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Friday, April 12, 2024

Hugh Howey's SPSFC 3 has picked Six Finalists!


Hugh Howey's SPSFC is a yearly contest focused on shining a great big laser beam on works of self-pubbed science fiction. It's based on the successful format of Mark Lawrence's SPFBO but with few changes. Judges engaged in this edition have picked six finalists. Check them out, maybe you'll find something noteworthy here:)

As huge fans of indie endeavors, we can't wait to check these books out. Below you'll find details about each finalists (listed alphabetically). We encourage you to add it to your GR To-be-read list and give them a chance.

CHILDREN OF THE BLACK by W.J. Long III (The Silver Sights Saga Book 1)
714 pages, Published March 21, 2023; Goodreads/Amazon
Genre: Science-Fiction, First Contact
Formats: ebook, paperback

A broken soldier and a lost psionic girl, both haunted by ruined histories, seek a powerful secret once capable of bringing solace to a desperate wartorn universe. But now, in a time of uneasy peace, it holds a more destructive power.

Uniquely qualified and entirely in over their heads, the two must embark on an adventure that contains not just the answers to their shattered pasts but perhaps the secret to saving humanity's future as well.

DARK THEORY by Wick Welker (Dark Law Book 1)
808 pages, Published April 17, 2022; Goodreads/Amazon
Genre: Science-Fiction, First Contact
Formats: audiobook, ebook (KU), hardcover, paperback

A robot yearns to remember. A thief struggles to forget. A galaxy on the verge of collapse.

On the fringe of a broken civilization, a robot awakens with no memories and only one directive: find his creator. But in the village of Korthe, Beetro finds only radioactive pestilence, famine, and Miree-a tormented thief with dreams of retiring after her final score. Meanwhile, the fiefdom is plunged further into chaos when a new warlord seizes control, recasting serfs as refugees and leaving derelict robot peasants in his wake. With a shared interest in survival, Beetro and Miree team up to pull off an impossible castle heist: steal a single flake of dark matter, the world's most valuable and mysterious ore.

But as they trek through the feudal wasteland in search of answers, they realize the true extent of the chaos surrounding them: the stars are disappearing from the sky and the entire galaxy is unraveling. As he uncovers his origin, Beetro discovers he may be the key to the salvation of the cosmos-or its destruction. Time, space, and loyalty become relative as he learns the real reason he was created.

A mind-bending science fiction epic with the bones of a fantasy traveling quest, Dark Theory unfolds through a journey of betrayal, identity, and unlikely friendships in a world of darkness set at the edge of space and time.

553 pages, Published March 5, 2024 (first published 
January 1, 2011 by Camden Press); Goodreads/Amazon
Genre: Science-Fiction, Space Opera, Genetic Engineering
Formats: ebook, paperback
Tour Guide. Emissary. Diplomat. Thief.
On her 317th birthday, Brianna Rei hooks up with smuggler-thief Jerrold McKell to steal the legendary Voyager Gold Record. But their partnership doesn't go exactly as planned...
Pursued across the Hundred Worlds by bounty hunters, and hiding the secret of her true identity as a Synth, Brianna finds herself having to make a series of increasingly difficult choices – choices that could put both of their lives in jeopardy.
(a Memoirs of a Synth novel)

KENAI by Dave Dobson (Dark Law Book 1)
395 pages, Published April 17, 2022; Goodreads/Amazon
Genre: Science-Fiction, First Contact, Space Opera
Formats: ebook (KU), paperback
A planet steeped in mystery...
Jess Amiko is long past her days as a space marine, with all the glory of that time tarnished beyond repair by what came after. Trying to rebuild from the ashes, she's taken a job as a security guard on Kenai, a lonely world far from the Council systems. It's supposed to be easy duty - quiet and peaceful, on a docile world with no real threats, watching over an archeological dig at a site built by a race long vanished.
Betrayed and attacked by forces unknown, and finding that nothing on Kenai makes sense, Jess is plunged into a desperate fight for survival that leads her deep into the mysteries of Kenai's past, and deep into the hardship and paradox the planet imposes on all who call it home.
Content warning: military-style violence.

340 pages, Published May 4, 2023Goodreads/Amazon & read our review
Genre: Science-Fiction, Cyberpunk(ish), Crime & Mystery
Formats: ebook, paperback
Fifty years ago, a new civil war fractured the United States into a mosaic of polarized nations. Ever since, Harmony “Bibi” Cain has isolated himself: from society, from technology, from family. A powerful empath weary from the constant intrusion of others’ emotions, he’s finally cloistered in his rural Wisconsin retirement community. He hopes to find, if not peace, then at least a little quiet.
But when four impossible-seeming killings shake North America, Bibi is drawn into an investigation he wants nothing to do with. The victims were killed by motes—unstoppable drones only an empath can control—and decades ago, Bibi was an unwitting subject in the wartime program that created them: the program that weaponized empathy.
With his few remaining friends at risk, and tensions between countries of the former United States reawakening, everything may depend on Bibi's lifelong struggle with his own extraordinary ability.

262 pages, Published January 1, 2022; Goodreads/Amazon 
Genre: Cyberpunk, Technothriller
Formats: audiobook, ebook, paperback

Detective Ada Byron is pumped to finally be assigned her first murder case... until she sees the crime scene. Someone has been killed exactly the same way as her father was seven years earlier.

To see if this is a copycat, or something more sinister, Ada must work with her personal nightmare Jazlin Switch - the programmer who murdered her dad. What follows is a mind-bending, heart-stopping ride through the dark side of reality and the virtual world.

Perfect for fans of William Gibson and Neal Stephenson.


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