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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Quick Note on "Review Policy" and Commenting (by Liviu Suciu)

Since quite a few people ask in emails about FBC's review policy, I want to point out that there is no such thing; the only thing that matters is if one of the four of us who are currently the main reviewers *is interested in the book in cause*. As for what interests us, the past reviews found in the Review Index form the best guide, though interests do evolve in time. Also the "best of lists" done by us separately or together and which you can find in the "FBC Best Of" widget on the left hand side of the main page may help.

Excerpts or links to such (Kindle, Smashwords, author's website) are very important since at least personally I would never consider an unknown book without at least a small sample, however enticing the blurb would be.

As for comments, I *hate* censorship, but profanity laced comments are not allowed since civil discourse is important too and things degenerate fast online.

Spam is not allowed either, in particular comments that contain advertising with the only exception if the advertising is related to a particular book(s) and is made by the author/publicist of the respective book and the book is related with the post the comment refers to.


shaneo52 said...

Y'all just keep doing an awesome job, Liviu, This is my favorite blog. Don't let the haters get to you.

Liviu said...

Thank you for the nice words; the moderation comment does not refer to us actually - I approve any critical comment of us that is readable in the least and I am always interested in how I can improve things within the possible.

Sometimes we get comments that are quite offensive about this or that author and while of course there may be reasons to criticize authors outside of their work, it's gotta be done in reasonable words; the excuse, hey I got slagged on board/website "x" is not a valid reason to use same language on FBC

Jamie Gibbs said...

I like that review policy, it's one I champion myself :)I've tried going for a review where I know nothing about the book except the blurb, but more often than not it tends to disappoint me.

Liviu said...

A page or two shows if the prose has what I look for (flow, balance) and I found out that books that did not really say "read me" on first sight, rarely impressed me later too, so with so many books out there it is normal to let them compete for your time...

Currently looking at only books, I have, I read at least some pages from and would like to at least try and finish sometime and it's a list 200+ long plus sequels in some cases and of course there are quite a few new releases I highly await

Ahmed-Alameen said...

I wish to know how do I send an email query to ask for a review for my novella?



The Reader said...

Hi Ahmed,

You can send your novella details as mentioned over here (



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