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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Winners of the “Mean Streets”/Simon R. Green Giveaway!!! Plus Misc. News (Orbit Ebooks, etc.)

Congratulations to Justine Greene (Florida), Ron Miller (Michigan), and Leigh Nichols (South Carolina) who were all randomly selected to win a SET of Simon R. Green’s new Nightside book “Just Another Judgement Day” and the “Mean Streets” anthology which includes new stories from Jim Butcher, Kat Richardson, Simon R. Green, and Thomas E. Sniegoski, all thanks to Roc/Ace Books!!! Both titles are officially released today, January 6, 2009.

In news,
Matt Staggs created a video for James Morrow’s new novel “Shambling Towards” Hiroshima”. The video premiered on IO9 last week and can be viewed below:

Shambling Towards Hiroshima” (Order
HERE) will be published by Tachyon Publications on February 1, 2009 and is described as follows:

In the tradition of Godzilla as both a playful romp and a parable of the dawn of the nuclear era, this original satire blends the destruction of World War II with the halcyon pleasure of monster movies...

In the summer of 1945 war is reigning in the Pacific Rim, while in the U.S., Syms Thorley continues his life as a B-movie actor. But the U.S. Navy would like to use Thorley in their top-secret Knickerbocker Project, putting the finishing touches on the ultimate biological weapon: a breed of gigantic, fire-breathing, mutant iguanas. Thorley is to don a rubber suit that will transform him into the merciless Gorgantis and star in a film that simulates the destruction of a miniature Japan—if the demonstration succeeds, the Japanese will surrender, sparing thousands of lives; if it fails, the mutant lizards will be unleashed.

Godzilla devotees and history buffs alike will be fascinated by this conspiratorial secret history of a war, a weapon, and an unlikely hero who will have to give the most convincing performance of his life...

Moving on,
Orbit Books—in partnership with a number of major ebook vendors—has launched an innovative promotion offering one ebook for sale each month at the introductory price of $1.00. At the end of the promotional month the cost of the ebook returns to its standard price and a new book will be offered at the discount. Details of the promotion are at

The promotion will include “The Way of Shadows” by debut author
Brent Weeks, “Empress” by Karen Miller, as well as classics of science fiction such as “Use of Weapons” by Iain M. Banks.

VP and Publisher of
Orbit Tim Holman said: “We believe that this promotion will give readers a great opportunity to discover new writers. Most of our consumer marketing has an online focus, and the digital marketplace offers the perfect platform for price-promotion initiatives such as this. It will be very exciting to see how effective it is. The range of titles chosen for the promotion includes a mix of frontlist and backlist, from both new and established authors, and we will be monitoring the performance of every title very closely.”

A list of titles that will be available at the discount price can be found at
One Dollar A digital version of this is available HERE.


Anonymous said...

one of these days i will win something...but so far, my infamous luck(bad) is holding out.

Anonymous said...

woohoo I got my copy of “The Way of Shadows” for 1 buck!

But the ladies at Dear Author were faster than you, haha :-)

Robert said...

Well don't give up hope Raul! I'm sure your time is coming :D

Anonymous, that's a great deal! And yeah, the news is a little old ;) It was sent to bloggers on Monday, but I normally don't do news updates until Tuesdays and Thursdays whenever I have winners to announce...


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