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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

NEWS: Ilona Andrews' New Series, Michael J Sullivan's Hollow World and Joseph R. Lewis's Free Books

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I came across this piece of news on the Publisher Weekly website yesterday and then Ilona Andrews also announced it on their blog. Here’s the actual announcement from the PW site:

Ilona Andrews and Andrew Gordon have signed two deals, with different houses. In the first, Yost signed the pair up to continue their Kate Daniels series at Ace Books  for mid six figures, with Anne Sowards acquiring world English rights. “

In the second deal, also for mid six figures, Yost sold world rights for the first three books in a new series to Erika Tsang at Avon. Yost said the Avon series would be set in a world controlled by modern Medici-like dynasties with paranormally enhanced abilities.”

While the author had previously commented about the continuation of their Kate Daniels series, the second announcement is an absolutely new one. The authors have mentioned how they came up with the story and why they decided to give Avon Books a try. But here’s the exclusive part, which they revealed a bit about the series via email:

Set in a world similar to our own but with a stark crucial difference, the emergence of magic by means of a scientific serum circa the late 19th century. The world develops with corporations forming around families of magical prowess. These corporations and families are like feudal holdings of the medieval times wherein competition and purity of bloodlines are encouraged. “

The actual story begins in current times featuring Isabella Baylor, a small time PI who is carefully supporting her family the best way she can. Things however take a drastic turn as she is compelled into a herculean endeavor and that’s where the actual plot sets in. Featuring snarky dialogue, a strong female protagonist and an intriguing magic-ensconced world, join Ilona Andrews in their new series coming out from Avon books soon…”

So I’m sure all fans will be waiting with bated breath to get their hands on this new book and after reading what the book is going to be about. I can sincerely say Ilona Andrews’ fans are going to have another series besides the Kate Daniels one to rave about. Also be sure to read this small explanatory post by the authors in regards to the new series.

Official Author Website
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Michael J. Sullivan is an author that has ascended many heights over the last few years. After signing a new contract with Orbit books to write his Riyria prequels. He has decided to go the Kickstarter route in regards to his newest book which will be an SF one and is titled “Hollow World”. Here’s what it is about:

"Ellis Rogers is an ordinary guy who has always done the right things and played by the rules. But like many, his life didn't turn out as he had planned. Facing a terminal disease, he’s willing to gamble that a cure could exist in the future, and although it is insanely dangerous to try, he really has nothing to lose."

"There are many books that explore what life might be like many years from now, and they cover the spectrum from the idealized world of the original Star Trek, with its progressive stance on equality and civil rights, to Huxley’s dystopian Brave New World. For years I've been fascinated by the observation that perception can make people see the same thing in very different ways. So I created a future, which if I've done my job properly, will be seen by some as a utopia and by others as exactly the opposite."

The event is already funded and is now heading for some truly great stretch goals and still has 27 days to go. So head over to the official Kickstarter page and select the backer option that best floats your boat and look forward to an intriguing SF story if not anything else.

Official Author Website
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Joseph Robert Lewis is a writer whom I admire for taking the less-trodden path with his books. His previous bibliography has straddled various genres and his Other Earth series is one that mixed alternate history, swashbuckling adventure, epic fantasy, global mythology and a few other things to make an exciting eight volume series. Previously I’ve reviewed a few books of his and I’m an ardent fan of his Zelda Pryce trilogy.

Last week Joe announced big news on his blog, basically he’s decided to offer all of his books for FREE to download from his website in a variety of formats (DRM free). So what are you waiting for, hop over to his website and download the various titles (if not all) that strike your fancy. Also if it helps, here's the paypal button if you wish to give back to Joe as a "Thank You" for his efforts.

NOTE: Michael J. Sullivan and Joseph R. Lewis author pictures courtesy of the authors themselves.


Anonymous said...

I was really excited to read about your endorsement of the Joseph Robert Lewis trilogy, Zelda Pryce. When you said the books were free, I knew I had to check them out! Imagine my disappointment when, after reading the summary of the trilogy on the author's page and deciding that is was really something right up my alley, that the link lead to an Amazon page where the books are not free at all. At least they are not free for people who do not have Amazon Prime, which I do not. I expected a bit more from such an authority in the fantasy book review genre.

The Reader said...

@ Anon.

Sorry to dissapoint, as far as I knew, all the books were available. This free download event has been on for more than a week now so the author could have changed certain things.

Also Joe mentioned that book 1 of Zelda Pryce trilogy will be going free from tomorrow [13th] until Sunday. So you can download it then. Lastly you can always join Amazon Prime for free for the 1st month and read the titles that you want.


PS: We aren't any authorities as such, just fans who try to share our likes with fantasy fandom.

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

This is all amazing news. I'm looking forward to all the new books from these authors. And I think Michael is also working on a new Fantasy series as well.

And thank you for the tidbit on the Free books. I remember hearing about the Omar book. So I'm going to have to get them when I get home. Thank you!

The Reader said...

Hi Melissa,

Yup Michael's new series does sound very cool and apparently its set in the past of the world of Riyria.

I hope you give all his titles a shot. He's a fantastic guy who deserves a lot more accolades than he gets.



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