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Monday, March 19, 2012

Winners of the Legend Of Eli Monpress Giveaway and Other SFF Tidbits!!! (by Mihir Wanchoo)

Congratulations to Megan S, Andrew C and Jan-Egil W. who were all randomly selected to win a copy of Rachel Aaron’s “Legend of Eli Monpress”—the omnibus edition—courtesy of the author!!! For more information on Rachel Aaron and The Legend of Eli Monpress series, please visit the following links:

Read FBC Review of "The Spirit Thief"
Read FBC review of “The Spirit Rebellion
Read FBC Review of “The Spirit Eater” and “Spirit’s Oath
Read FBC’s Interview with Rachel Aaron

Also here are a few things which I believe deserve attention, firstly over at SF Signal beginning in the end of February, they have held three big podcasts in which Patrick Hester and Jaym Gates have conversed with Editors, Cover Artists and Authors. The topic of conversation was “Sword and Sorcery for the modern reader”.

The first podcast which is available over HERE and has the following fabulous crowd featured in it:

The second podcast which is to be found over HERE, featured another awesome group:

The third podcast is the one (click HERE) which stands out due to the sheer talent of the writers focused upon in it and they are:

All the three podcasts make for some fascinating thoughts and so be sure to catch all three of them.

On to the next fascinating thing, Bradley P. Beaulieu in cahoots with Night Shade Books, is hosting an awesome giveaway that includes the following prizes:
- A first prize of a Kindle Fire or a Nook Color tablet (Winner’s preference)
- A second prize of a Nook Simple Touch or a Kindle Touch (Winner’s preference)
- A third prize of a signed ARC of the “The Straits of Galagesh
- Five fourth prizes of a SET of SIGNED TRADE PAPERBACK editions of The Winds of Khalakovo and The Straits of Galahesh!
- Five fifth prizes of a SET of the ELECTRONIC editions of The Winds of Khalakovo and The Straits of Galahesh! (Electronic editions can be delivered in epub, mobi, or pdf formats.)

This is an absolutely awesome giveaway and more information about how to enter for it can be found on Bradley’s blog. So head over there as the contest is open from March 13th all the way until April 3rd 2012. Best of luck to all those entering it.

(Picture Credit: Soul Smithy Blog)

And lastly a bit on two interviews, primarily I came across a terrific interview of R. Scott Bakker conducted by Adam “Werthead” Whitehead of the always interesting WERTZONE and featured on the Orbit Blog by James Long, who previously ran the blog Speculative Horizons. The discussion covers Scott’s entire career, from his original influences to the development of epic fantasy in recent years and much more, hop over to the Orbit blog to read more. The second one focuses on Myke Cole, the debutante who's carving a niche in the urban fantasy sub-genre, so head over to Bastard Books and read the in-depth piece done by B. mainly and with a few questions from yours truly and Tim Marquitz.


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Thats an awesome new giveaway. Unfortunately, its open only to residents of US/CAN.


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