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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Other Gemmell (by Mihir Wanchoo)

Ever since
Stella Gemmell partook into the world of Troy as imagined by David Gemmell, readers got to read a conclusion worthy of the saga begun by David. The best part about the third book was that even though it was started by David and finished by Stella, one could hardly ascertain one part from the other. It seemed like a seamless piece and one that delivered a powerful conclusion to Homer’s story.

It’s been nearly five years since
Stella was published and so I was very excited to see her name come up with the announcement of a new title. This was announced first over at the Bookseller:

Transworld editorial director
Simon Taylor bought UK and Commonwealth rights to The City, described as "a fantasy on an epic scale", plus a sequel, from Howard Morhaim of the Howard Morhaim Literary Agency. The City will be published in spring 2013. Taylor said that Morhaim had always answered subsequent queries as to whether Stella Gemmell might be tempted to write another work with a diplomatic "Who knows?" but that when he revealed a novel had been written, and Taylor read the manuscript, "the hairs on the back of my neck started to prickle."

Taylor continued: "
Stella has written a breathtaking epic fantasy that is not only going to get David’s fans reaching for their superlatives but also win her a legion of new readers in her own right. The City – with its epic vision, remarkable, evocative world-building, narrative arc, fabulous writing, dramatic storytelling (and heart-in-mouth battle scenes!) and, importantly, characters who live on the page and in whose lives the reader cannot help but become wholly involved – totally knocked my socks off."

Larry Finlay Managing Director Transworld, added that it was "so exciting to be publishing the Gemmell name once more."

After this wonderful piece of news, I believe all over the world DG fans will be salivating to read
Stella’s debut so to see how much of an effect David has had on her and how different a writer she will be. Count me in among those who cannot wait to know more about the book…

To know more about
Stella, the tragedy that was David’s passing and her sojourn in completing
TROY: Fall Of Kings, go here to read this wonderful Interview.

Note: Picture courtesy of Alison Bone and the Bookseller


Nayan said...

This is really wonderful news. One thing I definitely agree with is that the 3 books in the Troy series are completely seamless.

Looking forward to read Stella's work.

Chad Hull said...

Got me curious. David Gemmell is the person who alerted me that I liked to read.


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