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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

GUEST POST/GIVEAWAY: Top 10 Amazon Fantasy Author, M. R. Mathias, Announces the Release Date for “Saint Elm’s Deep”!

Hey FBC fans, it’s me again, M. R. Mathias, with some news, and as always, some cool FREE fantasy stuff.

Saint Elm’s Deep is the third and latest entry in the The Legend of Vanx Malic. Book one of the series made it to #1 in the Amazon Fantasy/Mythology Bestsellers list, in May 2013, and book two has been as high as #3 on that same list.

In book three, Saint Elm’s Deep, our hero, a half-zythian bard named Vanx, is being drawn to places from his father’s infamous past. After helping Darbon get over the loss of his first love, and finding a map on a grueling hunt, Vanx and his curious group of companions decide to travel to the Bitterpeaks. There they hope to find the fabled Hoar Witch's palace in a hidden valley of the treacherous Lurr Forest.   

Don’t listen to me ramble about the books, though. Get caught up for free! From October 1, 2013 through October 5, 2013, EVERYONE can get Through the Wildwood (The Legend of Vanx Malic Book One) Dragon Isle (Book Two) FREE in the Amazon Kindle Store.  If you don’t have a kindle, just get the free Kindle reading app for your phone, PC, or tablet HERE. Then get the books and enjoy them, along with thousands of other free classic reads. It’s that easy.

Saint Elm’s Deep The Legend of Vanx Malic, Book Three, is now available for pre-order in eBook and paperback formats at Amazon HERE and will officially release on November 20, 2013.  And even better, book four, That Frigid Fargin’ Witch, is coming down the pipe and should be released in early 2014.

I can’t think of much else, unless you are an agent who wants to shop the foreign language, and movie rights to fifteen or sixteen Kindle store bestsellers… LOL.

Enjoy the two free novels, look for #ian1’s huge Christmas Kindle giveaway, and if you need a free fantasy read, after you’ve finished The Legend of Vanx Malic one and two, then stop by

Thanks for the time guys, MR.

GIVEAWAY: Win A SIGNED Set of M.R. Mathias’ The Saga of the Dragoneers!

In addition to the recent announcements above, M.R. Mathias is giving away THREE SETS of his fantasy series The Saga of the Dragoneers. Each set will include the following titles, with each title SIGNED by the author:

The Royal Dragoneers (Volume 1)
Cold Hearted Son of a Witch (Volume 2)
The Confliction (Volume 3)
The Emerald Rider (Volume 4)
Crimzon & Clover (Short Story Collection)

To enter, please send an email to with your Name, Mailing Address, and the subject: DRAGONEER. Giveaway has Ended and is open to Anyone Worldwide. Thank you for entering and Good Luck! (P.S. If anyone is interested in reviewing any volumes of The Saga of the Dragoneers, please contact M.R. Mathias at


1) Open To Anyone Worldwide
2) Only One Entry Per Household (Multiple Entries Will Be Disqualified)
3) Must Enter Valid Email Address, Mailing Address + Name
4) No Purchase Necessary
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7) Personal Information Will Only Be Used In Mailing Out the Prizes to the Winners


Anonymous said...

luv 2 win read these books

Anonymous said...

Are the winners been chosen? When can they expect a mail? Just curious, because I would love to be one of the three winners.


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