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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Book 5 of the Superb Empire of Man series by John Ringo and David Weber is Finally in the Works (by Liviu Suciu)

Read all four series books to date HERE.

A bit unexpected but quite an exciting tidbit has been reported in various places a few days ago.

John Ringo just had an announcement that he completed - finally, after years of constant bugging - the synopsis for the 5th Prince Roger (Empire of Man) novel which goes now to David Weber for tweaks/approval/etc and hopefully in 2-3 years we will have the book.

So I just reread the first 4 books (March Upcountry, March to the Sea, March to the Stars, We Few) and I remembered again how much I love this series - the combination of interstellar intrigue and space battles (first 100 pages of March Upcountry, last 100 pages of March to the Stars and all of We Few) and the action on the primitive planet of Marduk with the superb world building, fascinating cultures, crazy battles on land and on sea and dangerous fauna (March Upcountry from page 100 on till last 100 pages of March to the Stars).

I plan to have a review of the series here soon as incidentally I plan to review soon another David Weber series that has been moving again after an 8 years hiatus (Bazhell or War God's Own series where the 4th book, War Maid's Choice is due in July but available now to buy as an e-arc HERE).

But just as a hint why the Empire of Man series is so good, I would mention memorable characters and wrenching moments - in every book at least one "main" character dies and only a few survive from the almost 200 that are marooned on Marduk, while of course in We Few this continues, though also new important characters are introduced in each book.

While We Few ends on a great note and closes the arc of the first 4 novels decisively, as Mr. Ringo put it, our main hero Prince Roger "has promises to keep" from the previous books so it is time to fulfill them and of course there is the little matter of the civil war he inherits...

Anyway the first 4 books are free at the Baen CD place on any newer CD like the one for Mission of Honor and I am really looking forward to the next books whenever they will be out - I kind of doubted for a long time that there will be more and while I sure wanted that, the first 4 books have enough closure to keep me happy but now I am really excited as this series is on par with the best out there.

As Mr. Ringo puts it colorfully (see here):

"-I recently reread the series. When I got done I walked into the living room and growled at Miriam. 'These God Damned writers! How can they just LEAVE it that way! Roger has PROMISES TO KEEP! WHERE THE HELL IS THE SEQUEL!!!!?'"


Blue Gargantua said...


On his own, Ringo's books have a certain...slant that can be fun to read in small doses, but which get pretty tiresome pretty quickly.

Does Webber's presence leaven the "Ringo-ness" of the books? Given your usual preferences in fiction, this was a surprising recommendation.

RobB said...

How goddmaned fast do you read, Liviu? Those four books aren't exactly short.

Anonymous said...

Wow, miracles do happen

Liviu said...

@Blue Gargantua - I am a huge Weber fan and this is the main reason this series has been a huge hit - when We Few came out years ago it was the first Webscriptions I bought so I could read the book or at least parts of it before pub date - this was before earcs and before me getting into ebooks so i remember printing the available pages as they came out.

I like quite a few of Mr. Ringo's novels but I agree with what you say about smaller doses - he writes powerful stuff but too often ideology gets in the way after a while.

Here in this series there is only a little of his usual digs (the bad guys as interstellar politics go are the Saints which are a communist like polity but based on an ecological ideology of keeping/restoring planets to their "natural pristine" state, whose commando arm is called Greenpeace, and their motto is "there is nothing wrong with ecologies except that they occasionally develop sophonts" and a few other nuggets like that that are very Ringo-like)

The books read very Weberian as philosophy/ideology goes, but are very Ringo-like in the "grunts on the ground" part so no mercy for anyone including our heroes and very realistic; a great combination

@Rob Well, I went relatively fast as I know them already by heart - see the above comment about We Few - but I have not reread them in a few years as I thought We Few is the last; they are also very addictive and a fast read especially once the Marduk adventure starts

Anonymous said...


Nice summary of Ringo's Jingo-ism and the effect on the writing. Like you and the commentators I hope it continues to be tamped down by Weber. The problem is that as I Ringo has become more and more idealogical as time has passed, something I felt was reflected within the books as well.
Still I can hope.

Liviu said...

i agree that the recent Ringo books have not been that much on my taste - curious about Queen Wands which seems to be next

i would not mind more Council books (that is the solo Ringo series I like most) and more Space Bubble, but I dropped out of Posleen

Anonymous said...

Some of us, who arent transnationalist scum, like Ringo's politics and his books.

Anonymous said...

I like the series and have read some of the posleen war books i dont look to deep into any book i read to take my mind away from stuff for ENJOYMENT and i think these two authors do a great job of it. Actually im getting them in audio format so i can listen to them this time while i drive lol.

Anonymous said...

While I love all of the books, my favourite stand out moment has to be in book 2 (I think) when the allied Mardukan forces stand for the first time against the barbarian horde that have been destroying everything in their path. They have no experience in battle, and as the two armies face each other a massive and obviously veteran leader of the barbarian tribes steps out and roars his challenge to anyone who would oppose him. The inexperienced allied soldiers are shaken and start to step back in fear and then - Prince Roger bolts forward on his lizard mount, racing toward the barbarian chief. Seconds before he smashes into him he stops his mount suddenly, leaps off it's back, hits the ground running toward his foe and with a single stroke of his sword cuts off his head. Both armies watch this in stunned silence as he turns his back on the barbarians and walks slowly back to his ranks - and his army erupts in cheers.

Liviu said...

Thanks for the comments; huge favorites and now we have a tentative late 14 (if lucky), 15 most likely for volume 5 with a few snippets already out, so very excited about this series getting continued

rusticsoldier said...

I have always lived ringo and tom kratman, david weber. It would be alsome if these brains could just bash a series out. And while i think ringo is a great writer in his own right combine him with someone else and it flat out astonishing i forget to sleep eat shave im so lucky i own my own business. And that each book is only around 7hundred pages or i miss more then two meals

Anonymous said...

I like Ringo's "jingoism" and find echoes what is happening in the real world. The series is fantastic and I can hardly wait for the book to come out!

Liviu said...

actually there are some news on both fronts - the series and what Mr. Ringo is planning to write; this book has a shot for 2015 and the series may get finished after all; here is the full answer by J> Ringo as re-posted on D. Weber forums:

"Quote:Various new people since I was on last so time for SERIES UPDATES!


Aldenata: Two more books. Period. Dot. Know the general outline. Just cannot get the jones to write them and with all the characters/groups 'general outline' is barely that. I know what MIKE does. I'm not sure about the rest of the groups.

Vorpal Blade: Got some synopses for more books. Not really jonesing at this time.
Council Wars/Dragons: I probably should just admit the rest of the story is never going to get written. Honestly, I'm more interested in just jumping to the 'sequel' universe. (Straightforward Big Fat Fantasy universe.)

Special Circumstances: Some ideas, not really working at this time.

Troy: Two general ideas, not working on it at this time.

Ghost: New co-author book in the wings, new co-author who actually KNOWS the universe and gets it. Former SF officer, contractor, written for SoF for years. Should be good.

Black Tide (Graveyard Sky): Four books done and in the can more or less. From there it will just be anthologies. No more 'core' books planned. Except for anthologies, the series is basically wrapped. (YEAH! FINISHED ONE!)

EMPIRE OF MAN: David has given his okay on the opening 'throne-room' scene and other bits. Will be moving forward on that soonish. We have the basic outline of the plot but that's a long road from a finished book. We also have the basic outline of the future of the universe and sequels so we may eventually be able to 'wrap' that series.
Did I miss one? Honestly, I'm not sure..."

Anonymous said...

i only have a couple of years left on this time around. would sure like to see roger does, before i go.

Unknown said...

Funny that so many of you say "Ringo is bearable if Weber tamps him down." Personally, I see it the other way. I've read some of the Honor Harrington series, and the sexism against males makes me sick. But with Ringo to keep Weber in check, they turned out an AWESOME series in "The Empire of Man." Can't wait to see how Ringo advances things, and I just hope Weber doesn't mess things up too much. Ringo is absolutely right-- Roger has promises to keep, and asses to kick.

Stalloney said...

Ah bugger! While I'm definitely keen on the 5th Roger book and Vorpal Blade-work, I'm hanging out for more Troy. Big Fan...

Anonymous said...

I really wish they would just get on with the series. I have now read the series 10 time and could almost write it myself. It just to bad this series is not important enough to continue.

Michelle said...

So where is the fifth book, I've read the series a few times now and need the last book for closure. Come on guys, get it out there.

Anonymous said...

Umm any place where I can look to see when the next book is supposed to be finished iam jonesen for the next one

Unknown said...

Please, please Finish the Prince Roger series. I need closure on this, along with a lot of other people.

Unknown said...

Totally agree.

Anonymous said...

Be great to finish the series

Anonymous said...

Any updates on Book 5? Just finished rereading these. Love this series and great ending to Book 4, but Rog's got a Civil War to fight. Really hoping to find out how it all ends.

Anonymous said...

Please finish this series (Empire of Man). I am 76 years old and just found out that I have terminal cancer in my liver and may not last much longer. Would like to finish at least this series. please!

Anonymous said...

Like & unlike anonymous. I am over 70 but do not have cancer. But how much time I have left in this world is anyone's guess. So, I would like to finish this series.

Anonymous said...

soooo, did John/Weber decided to hash out the details for the 5th book? anyone have information on this?

Anonymous said...

Would really like to get an update on book 5. is it still coming?

rpbarbati said...

Well, not to be a dick about it, but he takes like three strokes - a block, a slice and a back slice.

What I want to see is the movie!!!

Sickly said...

Love the books any fan fiction with these characters?

Crash said...

Seems like these authors have the same problem as grrm's ice and fire... it's like getting to the 10 yard line and face planting before you hit the goal.

Anonymous said...

I don't see how they can get Roger in combat with him being Emperor. Maybe they should do the Miranda book but unless Roger is out there leading from the front, ending the series with We Few might be for the best. Besides, anyone who wants a coda can read the snippets that came out in 2013.


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