fantastic Books and has close to a decade of editorial experience. He has twice been nominated for the World Fantasy Award and books edited by Marty have won the prestigious Hugo Award, World Fantasy Award, and have been selected to Publisher's Weekly's Best of the Year List.

Reel Energy Entertainment, the Pasadena-based media company that produced the Vampire Film Series and Festival (aka Vampire Fest) is proud to announce that Vampire Fest will be coming home to New Orleans. Though Vampire Fest originated in Hollywood, it was always the plan of Reel Energy President, Asif Ahmed, to bring the event home to New Orleans. As Asif noted in 2004, “New Orleans is birthplace of jazz, voodoo and Anne Rice. With its great nightlife, Gothic architecture and diverse population, New Orleans is the ideal location for Vampire Fest.”

Unfortunately, Hurricane Katrina intervened, the city lay in ruins and
Reel Energy was forced to delay Vampire Fest’s move to New Orleans; finally, in Autumn 2009, we will to come home to the Big Easy, present our festival and help rebuild this beautiful city. Vampire Fest plans to interact with the New Orleans Film Commission and Mayor’s Office and will also involve the New Orleans Red Cross and New Orleans Blood Bank and sponsor one of the biggest blood drives in the city’s history.

It is our hope to use
Vampire Fest as a path for aspiring filmmakers working in this unique genre to meet producers and distributors who are looking for exceptional product to market. Most importantly, Vampire Fest will be part of the effort to rebuilt New Orleans. The venues and dates will be announced later in the year.

Vampire Fest accepts all films that could be classified in the context of vampire, supernatural and the bizarre. A filmmaker can even submit a documentary about Goth people or about Gothic architecture. Vampire Fest will accept any narrative or experimental film that emphasizes the grotesque, mysterious or desolate. The legend of the werewolf is interconnected with that of vampire and Vampire Fest is open to films of the Goth, zombie, werewolf or ghost genre.

If you have questions or need more information, please visit the
Official Vampire Fest Website or contact Reel Energy at (626) 449-1902.


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