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Thursday, December 18, 2008

SPOTLIGHT: The Goddess Prophecies by D.R. Whitney

Watch the Book Trailer HERE

The Cup of Immortality” by D.R. Whitney. Book One of The Goddess Prophecies series. Release Date: Late December 2008/Early January 2009. Published by Crescent Moon Press.

ABOUT THE GODDESS PROPHECIES: The Goddess Prophecies is an epic fantasy series that takes place from Fourth Century AD to the End of Days. It follows one extraordinary family whose reign began in a time of white magic and mysticism. The story begins when their only child is given a powerful Amulet from the Cup of Immortality and sent out of The Misty Isles to one day save their world. Several years in the making, The Goddess Prophecies skillfully combines sword & sorcery and spirituality with a fictional account of one woman’s Quest to save the Cup of Immortality and recover the Sacred Regalia as she learns of her rich heritage while transforming the world during a time of intrigue, magic, metaphysics and danger…


When the last of the Le Faye family line, a gifted young journalist, inherits a priceless family amulet, she becomes an instant target. From the Vatican, a centuries-old underground organization sends assassins to steal the amulet, while from Paris the last of the knights from Charlemagne come calling. Both want to stop her from finding out the truth: that she carries a secret to a Sacred Feminine Relic that could rock the world.

Led to a psychic who reveals the true meaning of her dreams, Vivienne escapes to England where her waking visions have drawn her. When the Portal of Mists opens, she finds herself lost in a world of myth and magic, where she learns that she is the last of the Holy Blood, the Bearer of the Amulet, and the next Lady of the Lake.

Guided by the Steward Mara of the Misty Isle, protected by her immortal soulmate Lailoken, and armed with her new gifts of war and spell craft, Vivienne agrees to fulfill her destiny and face their terrifying enemy, the Master of the Souls, so that she can heal the Cup of Immortality and allow the Sacred Feminine to rise again…

The Cup of Immortality” was edited by twenty-year New York publishing veteran John Paine (Penguin Group USA, Peter Straub, etc.):

The Cup of Immortality by D.R. Whitney is a highly original fantasy. It weaves back and forth between a traditional setting and a striking alternative world set in modern times. With its well-realized characters and stirring action, I would recommend it to any reader for a fresh voice in fantasy. It's a beautifully crafted and conceptualized series.”


D.R. Whitney’s journey to The Goddess Prophecies began twenty years ago. A successful entrepreneur experienced in writing for media, Deborah became fascinated with Arthurian and Celtic studies and made it her life’s work. During this time, Deborah evolved her unique vision of the mythic cycle that would become The Goddess Prophecies, an epic tale that would be realized in a series of novels, songs, video game franchise, a full-length animated feature trilogy and a live operatic musical stage event. Deborah is currently writing the second novel of her five-volume series, “The Witches Hammer,” to be followed by “The Scepter of Royalty,” “The Platter of Plenty,” and the final volume, “The Orb of Majesty”.


Eric Mitchell, one of the chief architects behind the financing of The Chronicles of Narnia and a sought-after advisor on film financing and project distribution, is the latest player to enter the pool of movie development interest surrounding D.R. Whitney’s The Goddess Prophecies along with director Armand Mastroianni (The Celestine Prophecy, First Daughter):

“Escapism into other worlds has always held a special fascination for film audiences, as we know from the huge box office success of such films as Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, and The Chronicles of Narnia,” Mastroianni states. “I do believe The Goddess Prophecies would make an epic film and be a huge success at the box office. It offers so much for the viewer including a constantly changing visual landscape, which with today’s technology and advances with computer generated effects, affords unlimited possibilities.”

For more information on The Goddess Prophecies film development, please visit PRWeb
HERE for the full press release.


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