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Interviews/Guest Posts

Author Interviews are arranged by date and will be updated on a continuous basis. The interviewers are noted by their initials:

Robert Thompson (RT), Cindy Hannikman (CH), Mihir Wanchoo (MW), David Craddock (DC), Jacques Barcia (JB), Fabio Fernandes (FF), Liviu Suciu (LS)

Fantasy Book Critic has published several stories originally printed in anthologies, while several of FBC contributors have published stories online. Here we index such too.

Guest Author Posts are arranged by date and subject matter. These posts also include several Year End posts from authors.



Joe Abercrombie (Oct, MW)
Miles Cameron (Oct, LS)
Krishna Udayasankar (Oct, MW)
David Hair  (Oct, MW + LS)

Steve Bein  (Oct, MW)
Fading Light Anthology Authors II (Aug, MW)
Fading Light Anthology Authors I (Aug, MW)
Geoffrey Wilson (Aug, MW)
G.T. Almasi (Aug, MW)
Anthony Ryan  (Aug, MW + RT)
K.J. Parker (July, LS + MW)
Saladin Ahmed (June, MW)


Kelly Gay (Nov, MW)
Anne Sowards (Nov, MW)
Brian Justin Shier (Nov, MW)
Philippa Ballantine (Oct, MW)
Matt Roeser (Sept, MW)
Barry Eisler (Sept, MW)
Blake Charlton (Sept, RT)
Four Night Shade Authors (Aug, RT)
Karen Azinger (July, MW)
Liane Merciel (July, MW + RT)
Cameron Haley (June, MW)
Blake Crouch (April, MW)
Kevine Hearne (April, MW)
David Dalglish (April, MW)
Rachel Aaron (March, MW)
KA Stewart (Jan, MW)


Jennifer Estep
(Oct, MW)
David J. Williams (August, MW)
Sussanah Applebaum (August, CH)
Dan Wells (August, MW)
Ed Greenwood (August, DC)
Brent Weeks Video Interview (August, LS)
Alex Rutheford (July, MW) 
NK Jemisin with Kelly Link (June)
Tad Williams (June, MW)
JC Marino (June, MW)
Philip Margolin (May, MW)
NK Jemisin (Apr, MW)
Ed Erdelac (Mar, MW) 
Jacob Asher Michael (Feb, MW)
Tim Marquitz (Jan, MW)

2009 (24) :

Alexander Gordon Smith (Dec, CH + MW)
James Barclay (Nov CH + MW)
Gary Ballard (Nov, MW)
Hank Schwaeble (Oct, MW)
Shilpa Agarwal (Oct, MW)
Alison Sinclair (Oct, MW)
R.A. Salvatore (Oct, CH)
Andy Remic (Oct, MW)
Stuart Neville (Oct, MW)
Gary Gibson (Aug, Mark Chitty + LS)
Adrian Tchaikovsky (Aug, LS)
Kate Elliott (Aug, MW)
Jennifer Fallon (Aug, MW+LS)
Liz Williams (July, MW+LS)
David Weber (July, LS)
James Maxey (July, CH)
Mark Chadbourn (June, MW)
John Connolly (June, MW)
James Enge (May, MW)
Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child (May, MW)
Lou Anders (May, LS)
Mark Newton (May, RT+ JB+FF+MW+LS)
Alan Campbell (Apr, MW)Sarah Ash (March, MW)

2008 (16):

Tobias S. Buckell (Nov, JB)
Leslie Klinger (Oct, RT)
Charlie Huston (Aug, RT)
Marie Brennan (July, RT)
Steven Erikson (June, RT)
Conrad Williams (June, RT)
Greg Keyes (May, RT)
Chris Evans (US) (May, RT)
Alan Campbell (Apr, RT)
Kate Elliott (Apr, RT)
Jonathan Barnes (Feb, RT)
David Keck (Feb, RT)
Kevin J. Anderson (Feb, RT)
Felix Gilman (Feb, RT)
Gail Z. Martin (Jan, RT)
Robin Hobb (Jan, RT)

2007 (29) :

Jeffrey Thomas (Dec, RT + guest questions by Mark Newton)
Josh Conviser (Nov, RT)
Joel Shepherd (Nov, RT)
Wayne Barlowe (Nov, RT)
Kristen Britain (Oct, RT)
J.V. Jones (Oct, RT)
Joe Abercrombie (Oct, RT)
Frank Beddor (Sep, RT)
David Gunn (Sep, RT)
Mark J. Ferrari (Sep, RT)
Douglas Clegg (Aug, RT)
Austin Grossman (June, RT)
Mike Carey (June, RT)
Stephen Hunt (June, RT)
Patrick Rothfuss (May, RT)
Jacqueline Carey (May, RT)
Dabel Brothers (Apr, RT)
Daniel Abraham (March, RT)
Neal Asher (March, RT)
Jennifer Roberson (March, RT)



2012  (23)

2011 (7):

2008/2009 (55):
Robert has one post with most of these links HERE, but I included the individual links for convenience, indexed alphabetically by first name, while in the link above you will find them indexed by last name:

2007/2008 (2/43):

Joe Abercrombie
Daniel Abraham
Kevin J. Anderson
Christopher Barzak
Elizabeth Bear
Drew Bowling
Kristen Britain
Tobias Buckell
Mark Chadbourn
David Anthony Durham
Kate Eliott
David Farland
Joe Haldeman
Kim Harrison
Jim C. Hines
Susan Hubbrad
Matthew Jarpe
JV Jones
Paul Kemp
Caitlin Kiernan
Jay Lake
Tim Lebbon
Tom Lloyd
Gail Martin
Paul McAuley
Juliet McKenna
Karen Miller
LE Modesitt
Natasha Mostert
Mark Charah Newton
TA Pratt
Andy Remic
Mike Resnick
Patrick Rothfuss
Lilith Saintcrow
RA Salvatore
Brandon Sanderson
Joe Schreiber
Jeff Somers
Jeffrey Thomas
Eldon Thompson
Janny Wurts

(*1) Essay on the Joys of Romance and Fantasy
(*2) Essay by Lawrence Watt-Evans



The Birth of a Legend by David Gemmell (July 10)

LINEAGE by Kenneth Schneyer (July 10)

"Semiotic Smoke" by Fabio Fernandes (Nov 09)


"Cold Sleep", Fabio Fernandes (July 09)

"The Boulton-Watt-Frankenstein Company" , Fabio Fernandes (podcast July 09)

"My Name is Internal" , Jacques Barcia (July 09)

"Who Mourns for Washington?" , Fabio Fernandes (May 09)

"Ganesh, in the Afternoon" , Fabio Fernandes (May 09)

"The Arrival of the Cogsmiths (oil on canvas, by Turner, 1815)" , Fabio Fernandes (April 09)

"The Boulton-Watt-Frankenstein Company" , Fabio Fernandes (February 09) 

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