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Monday, June 3, 2013

THE INDIE DAY GIVEAWAY III: Win a KINDLE FIRE HD or a KINDLE PAPERWHITE featuring M.R. Mathias and his Favorite Independent Authors!!!

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Read An Excerpt HERE
Read FBC’s Review of “The Sword & the Dragon

Hey FBC fans, it is me M. R. Mathias, and it’s that time of year again. Independence Day is coming up and that means we have an 8.9” HD “Indie Kindy” Kindle Fire to give away to the winner, and a Kindle Paperwhite for the second place winner. Both devices will be loaded with free fantasy and sci-fi novels from me and our four featured authors. This year’s prizes are sponsored by The Emerald Rider – Book Four of my Dragoneer Saga, which has just become available in most formats. If you’ve enjoyed the Dragoneer books, or the Crimzon and Clover Short Story Series so far, I think you’ll love what is in store. Enough about that though, let me introduce you to four great independent authors, and the books they are loading onto the 2013 Indie Kindy!

First up is John H. Caroll. This author has written several fantasy books including: The Dralin Trilogy, and the Willden Trilogy. Emo bunny minions surround John at most times.  He is their imaginary friend and they look to him for guidance.  At one point, they took over the world.  No one noticed because they left everything exactly as it was.  They gave the world back after a week because it was depressing. But before they did, they decided to put the entire Dralin Trilogy on the two Indie Kindy prizes this year.

Second is Jason Halstead, who escapes the monotony of a day writing computer code by writing stories that wrestle the imagination into submission. Everything from science fiction to fantasy to espionage to downright libidinous smut is fair game to him. And when he's not lost in a fantasy world (or just a fantasy), he's spending time here on earth with his wonderful family or punishing the barbells in his basement for being so darn heavy. He is loading his books, Child of Fate, Wanted, and The Lost Girls, on the Indie Kindy.

Next is Moses Siregar III, who is offering his debut fantasy novel, The Black God's War (Reviewed HERE), to the Indie Kindy winners. It is a stand-alone epic fantasy novel and a homage to Homer with a multicultural flavor. It's also the first book in the Splendor and Ruin series. His novella-length preview of the novel is also available on Amazon. You can follow his blog, 'Moses and Dionysus Walk Into a Bar ...' at Moses is also a co-host of the Parsec Award-winning Adventures In SciFi Publishing podcast.

And last but not least is Brian Rathbone. Brian is a former horse trainer and technology junkie, and a full-time self-published author with a passion for reading and writing epic fantasy. When Brian isn't writing, he's usually fighting to bring more broadband Internet to rural areas. Brian lives in the mountains of western North Carolina with his wife and some seriously spoiled cats. He is adding The Dawning of Power Trilogy Omnibus Edition which contains the first three books in his Godsland fantasy series: Call of the Herald, Inherited Danger, and Dragon Ore. Call of the Herald is always free HERE, so all you kindlites can enjoy it even if you don’t win the contest.

As for myself, I am adding books from my four fantasy series to our prize Kindles. That means all of the Crimzon and Clover Short Stories; all of the Dragoneer Saga, including this year’s sponsor, The Emerald Rider; and The Wardstone Trilogy and the first two Legend of Vanx Malic books will be on there as well. Before I go I want to mention some more great Indie and small press fantasy authors. These guys are good and I think that if you give them a chance you won’t be disappointed, nor will you be broke from trying get your summer reading fix in. In no intended order: Derek Prior aka D.P. Prior, Daniel Arenson, Christopher Williams, Aaron Pogue, Brendan Carroll, Michael G. Mannin, Aya Knight, Edward C. Patterson, Kristian Alva, David A. Wells, T.B. Christensen, Ben Hale, and Toby Neighbors.

Good luck guys and gals.  Happy Independence Day. I hope you win the 2013 Indie Kindy!

M. R. Mathias

To recap, M.R. Mathias is giving away ONE 8.9” HD “Indie Kindy” KINDLE FIRE to give away to the winner, and a ONE KINDLE PAPERWHITE!!! Each Kindle will be loaded with the following titles from M.R. Mathias:

  • The Sword & the Dragon (Wardstone Book I)
  • Kings, Queens, Heroes, & Fools (Wardstone Book II)
  • The Wizard & The Warlord (Wardstone Book III)
  • The First Dragoneer Prequel Novella
  • The Royal Dragoneers (Dragoneers Book I)
  • Cold Hearted Son of a Witch (Dragoneers Book II)
  • The Confliction (Dragoneers Book III)
  • The Emerald Rider (Dragoneers Book IV)
  • Crimzon & Clover (Volumes I-V)
  • Through The Wildwood (Legend of Vanx Malic Book I)
  • Dragon Isle (Legend of Vanx Malic Book II)
Each Kindle will also include the following titles:

To enter, please send an email to with your Name, Mailing Address (Street Addresses Only), and the subject: INDIE KINDY III. Giveaway has ENDED. Thank you for entering and Good Luck!


1) Open To Anyone
2) Only One Entry Per Household (Multiple Entries Will Be Disqualified)
3) Must Enter Valid Email Address, Name + Mailing Address (Street Addresses Only)
4) No Purchase Necessary
5) Giveaway has ENDED!
6) Winner Will Be Randomly Selected and Notified By Email
7) Personal Information Will Only Be Used In Mailing Out the Prizes to the Winner


Andriolli said...

That's amazing! Hope I can win!

SilverRaindrops said...

That's a great idea for promoting Indie authors!

Anonymous said...

Its a great idea for promoting books period. The "indie" authors so far have produced the best fantasy available. Wool, Wardstone, tha Half-Orc series... Publishers need to rethink what they do. All I see them doing is charging 5 bucks more for books with their stupid logo in them.

Pa-Panda said...

I would not mind winning. Interesting books so maybe I could at least read those.

Anonymous said...

Great contest.

Theresa M said...

Thanks for the great contest and all the loaded reading too. :)

Stacy Renee said...

Ooh! I love sci-fi/fantasy and I really need an e-reader! Thank you so much for the giveaway opportunity! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for a chance to read all these books free.

Lia Allison said...

I love reading the "Indie" author books. I really hope to win this and promise that I will read the books that come with it and even review them on Goodreads, Amazon and other sites mentioned in the email that was sent to enter. Please, God, let me win this one!

Nadia W said...

Nice give away, thanks!

Ellen said...

This looks like a wonderful giveaway.

Ellen said...

The books look really interesting. This is a great giveaway.

Ila said...

Entered, posted to my Pin Board so others can have a chance and more importantly be introduced to the awesome work of the authors on this page, all of which I love. I never win a thing anyway lol.

Thanks for the chance!

Happy Fishing.

Ila in Maine

Ila said...

Entered, posted to my Pin Board so others can have a chance and more importantly be introduced to the awesome work of the authors on this page, all of which I love. I never win a thing anyway lol.

Thanks for the chance.

Happy Fishing.

Ila in Maine

Sakshi said...

I can't wait for the announcement of the winner!!!

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