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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

THE INDIE DAY GIVEAWAY VI: Win ONE of EIGHT KINDLES featuring M.R. Mathias and his Favorite Independent Authors!!!

Hey Fantasy Book Critic fans, it’s me again, M. R. Mathias. Though I am no longer technically an “Indie” author, I still have books available that are independently published, so I don’t feel it is blasphemy for me to continue sponsoring the “Indie Kindy” giveaways. This year’s sponsor is my newest series, The Legend of Vanx Malic. Vanx the adventurous bard, and his most loyal friend Chelda, a very ornery lesbian barbarian, have decided that on the 4th of July, 2016 we are giving away EIGHT Kindle Fire Tablets, (7" Display, Wi-Fi, 8 GB)—one for each of the sponsoring books. All eight of The Legend of Vanx Malic books, along with the titles featured below, will be loaded onto each of the EIGHT Kindle prizes, or gifted to the winners, once they receive their device.

Okay, enough chatter about what I have been doing. This giveaway is about new indie authors.

First up we have a guy who has been around a while, but flying under the radar. His name is John M. Davis.  His series Fleet was recommended to me, but I decided to feature his newest steampunk adventure, Heroes of Destiny, instead.

Next we have two authors (Morgen Rich and Jack McCarthy) who have co-written new stuff with my longtime friend, and indie bad ass, Brian Rathbone. Brian’s Godsland series is big and awesome, but I have featured it before, so this isn’t about him. (Sorry Brian)

While Morgen has several, well-reviewed, books available, Jack should have one of his own ready for stores soon.

Next we have Steven Montano author of The Skullborn Trilogy, and a handful of other titles worth looking into. Book one of SkullBorn, City of Scars, is another book I’d like to feature on this year’s prize Kindles.

The last feature, but definitely not the least, is the talented K. C. May’s, The Mindstream Chronicles. I featured her title, The Kinshield Legacy a few years ago, and she has been busy since. These books deserve their place here, as K. C. is one of the hardest working, most talented, ladies in indie.

There are a lot of other indie authors I would have liked to feature, but there is never enough time. Some of you may know my mother has been battling cancer for about five years. She has endured three rounds of chemo and several surgeries, but the toll of it all, and the cancer, have taken over the battle. Her condition was deemed terminal several months ago, so I have not been able to read or work as much as I normally do. She is a tough cookie and still defying the odds, but it takes a ton of my time, so please enjoy The Legend of Vanx Malic’s eight titles…slowly.

It won’t be long until I am venting all my errant emotion into a new Wardstone Duology. The dedication in The Sword and the Dragon is self-explanatory. On that note, entry to this giveaway is free, but I would ask that if you enter, you also donate $1 to any cancer charity, preferably one for children. **This is not a requirement.

Before I go, I will mention a few more great indie authors, and hope that one or two of them find their way into your TBR pile and get read. In no particular order:

That’s it, guys and gals. Have a great summer. I will be at Dragon Con 2016 giving away hundreds of signed, The Legend of Vanx Malic paperbacks. I hope to see you there. Good luck in the giveaway drawing, and even if you don’t win, read an indie book every now and then.

Happy Independence Day.

M. R. Mathias   @DahgMahn

To enter, please send an email to with your Name, Mailing Address (Street Addresses Only), and the subject: INDIE KINDY. Giveaway has ENDED. Thank you for entering and Good Luck!


1) Open To Anyone Worldwide
2) Only One Entry Per Household (Multiple Entries Will Be Disqualified)
3) Must Enter Valid Email Address, Name + Mailing Address (Street Addresses Only)
4) No Purchase Necessary
5) Giveaway has ENDED
6) Winners Will Be Randomly Selected and Notified By Email
7) Personal Information Will Only Be Used In Mailing Out the Prizes to the Winner


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