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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

SPOTLIGHT: Books of April 2009

Welcome to the April 2009 edition of Fantasy Book Critic’s monthly SPOTLIGHT which covers fantasy, science fiction, horror, thrillers, YA, and more. For more April 2009 releases, please visit Walker of Worlds. NOTE: Previous spotlights are listed at the end of this article Also, unless stated otherwise, all release dates are for the US. Finally, providing valuable assistance with the Spotlight as usual is Liviu C. Suciu:

Voice of the Fire” by Alan Moore. Release Date: April 1, 2009 (Reprint). Published by
Top Shelf Productions. In a story full of lust, madness and ecstasy, we meet twelve distinctive characters that lived in the same region of central England over the span of six thousand years. Their narratives are woven together in patterns of recurring events, strange traditions and uncanny visions. Through each tale, Alan Moore travels through history blending truth and conjecture, in a novel that is dazzling, moving, sometimes tragic, but always mesmerizing...
Official Alan Moore Wikipedia
Order “Voice of the FireHERE
Read A Preview HERE
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NOTE: This is a brand-new paperback edition of the one and only prose novel written by Alan Moore (Watchmen, Swamp Thing, V For Vendetta, From Hell). Features an Introduction by Neil Gaiman, a signature of full-color plates by José Villarrubia, and a cover design by Chip Kidd (Bat-Manga!).

The Vampire of Ropraz” by Jacques Chessex, Translated by Donald Wilson. Release Date: April 1, 2009 (US Debut). Published by
Bitter Lemon Press. 1903, Ropraz, a small village near the Jura Mountains of Switzerland. On a howling December day, a lone walker discovers a recently opened tomb and the body of a young woman. Then two more bodies are violated. A suspect must be found. Fevez, a stableboy is arrested and placed in psychiatric care. He escapes, enlists in the Foreign Legion as the First World War begins, and is sent into battle in the trenches of the Somme... Chessex takes this true story and weaves it into a lyrical tale of fear and cruelty.
Order “The Vampire of Ropraz
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Nightwalker” by Heather Graham. Release Date: April 1, 2009. Published by
Mira. Modern Vegas and an old ghost town in the desert have far more in common than Jesse Sparkhawk ever knew. When a dying man, dripping blood, crashes atop her and brings her down flat on a craps table while whispering his last words, she begins a speeding spiral down into the world of black market gold and an historic murder left unsolved for over a century. Only trusting in a dark and brooding halfbreed stranger will give her the “ghost” of a chance to survive...
Official Heather Graham Website
Order “NightwalkerHERE

The Roar” by Emma Clayton. Release Date: April 1, 2009. Published by
Scholastic. Mika & Ellie live in a future behind a wall—solid concrete topped with high-voltage razor wire and guarded by a battalion of Ghengis Borgs. It was built to keep out the animals because they carry the plague. At least that's what Ellie, who was kidnapped as a child, has always been taught. But when she comes to suspect the truth behind her captivity, she's ready to risk exposure to the elements and answer the call of the wild...
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Read An Excerpt HERE (PDF)
Watch the Book Trailer
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NOTE:The Roar” was first released in the UK on July 7, 2008 (The Chicken House).

The Stranger” by Max Frei. Translated by Polly Gannon. Release Date: April 2, 2009. Published by
The Overlook Press. Max was a loser and social outcast who could only sleep during the day. But then he got lucky. In his dreams he contacts a parallel world where magic is a daily practice. Transported to Echo, the capital of that parallel world, Max becomes a member of the Minor Secret Investigative Force, a group of enchanted secret agents whose job is to solve cases more extravagant and unreal than one could imagine—a journey that will take Max down the winding paths of a strange and unhinged universe…
Official Max Frei Website
Order “The StrangerHERE (US) + HERE (UK)
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NOTE: The UK version will be published May 21, 2009 via Gollancz.

One” by Conrad Williams. UK Release Date: April 2, 2009. Published by
Virgin Books. This is the United Kingdom, but it's no country you know. You survived. One man… You walk because you have to. At the end of this molten road, your little boy is either alive or dead. You have to know. You have to find an end to it all. One hope… The land is a scorched sprawl of rubble and corpses. A strange, glittering dust coats everything. The dust hides a terrible secret. New horrors are taking root. You walk on. One chance…
Official Conrad Williams Website
Order “OneHERE (US) + HERE (UK)
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NOTE: The US version will be published on June 9, 2009 via Virgin.

Keeper of Light & Dust” by Natasha Mostert. Release Date: April 2, 2009. Published by Dutton. Mia Lockhart is a Keeper—warrior, healer & protector—who secretly practices her craft among the boxers & martial artists of South London. But Mia’s gift of protection is being overpowered. As she struggles to find the cause of this disturbance, Mia finds herself caught in a fight to the death in which she is forced to choose between two men—the brilliant scientist and skilled martial artist Adrian Ashton, and her childhood friend Nick Duffy...
Official Natasha Mostert Website
Order “Keeper of Light and DustHERE (US) + HERE (UK)
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A Madness of Angels” by Kate Griffin. UK/US Release Date: April 2/April 6, 2009. Published by
Orbit. Two years after his untimely death, sorceror Matthew Swift finds himself breathing once again, lying in bed in his London home. He doesn't have long to mull over his resurrection though, or the changes that have been wrought upon him. His only concern now is vengeance. Vengeance upon his monstrous killer and vengeance upon the one who brought him back...
Official Kate Griffin Website
Order “A Madness of AngelsHERE (US) + HERE UK)
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NOTE: Kate Griffin is the name under which Carnegie Medal-nominated YA author Catherine Webb (Mirror Dreams) writes fantasy novels for adults. The second Matthew Swift novel, “The Midnight Mayor”, is scheduled for publication March 2010.

Look Both Ways” by Jacquelyn Mitchard. Release Date: April 2, 2009. Published by
Razorbill. Meredith & Mallory Brynn are finally coming to terms with their special gifts: Meredith seeing into the past and Mallory seeing into the future. But they never expect that their powers will reveal danger so close to home. Mallory must help her best friend find the strength to defy her destiny as a shape-shifter, while Merry has visions of trouble brewing on the cheerleading squad. Both Mallory & Meredith must join together to rescue their friends before it’s too late...
Official Jacquelyn Mitchard Website
Order “Look Both WaysHERE
Listen To An Excerpt HERE (WMA)
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NOTE:Look Both Ways” is the second volume in the Midnight Twins trilogy after “The Midnight Twins”.

The Madman of Venice” by Sophie Masson. UK Release Date: April 2, 2009. Published by
Hodder Children’s Books. One day the London home of Matthew Ashby is visited by the beautiful and famous half-Venetian musician, Emilia Lanier, begging for his help. A young Venetian girl, Sarah, has been accused of witchcraft by a wealthy merchant's wife, and has since disappeared. So with his daughter, Celia, and his clerk, Ned, Matthew Ashby sets off for Venice and into a great mystery where nothing is as it seems, not least the mysterious Madman of Venice...
Official Sophie Masson Website
Order “The Madman of VeniceHERE

Shadow of the Scorpion” by Neal Asher. UK Release Date: April 3, 2009. Published by
Pan Macmillan. Raised to adulthood during the end of the war between the Polity and a vicious alien race, the Prador, Ian Cormac is haunted by childhood memories of a sinister scorpion-shaped war drone and the burden of losses he doesn't remember. Amidst the ruins left by wartime genocides, Ian Cormac will discover in himself a cold capacity for violence and learn some horrible truths about his own past while trying to stay alive on his course of vengeance…
Order “Shadow of the ScorpionHERE
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NOTE:Shadow of the Scorpion” was first published in the US on November 5, 2008 via Night Shade Books.

Little Gods” by Anna Richards. UK Release Date: April 3, 2009. Published by
Picador. Dark, comic and deeply romantic, Anna Richards’Little Gods” is the story of an extraordinary woman in an unforgiving world. It is a novel about strength, survival and having the courage to love. It’s about the stories our bodies have to tell, and the appetites and appearances that define and free us. Reminiscent, at times, of the work of John Irving and Michael Chabon, it is also one of the most original, moving and inventive novels to be released in recent years...
Order “Little Gods

Turn Coat” by Jim Butcher. Release Date: April 7, 2009. Published by
Roc. UK Release Date: April 16, 2009. Published by Orbit UK. The Warden Morgan has been accused of treason against the Wizards of the White Council—and there’s only one, final punishment for that crime. He’s on the run, wants his name cleared, and needs someone with a knack for backing the underdog. Someone like Harry Dresden. Now, Harry must uncover a traitor within the Council, keep a less-than-agreeable Morgan under wraps, and avoid coming under scrutiny himself. And a single mistake may cost someone his head—someone like Harry...
Official Jim Butcher Website
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Order “Turn CoatHERE (US) + HERE (UK)
NOTE:Turn Coat” is the eleventh Dresden Files novel after “Small Favor”.

WWW: Wake” by Robert J. Sawyer. Release Date: April 7, 2009. Published by
Ace. Caitlin Decter is a genius at math—and blind. Still, she can surf the net with the best of them, following its complex paths clearly in her mind. But when Caitlin receives an implant to restore her sight, instead of seeing reality, the landscape of the World Wide Web explodes into her consciousness, spreading out all around her in a riot of colors and shapes. While exploring this amazing realm, she discovers something—some other—lurking in the background. And it’s getting more and more intelligent with each passing day…
Official Robert J. Sawyer Website
Order “WWW: WakeHERE
Read Excerpts HERE
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Corambis” by Sarah Monette. Release Date: April 7, 2009. Published by
Ace. Exiled from Mélusine for the crime of heresy, Felix Harrowgate and his half-brother Mildmay, journey to Corambis to face judgment from a ruling body of wizards. Corambis, however, is a land plagued by civil strife. Kay Brightmore, the Margrave of Rothmarlin, is part of an insurrection to restore the monarchy. In desperation, Kay and his rebels seek out the engine of Summerdown, an ancient magical device rumored to have terrible powers. Once the engine is awakened, only a powerful wizard can stop its awesome potential for destruction. Felix and Mildmay arrive just in time for their greatest challenge—and ultimate destiny…
Official Sarah Monette Website
Order “CorambisHERE
Listen To An Excerpt HERE (MP3)
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NOTE:Corambis” is the fourth and final volume in the Doctrine of Labyrinths series after “Mélusine”, “The Virtu”, and “The Mirador”.

Nebula Awards Showcase 2009” edited by Ellen Datlow. Release Date: April 7, 2009. Published by
Roc. This annual tradition from the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America collects the best of the year’s stories, as well as essays and commentary on the current state of the genre and predictions of future science fiction and fantasy films, art, and more. This year’s award-winning authors include Michael Chabon, Karen Joy Fowler, Ted Chiang, Nancy Kress and 2008 Grand Master Michael Moorcock.
Official Ellen Datlow Website
Read The Introduction HERE
Order “Nebula Awards Showcase 2009HERE

Other Earths” edited by
Nick Gevers & Jay Lake. Release Date: April 7, 2009. Published by DAW. Alternate history explores the many possible directions our world could follow if certain seminal events didn’t occur at all or were changed in some crucial way. What if Lincoln never became president? What if Columbus never discovered America? What if magic was real and a half-faery queen ruled England? What if Hitler won the war? These are just some of the possible pathways that are explored in “Other Earths”...
Official Jay Lake Website
Order “Other EarthsHERE
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NOTE: Includes stories by Stephen Baxter, Greg van Eekhout, Theodora Goss, Paul Park, Alastair Reynolds, Benjamin Rosenbaum, Lucius Shepard, Jeff VanderMeer, Robert Charles Wilson, Liz Williams and Gene Wolfe.

Longeye” by Sharon Lee & Steve Miller. Release Date: April 7, 2009. Published by
Baen. The fabric of the world, on both sides of the keleigh, is unraveling. The survival of the trees, the sea, and the world depend upon two wounded people—Meripen Longeye, a Fey desperately tortured by humans; and Rebecca Beauvelley, a human enchanted and enslaved by Fey. Can they learn to overcome their pasts to work together as Ranger and Gardener? Or will the world falter on its own cruelty? “Longeye” is the conclusion to a duology that began with “Duainfey”...
Official Sharon Lee & Steve Miller Website
Order “LongeyeHERE
Read Excerpts HERE

Dragons Luck” by Robert Asprin. Release Date: April 7, 2009. Published by
Ace. Griffen McCandles is adjusting well to running his gambling operation in the French Quarter of New Orleans and to his newfound status as head dragon. Other dragons are getting a whiff of his reputation though, and they’re not happy about it. Which is why there’s suddenly a hit out on him. On top of that, the ghost of a voodoo queen wants Griffen to moderate a supernatural conclave, which is his chance to spread his wings—or crash and burn...
Official Robert Asprin Wikipedia
Order “Dragons LuckHERE
NOTE:Dragons Luck” is the second book in the Dragons Wild series after “Dragons Wild”.

Ballistic Babes” by John Zakour &
Lawrence Ganem. Release Date: April 7, 2009. Published by DAW. Double your pleasure, double the laughs with this omnibus edition featuring Zachary Nixon Johnson, the last freelance P.I. on Earth. It’s 2057, and Zach is partnered with an experimental A.I. named HARV . In what is both an homage to and a parody of the great heyday of pulp fiction, they solve cases involving androids, future tech wizards, and of course, the occasional nuclear-powered, genocidal fembot...
Official John Zakour Website
Order “Ballistic BabesHERE
NOTE: Includes “The Radioactive Redhead” (2005) co-written with Lawrence Ganem, and “The Frost-Haired Vixen” (2006).

Contact with Chaos” by Michael Z. Williamson. Release Date: April 7, 2009. Published by
Baen. When an exploration ship from Freehold discovered a planet with intelligent lifeforms—the first which humans had ever encountered—it should have been the most important event in history. Instead, the Freeholders want trade, the U.N. wants to manage, and the eco-warriors want “purity” at all costs. Now the whole thing is turning into a cross between a Marx Brothers farce and a Kafkaesque nightmare, with a potential for Greek tragedy...
Official Michael Z. Williams Website
Order “Contact With ChaosHERE
Read Excerpts HERE

Dancing on the Head of a Pin” by Thomas E. Sniegoski. Release Date: April 7, 2009. Published by
Roc. Still mourning the loss of his wife, fallen angel Remy Chandler has immersed himself in investigating dangerous supernatural cases. His latest: the theft of a cache of ancient weaponry stolen from a collector who deals in antiquities of a dark and dubious nature. The weapons, Remy knows, were forged eons ago and imbued with unimaginable power. And if they fall into the wrong hands, they could be used to destroy not only Heaven but also Earth...
Official Thomas E. Sniegoski Website
Order “Dancing on the Head of a PinHERE

Blue Diablo” by Ann Aguirre. Release Date: April 7, 2009. Published by
Roc. Corine Solomon is a handler—when she touches an object she instantly knows its history and its future. Using her ability, she can find the missing—which is why people never stop trying to find her. Like her ex-boyfriend Chance, who needs Corine’s gift to find someone dear to them both. But the search proves dangerous as it leads them into a strange world of demons and sorcerers, ghosts and witchcraft, zombies—and black magic...
Official Ann Aguirre Website
Order “Blue DiabloHERE
Read An Excerpt HERE
NOTE:Blue Diablo” is the first book in the new Corine Solomon series.

Curse the Dawn” by Karen Chance. Release Date: April 7, 2009. Published by
Onxy. Cassandra Palmer may be the all-powerful Pythia now, but most of the supernatural power players will stop at nothing to see her dead. The Vampire Senate does support Cassie in her position, but their protection comes with a price: an alliance with the master vampire Mircea, who has claimed Cassie as his own. But even the vampires will have trouble keeping Cassie alive now that the self-styled god Apollo, the source of the Pythia's power, has it in for her. To save her life—and the world—Cassie's going to have to face down her creator once and for all...
Official Karen Chance Website
Order “Curse the DawnHERE
Read An Excerpt HERE
Watch the Book Trailer HERE
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NOTE:Curse the Dawn” is the fourth Cassandra Palmer novel after “Embrace the Night”.

Every Demon Has His Day” by Cara Lockwood. Release Date: April 7, 2009. Published by
Downtown Press. In her wildest dreams, Constance Plyd never thought she'd see dead people. Then again, she never thought she'd be the prime suspect in the murder of her ex-husband. Fortunately for Constance, irresistibly sexy sheriff Nathan Garrett wants to believe her explanation—or maybe he wants something more. Either way, all signs are leading to a showdown of hellish proportions, with Constance at the heart of the battle, when the Devil and would-be mother of the Antichrist descends on Crockett County...
Official Cara Lockwood Website
Order “Every Demon Has His DayHERE
Read An Excerpt HERE
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Some Girls Bite” by Chloe Neill. Release Date: April 7, 2009. Published by
Berkley. Life as a Chicago graduate student was fine for Merit—until she was turned into the walking undead. Turns out her savior, Ethan Sullivan, is the master vampire of Cadogan House and expects her gratitude— and servitude. But an inconvenient sunlight allergy and Ethan’s attitude are the least of her concerns. Someone’s still out to get her. Her initiation into Chicago’s nightlife may be the first skirmish in a war—and there will be blood...
Official Chloe Neill Website
Order “Some Girls BiteHERE
Read An Excerpt HERE
NOTE:Some Girls Bite” is the first book in the Chicagoland Vampires series.

Ghostland” by Jory Strong. Release Date: April 7, 2009. Published by
Berkley. Taken from her home and family, shamaness Aisling McConaughey must enter the “ghostlands” to save a wealthy man’s mistress. But there’s a price to pay for her power: She must summon the Djinn prince Zurael en Caym—and yield to his savage, sensual rage. Zurael intends to kill Aisling after she’s served as bait to find an enemy in possession of an ancient tablet. But the more he tastes her innocent spirit, the more he’ll use his fiery touch to keep her hungry for his mercy—even as they weave an erotic spell that he cannot escape…
Official Jory Strong Website
Order “GhostlandHERE
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The Twilight Prisoner” by Katherine Marsh. Release Date: April 7, 2009. Published by
Hyperion. After traveling to the ghostly underworld beneath New York City, Jack has made it back aboveground, to join the living. But if he’s alive why is he still seeing ghosts? Jack tries hard to fit in at his new school—and tries even harder to win the affections of his classmate and friend, Cora. In an effort to impress her, Jack leads Cora to the entrance of the underworld and makes a terrible mistake. Soon they have crossed the threshold, and there may be no getting back...
Official Katherine Marsh Website
Order “The Twilight PrisonerHERE
NOTE: The Twilight Prisoner” is the exciting sequel to “The Night Tourist”.

Silvertongue” by Charlie Fletcher. Release Date: April 7, 2009 (US Debut). Published by
Hyperion. The battle between the statues and gargoyles of London rages on and twelve-year-old George Chapman and his friend Edie are caught in the middle. A glint with the ability to “see” the past, Edie has become a crucial asset in the ongoing war. The Gunner, a statue of a World War I soldier, continues to do his part to help them in their quest. But George knows that he is the one who must play the biggest role in helping to bring an end to the war...
Order “Silvertongue
NOTE:Silvertongue” is the thrilling conclusion to the international blockbuster trilogy, Stoneheart, and was first published in the UK on September 4, 2008 (Hodder).

Orcs: Bad Blood” by Stan Nicholls. Release Date: April 8, 2009 (US Debut). Published by
Orbit. The original Orcs trilogy ended with Stryke and his band of Orcs finding the ancestral Orc home hidden in another dimension. This new series will tell the story of their hectic adventures in the other dimensions as they attempt to find peace for their race and escape the ever greedy, savage expansion of mankind. Perfect for the fantasy reader who wants a fresh perspective on the war between good & evil…
Official Stan Nicholls Website
Order “Orcs: Bad BloodHERE
Read Reviews via The Zone
NOTE:Orcs: Bad Blood” was first published in the UK on December 12, 2008 (Gollancz).

Give Me Back My Legions” by Harry Turtledove. Release Date: April 14, 2009. Published by
St. Martin’s Press. Publius Quinctilius Varus, a Roman politician, is given three legions. His mission is to subdue the barbarous German tribes where others have failed, and bring their land fully under Rome’s control. Arminius, a prince of the Cherusci Germans, is playing a deadly game, serving in the Roman army. An epic battle is brewing, and these two men stand on opposite sides of what will forever be known as The Battle of the Teutoberg Forest—a ferocious, bloody clash that will change the course of history...
Official Harry Turtledove Website
Order “Give Me Back My LegionsHERE

The Revolution Business” by Charles Stross. Release Date: April 14, 2009. Published by
Tor. Locked in a vicious civil war for control over the kingdom of Niejwein, the Clan’s army is under siege in two parallel universes at once while their leader has been laid low by a stroke. Miriam, rescued from a tight spot in New Britain, finds the hopes of the young, progressive faction focused on her. But do they want her as a leader or a figurehead? Meanwhile, unbeknownst to the Clan, researchers working for the US government have achieved a technological breakthrough. The War on Terror is about to go transdimensional...
Official Charles Stross Website
Order “The Revolution BusinessHERE
NOTE:The Revolution Business” is the fifth volume in The Merchant Princes series after “The Merchants’ War”.

The Immortality Factor” by Ben Bova. Release Date: April 14, 2009. Published by
Tor. Some see stem-cell research as mankind’s greatest scientific breakthrough. Others see a blasphemous attempt to play God. Suddenly, the possibility of immortality exists. Two brothers, both doctors, stand on opposite sides of the controversy. To Dr. Arthur Marshak, his work is a momentous gift to humanity. To Dr. Jessie Marshak, it is a curse. Between them stands a beautiful, remarkable woman both brothers will do anything to save...
Official Ben Bova Website
Order “The Immortality FactorHERE
Read the Foreword HERE

Fire Raiser” by Melanie Rawn. Release Date: April 14, 2009. Published by
Tor. Holly McClure and Evan Lachlan have survived the fiery beginning of their romance and left Manhattan for Holly’s ancestral home to raise their children. Evan’s the county Sheriff; Holly is still a trouble-making Spellbinder trying to manipulate her family as if they were characters in one of her novels. But something’s not right in Pocahontas County, where witchcraft is the family business of all the oldest clans... “Fire Raiser” is the sequel to “Spellbinder”.
Official Melanie Rawn Website
Order “Fire RaiserHERE
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Bloodhound” by Tamora Pierce. Release Date: April 14, 2009. Published by
Random House. Beka Cooper is finally a Dog—a full-fledged member of the Provost’s Guard, dedicated to keeping peace in Corus’s streets. But there’s unrest in Tortall’s capital. Counterfeit coins are turning up in shops all over the city, and merchants are raising prices to cover their losses. The trail leads to Port Caynn where Beka will be forced to resist the charms of banking clerk Dale Rowan and learn how to be a Bloodhound...
Official Tamora Pierce Website
Order “BloodhoundHERE
Read An Excerpt HERE
NOTE:Bloodhound” is the second book in the Provost’s Dog trilogy after “Terrier”.

God of Clocks” by Alan Campbell. Release Date: April 14, 2009. Published by
Bantam Spectra. In the cataclysm of the battle of the gods, a portal to Hell has been opened, releasing unnatural creatures that were never meant to be and threatening to turn the world into a killing field. And in the middle, caught between warring gods and fallen angels, humanity finds itself pushed to the brink of extinction. Humanity’s only hope is the most unlikely of heroes including the former Spine assassin Rachel Hael, thaumaturge Mina Greene, and the giant John Anchor...
Official Alan Campbell Website
Official Alan Campbell Blog
Order “God of ClocksHERE (US) + HERE (UK)
Read An Excerpt
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Read Fantasy Book Critic’s
Interview with Alan Campbell
NOTE:God of Clocks” is the third and concluding volume in the Deepgate Codex.

A Forthcoming Wizard” by Jody Lynn Nye. Release Date: April 14, 2009. Published by
Tor. Halfling Tildi Summerbee led a typical, unexciting life, tending the house for her brothers while they managed the family farm . . . until she was forced to assume the identity of her recently deceased brother and accept his position as apprentice to a great wizard. Now she is on an important quest where the lessons of her apprenticeship pale in comparison to those learned in life-or-death situations. She has become the guardian of a very special book that can alter everything in existence…
Official Jody Lynn Nye Website
Order “A Forthcoming WizardHERE
Read An Excerpt HERE
NOTE:A Forthcoming Wizard” is a sequel to “An Unexpected Apprentice”.

Gladiatrix” by Russell Whitfield. Release Date: April 14, 2009 (US Debut). Published by
St. Martin’s Griffin. Under the Flavian Emperors the Roman public’s hunger for gladiatorial combat has never been greater. The Emperor Domitian’s passion for novelty and variety in the arena has given rise to a very different kind of warrior: the Gladiatrix. Forced to fight for survival, Lysandra, a member of an ancient Spartan sect of warrior priestesses, will win the adoration of the crowds, the admiration of Sextus Julius Frontinus, and the attention of powerful enemies…
Official Russell Whitfield Website
Order “GladiatrixHERE
Read An Excerpt HERE
Read Reviews HERE
NOTE:Gladiatrix” was first published in the UK on March 18, 2008 (Myrmidon).

The Cardboard Universe” by Christopher Miller. Release Date: April 14, 2009. Published by
HarperCollins. Genius or fraud? Hack or Hemingway? The life and work of obese, obsessive, logorrheic pulp novelist Phoebus K. Dank have long enflamed bitter controversy. In this uproarious novel, Christopher Miller pulls back the curtain on two unforgettable critics—fawning scholar William Boswell (the world's leading Dankian) and his mortal enemy, the murderously snarky Owen Hirt. No stone is left unturned in this essential study of Dank's all-too-brief existence and all-too-extensive oeuvre...
Order “The Cardboard Universe

Discordia” by Dena K. Salmon. Release Date: April 14, 2009. Published by
Hyperion. For Lance (level 19 zombie sorcerer), and his friend, MrsKeller ( level 23 hobgoblin brigand), life’s a battle, and then you die. And then you rez. And then you battle again. At least that’s how it is in Discordia, the addictive online game that makes real life seem dreary in comparison. But then TheGreatOne transports Lance and MrsKeller to the real Discordia, the perilous world in the eleventh dimension which inspired the game. Now they must complete a high-level quest that may determine Discordia’s survival—and Lance’s, too...
Official Dena K. Salmon Myspace
Order “DiscordiaHERE

Wormhole Pirates on Orbis 3” by PJ Haarsma. Release Date: April 14, 2009. Published by
Candlewick. Before Johnny Turnbull and his fellow knudniks even land on Orbis 3, a band of wormhole pirates invades their shuttle and deliver a cryptic threat to JT. Suddenly JT is faced with many questions. Why is Max acting strangely whenever she’s around JT? Who is luring JT into a deadly competitive game? And why is his telepathic sister, Ketheria, suddenly getting sick? Prime your neural implant for some nonstop action and intrigue in a new episode starring the first human softwire...
Official PJ Haarsma Website
Order “Wormhole Pirates on Orbis 3HERE
Read An Excerpt HERE
NOTE:Wormhole Pirates on Orbis 3” is the third Softwire novel after “Virus On Orbis 1” and “Betrayal On Orbis 2”.

Hellboy: The Fire Wolves” by Tim Lebbon. Release Date: April 15, 2009. Published by Dark Horse. Hellboy is called to Amalfi, Italy, by Franca, a young member of the Esposito family who fears that a dark curse on her family is about to claim her cousin as its next victim. In Pompeii, Hellboy unearths the corpse of a demon hunter buried during the AD 79 eruption of Vesuvius, and learns of the fire demon that escaped the grip of the volcano . . . leading to that devastating eruption. As the volcano rumbles again, with a new thirst for human blood, an eruption even more devastating than that historical catastrophe looks very, very close...
Official Tim Lebbon Website
Order “Hellboy: The Fire Wolves

The Good Humor Man” by Andrew Fox. Release Date: April 15, 2009. Published by
Tachyon. In this witty tribute to Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451, set in 2041, government-sanctioned vigilantes—the Good Humor Men—ruthlessly patrol the streets, immolating all fattening food products as illegal contraband. Evil nutraceutical company MannaSantos controls the food market with genetically modified products, but the craze for svelte healthfulness has reached a critical turning point as a mysterious wasting plague threatens to starve all of humanity. Now a lone ex-plastic surgeon and founding Good Humor Man, holds the key to humanity’s future...
Official Andrew Fox Wikipedia
Order “The Good Humor Man

Necropolis” by Anthony Horowitz. Release Date: April 15, 2009. Published by
Scholastic. The evil corporation Nightrise has amassed an immense amount of power . . . and the devastating force of the Old Ones is about to be unleashed around the globe. To stop this from happening, Matt and three of the Gatekeepers head to Hong Kong—not just the modern city of skyscrapers and wealth, but the secretive underworld beneath. In Hong Kong they will meet the final Gatekeeper, a girl named Scarlet, whose fate is inextricably joined to their own...
Official Anthony Horowitz Website
Order “Necropolis
Read An Excerpt
NOTE:Necropolis” is the fourth Power of Five/Gatekeepers novel after “Nightrise”, and was first published in the UK on October 30, 2008 (Walker).

Thirteenth Child” by Patricia C. Wrede. Release Date: April 15, 2009. Published by
Scholastic. Eff was born a thirteenth child. Her twin brother, Lan, is the seventh son of a seventh son. This means he's supposed to possess amazing talent—and she's supposed to bring only bad things to her family and her town. Undeterred, her family moves to the frontier, where her father will be a professor of magic at a school perilously close to the magical divide that separates settlers from the beasts of the wild...
Official Patricia C. Wrede Website
Order “Thirteenth Child
Read An Excerpt

The Silver Door” by Holly Lisle. Release Date: April 15, 2009. Published by
Orchard Books. In the battle between nightlings and humans, it's prophesied that the Sunrider is destined to unite the magics of the sun and moon for the good of all. She alone can lead the fight to defeat an immortal evil. Genna is the chosen Sunrider, and under nightling protection, she must learn the ancient magics so she may bring an end to the war between slaves and masters. Will Genna, with the help of her brother, Dan, and their friends Catri, Doyati, and Yarri, be able to fulfill her fate?
Official Holly Lisle Website
Order “The Silver Door
NOTE:The Silver Door” is the second Moon & Sun novel after “The Ruby Key”.

The Spy Who Haunted Me” by Simon R. Green. UK Release Date: April 16, 2009. Published by
Gollancz. US Release Date: June 2, 2009. Published by Roc. Eddie Drood’s evil-stomping skills have come to the attention of the legendary Alexander King. The best of the best, King spent a lifetime working for anyone and everyone, doing anything and everything, for the right price. Now, he’s on his deathbed and looking to bestow all of his priceless secrets to a successor, provided he or she wins a contest to solve the world’s greatest mysteries. Eddie has to win, because King holds the most important secret of all to the Droods—the identity of the traitor in their midst…
Official Simon R. Green Wikipedia
Order “The Spy Who Haunted Me

Troll's Eye View: A Book of Villainous Tales” edited by Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling. Release Date: April 16, 2009. Published by
Viking. Everyone thinks they know the real story behind the villains in fairy tales—evil, no two ways about it. But the villains themselves beg to differ. In Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling’s new anthology for younger readers, you’ll hear from the Giant’s wife (Jack and the Beanstalk), Rumplestiltskin, the oldest of the Twelve Dancing Princesses, and many more. A stellar lineup of authors, including Garth Nix, Holly Black, Neil Gaiman and Nancy Farmer, makes sure that these old stories do new tricks!
Official Ellen Datlow Website
Official Terri Windling Website
Order “Troll's Eye View: A Book of Villainous Tales

The Tiger Warrior” by David Gibbins. UK Release Date: April 16, 2009. Published by
Headline. India. 1879. Lieutenant John Howard witnesses something so unspeakable it changes him for ever. His subsequent disappearance is never solved... Egypt. Present day. Marine archaeologist Jack Howard makes an astonishing discovery on a deep-sea dive. What’s the connection? Jack Howard doesn’t know yet. But he’s about to find out and the truth will unlock the mystery of Jack’s great-great grandfather’s disappearance. A formidable enemy from Jack’s past has reappeared though, and this enemy will stop at nothing to protect its earth-shattering secret...
Official David Gibbins Website
Order “The Tiger Warrior
NOTE:The Tiger Warrior” is the fourth Jack Howard novel after “Atlantis”, “Crusader Gold” and “The Last Gospel/The Lost Tomb”, and will be released in the US on June 23, 2009 (Bantam).

The Reformed Vampire Support Group” by Catherine Jinks. Release Date: April 20, 2009. Published by
Houghton Mifflin. Think vampires are romantic, sexy, and powerful? Think again. Vampires are dead. And unless they want to end up staked, they have to give up fanging people, admit their addiction, join a support group, and reform themselves. Nina Harrison, fanged at fifteen and still living with her mother, hates the Reformed Vampire Support Group meetings every Tuesday night. That is, until one of group members is mysteriously destroyed by a silver bullet. With Nina, the misfit vampires soon band together to track down the hunter, save a werewolf, and keep the world safe from the likes of themselves...
Official Catherine Jinks Website
Order “The Reformed Vampire Support Group
Read Reviews via
Karin’s Book Nook
NOTE:The Reformed Vampire Support Group” will be published in the UK on June 4, 2009 (Quercus).

Blood of Ambrose” by James Enge. Release Date: April 21, 2009. Published by
Pyr. Centuries after the death of Uthar the Great, the throne of the Ontilian Empire lies vacant. The late emperor's brother-in-law and murderer, Lord Urdhven, appoints himself Protector to his nephew, young King Lathmar VII, and sets out to kill anyone who stands between himself and mastery of the empire. Now it’s up to Ambrosia and her brother Morlock to secure the throne for Lathmar. But all their struggles will be wasted unless the young king finds the strength to rule in his own right and his own name...
Official James Enge Website
Order “Blood of Ambrose
Read Reviews via
Grasping for the Wind

Kings and Assassins” by Lane Robins. Release Date: April 21, 2009. Published by
Del Rey. With a conquering foreign prince sowing chaos throughout the kingdom of Antyre, the new Earl of Last, Janus Ixion, must battle the terrifying power of Antyre’s forgotten god, one who has gifted Janus’s vengeful wife with mysterious and dangerous skills. As Antyre nears irrevocable collapse, Janus’s manipulations and all-consuming ambition will force him and his country to choose between the rule of resurgent gods, or a victor’s throne of ashes...
Official Lane Robins Website
Order “Kings and Assassins
Read An Excerpt

Fragile Eternity” by Melissa Marr. Release Date: April 21, 2009. Published by
HarperCollins. In Melissa Marr's third mesmerizing tale of Faerie after “Wicked Lovely” and “Ink Exhange”, Seth and Aislinn struggle to stay true to themselves and each other in a milieu of shadowy rules and shifting allegiances, where old friends become new enemies and one wrong move could plunge the Earth into chaos...
Official Melissa Marr Website
Order “Fragile Eternity
Read Reviews via
Em’s Bookshelf + Teen Book Review

The Currents of Space” by Isaac Asimov. Release Date: April 28, 2009 (Reprint). Published by
Tor. High above the planet Florinia, the Squires of Sark live in unimaginable wealth and comfort, while down below, the native Florinians labor ceaselessly to produce the precious kyrt that brings prosperity to their Sarkite masters. However, the Currents of Space are bringing destruction, and if the planet is evacuated, the power of Sark will end. The fate of the Galaxy depends on Rik, a man without a memory or a past...
Official Isaac Asimov Wikipedia
Order “The Currents of SpaceHERE
NOTE:The Currents of Space” was first published in 1952.

A Time of Changes” by Robert Silverberg. Release Date: April 28, 2009 (Reprint). Published by
Tor. In the far future, Earth is a worn-out backwater and humanity is spread across the galaxy on worlds that began as colonies, but now feel like home, each with its own long history and unique culture. One of the strangest is on Borthan, where the founding settlers established the Covenant, which teaches that the self is to be despised, and forbids anyone to reveal his innermost thoughts or feelings to another. For the heinous crime of “self-baring,” apostates have always paid with exile or death, but after his eyes are opened by a visitor from Earth, Kinnall Darival, prince of Salla, risks everything to teach his people the real meaning of being human...
Official Robert Silverberg Wikipedia
Order “A Time of Changes
NOTE: Out of print since 1992, this new edition of “A Time of Changes” features a new introduction by the author, and the first-ever map of Borthan.

The Red Wolf Conspiracy” by Robert V.S. Redick. Release Date: April 28, 2009 (US Debut). Published by
Del Rey. Part one of the Chathrand Voyage trilogy, Robert V.S. Redick’s fantasy debut follows the Great Ship Chathrand and her occupants on a diplomatic voyage to seal the peace between long-time enemies Arqual & Mzithrin. But there is treachery afoot. Behind the plans for peace lies the shadow of war and the fear that a dead king might live again. And now the six hundred year old Great Ship has gone missing. This is her story…
Official Robert V.S. Redick Website
Order “The Red Wolf ConspiracyHERE
Read An Excerpt HERE
Read Reviews via Fantasy Book Critic, Sandstorm Reviews, Strange Horizons + The Wertzone
NOTE:The Red Wolf Conspiracy” was first published in the UK on February 1, 2008 (Gollancz). The sequel, “The Rats and the Ruling Sea”, will be published in the UK on August 20, 2009.

Conspirator” by C.J. Cherryh. Release Date: April 28, 2009. Published by
DAW. Cajeiri is the young son of the powerful leader of the Western Association—and he has become a target for forces bent on destroying his father’s rule. For Cajeiri is the first ateva youth to have lived in a human environment. And after hundreds of years of fragile atevi-human coexistence, he may very well be the first of his people to ever truly understand the so similar—yet so dangerously different—aliens who share his home planet and threaten the hidebound customs of his race...
Official C.J. Cherryh Website
Order “Conspirator
NOTE:Conspirator” is the first volume in a brand-new Foreigner trilogy from Hugo Award winning author C. J. Cherryh.

Relentless” by Jack Campbell. Release Date: April 28, 2009. Published by
Ace. After successfully freeing Alliance POWs, “Black Jack” Geary discovers that the Syndics plan to ambush the fleet with their powerful reserve flotilla in an attempt to annihilate it once and for all. And as Geary has the fleet jump from one star system to the next, hoping to avoid the inevitable confrontation, saboteurs contribute to the chaos... “Relentless” is the fifth volume in Jack Campbell’s Lost Fleet saga after “Valiant”.
Official Jack Campbell Website
Order “Relentless
Read An Excerpt

The Grand Conjunction” by Sean Williams. US Release Date: April 28, 2009. Published by
Ace. UK Release Date: May 7, 2009. Published by Orbit UK. Imre Bergamasc’s search for answers has led him up an alley so blind even his sense of self has become uncertain. Now, before he can save the galaxy from ruin, he must find the strength to carry on and reclaim his ultimate purpose. But more than two million years in our future, the fight has changed. Former allies are now enemies, and enemies have taken on entirely new forms. Chased from the very edge of humanity's vast empire into the heart of an ancient conspiracy, Imre must finally come face to face with Himself, for without the truth of his past, humanity's future will never be secured…
Official Sean Williams Website
Order “The Grand Conjunction
Read An Excerpt
NOTE:The Grand Conjunction” is the third Astropolis book after “Saturn Returns” and “Earth Ascendant”.

Blood of Elves” by Andrzej Sapkowski. Release Date: April 28, 2009. Published by
Orbit. For more than a hundred years humans, dwarves, gnomes and elves lived together in relative peace. But times have changed and now the races once again fight each other. Into this tumultuous time is born a child for whom the witchers of the world have been waiting: Ciri, the granddaughter of Queen Calanthe, the Lioness of Cintra and named by prophecy as the Flame who has the power to change the world—for good, or for evil…
Official Andrzej Sapkowski Website
Order “Blood of Elves
Read Reviews via
Fantasy Book Review + Total Sci-Fi
NOTE: Originally published in Poland in 1994, “Blood of Elves” is a sequel to Andrzej Sapkowski’s Witcher short stories starring Geralt of Rivia and is the first novel in the Witcher Saga. “Blood of Elves” was published in the UK on October 16, 2008 (Gollancz).

Blood Groove” by Alex Bledsoe. Release Date: April 28, 2009. Published by
Tor. When centuries-old vampire Baron Rudolfo Zginski was staked in Wales in 1915, the last thing he expected was to reawaken in Memphis, Tennessee, sixty years later. Reborn into a new world of simmering racial tensions, the cunning nosferatu realizes he must adapt quickly if he is to survive, even if it means forming an uneasy alliance with a group of teenage vampires. To make matters worse, there is a new drug on the street specifically created to target and destroy vampires...
Official Alex Bledsoe Website
Order “Blood Groove

Storm Glass” by Maria V. Snyder. Release Date: April 28, 2009. Published by
Mira. Opal Cowen is a glassmaker and a magician-in-training, and her unique talents are required when someone sabotages the Stormdancer clan’s glass orbs, killing their most powerful magicians. But when the mission goes awry, Opal must tap into a new kind of magic as stunningly potent as it is frightening. With lives hanging in the balance, Opal must control powers she never knew she possessed . . . powers that might lead to disaster beyond anything she’s ever known...
Official Maria V. Snyder Website
Order “Storm Glass
Read An Excerpt
Read Reviews via
The Compulsive Reader + YA Reads

The Pretender’s Crown” by C.E. Murphy. Release Date: April 28, 2009. Published by
Del Rey. Seduction and stealth are Belinda Primrose’s skills—weapons befitting the queen’s bastard daughter, a pawn of espionage conceived by Lorraine, ruler of Aulun, and her lover and spymaster, Belinda’s father. Now an accomplished assassin, Belinda uncovers the true game her father never intended her to play. For Belinda has found her witchpower, a legacy born from something not of this earth. In a treacherous world where religion and rebellion rule, Lorraine is now in a position to sweep over the countries of Echon and to back her chosen successor to the throne: Belinda...
Official C.E. Murphy Website
Order “The Pretender’s Crown

The Laurentine Spy” by Emily Gee. US/UKRelease Date: April 28/May 5, 2009. Published by
Solaris. The Corhonase citadel is a place of virtue and debauchery. But nothing is as it seems, whether in the ballrooms and salons of the nobles’ Court or the catacombs beneath the citadel. Saliel has many secrets—her spying is one, but her most guarded mystery is her magic. She walks a narrow path between discovery as a spy and being burned as a witch. With a sadistic Spycatcher closing in, Saliel and her fellow spies are tested to the limits of their endurance and they must trust each other, or die. Magic may be their only hope of survival...
Official Emily Gee Website
Order “The Laurentine Spy

The Patriot Witch” by C.C. Finlay. Release Date: April 28, 2009. Published by
Del Rey. The year is 1775. Proctor Brown is a minuteman, a member of the local militia, and determined to defend the rights of the colonies. Yet Proctor is so much more. Magic is in his blood, a dark secret passed down from generation to generation. Proctor’s mother has taught him to hide his talents, lest he be labeled a witch and find himself dangling at the end of a rope, but a chance encounter thrusts Proctor into a secret war of magic against magic, witch against witch, with the stakes not only the independence of a young nation but the future of humanity itself...
Official C.C. Finlay Website
Order “The Patriot Witch
Download “The Patriot Witch
Read Reviews via
Abandoned Towers Magazine
NOTE: "The Patriot Witch" is the first book in the Traitor to the Crown series which will be followed by "A Spell for the Revolution" in May 2009 and "The Demon Redcoat" in June 2009.

Walking Dead” by Greg Rucka. Release Date: April 28, 2009. Published by
Bantam. In this explosive new thriller, Greg Rucka, the acclaimed comic book writer (52, Gotham Central, Wonder Woman, etc.) and author, sets bodyguard-turned-international-fugitive Atticus Kodiak on a one-man crusade where being willing to die for your ideals isn’t enough. You have to be willing to do much worse... “Walking Dead” is the seventh Atticus Kodiak novel after “Patriot Acts”.
Official Greg Rucka Website
Order “Walking Dead
Read An Excerpt

Pop Apocalypse” by Lee Konstantinou. Release Date: April 28, 2009. Published by
Harper Perennial. The United States and its Freedom Coalition allies are conducting serial invasions across the globe, including an attack on the anti-capitalist rebels of Northern California. The Middle East—now a single consumerist Caliphate led by Lebanese pop singer Caliph Fred—is in an uproar after an attack on the al-Aqsa Mosque gets televised on the Holy Land Channel. The world is on the brink of a total radioactive, no-survivors war, and human­kind's last hope is Eliot R. Vanderthorpe, Jr.—celebrity heir, debauched party animal, and Elvis impersonation scholar...
Official Lee Konstantinou Website
Order “Pop Apocalypse

Dust and Shadow: An Account of the Ripper Killings by Dr. John H. Watson” by Lyndsay Faye. Release Date: April 28, 2009. Published by
Simon & Schuster. From the gritty streets of nineteenth century London, the loyal and courageous Dr. Watson offers a tale unearthed after generations of lore: the harrowing story of Sherlock Holmes's attempt to hunt down Jack the Ripper... Lyndsay Faye’s debut explores the terrifying prospect of tracking a serial killer without the advantage of modern forensics, and the result is a lightning-paced novel brimming with historical detail that will keep you on the edge of your seat.
Official Lyndsay Faye Website
Order “Dust and Shadow
Read An Excerpt

Jake Ransom and the Skull King’s Shadow” by James Rollins. Release Date: April 28, 2009. Published by
HarperCollins. When a mysterious envelope arrives for Jake Ransom, he and his older sister, Kady, are plunged into a gripping chain of events. An artifact found by their archeologist parents on the expedition from which they never returned leads Jake and Kady to a strange world inhabited by a peculiar mix of long-lost civilizations, a world that may hold the key to their parents' disappearance—if Jake and Kady can survive long enough to solve the mystery...
Official James Rollins Website
Order “Jake Ransom and the Skull King’s Shadow
Read An Excerpt
Read Reviews via
NOTE:Jake Ransom and the Skull King’s Shadow” is the first novel by James Rollins for young readers, and is also the first book in a new series.

Sacrifice” by John Everson. Release Date: April 28, 2009. Published by
Dorchester. Ariana has dedicated her life to unleashing the demons in our realm through a series of human sacrifices—erotic rituals of seduction and slaughter. As she crosses the country, getting ever closer to completing her blood-drenched mission, only three figures stand in her way: an unwilling hero who has seen the horrors of the Curburide (a race of sadistic spirits), a burgeoning witch, and a spiteful demon with plans of his own...
Official John Everson Website
Order “Sacrifice
NOTE:Sacrifice” is a sequel to “Covenant”.

“Death Mask” by Graham Masterton. Release Date: April 28, 2009. Published by
Dorchester. He appeared as if from nowhere, brutally slashed a man and a young woman in an office elevator, then vanished again without a trace. The woman survived and gave the police a detailed description of the killer’s bizarre face, yet the police can find no sign of him anywhere. It’s as if he never existed. But now he’s killed again. And again. One woman holds the key to his terrifying secret . . . but how do you stop a murderer who isn’t there?
Official Graham Masterton Website
Order “Death Mask

Burning Wild” by Christine Feehan. Release Date: April 28, 2009. Published by
Jove. Jake Bannaconni has everything and anything money can buy. He’s ruthless, merciless and considered a man to leave alone. His hidden legacy, that of a shapeshifter, makes him doubly dangerous in the corporate world. Emma Reynolds is a woman who knows how to love and love well. When their two worlds collide, Jake’s plans for a complete take over, may just come tumbling down...
Official Christine Feehan Website
Order “Burning Wild
Read An Excerpt
NOTE:Burning Wild” is the third Leopard novel after “The Awakening” and “Wild Rain”.

Dayhunter” by Jocelynn Drake. Release Date: April 28, 2009. Published by
EOS. A master of fire, Mira is the last hope for the world. For centuries she has secretly enforced the history-altering edicts of the Triad. Now she and her unlikely ally—the human vampire hunter, Danaus—have come to Venice, home of the nightwalker rulers. But there is no safety in the ancient city, for the threat of conflict is in the wind . . . with unholy alliances and earth-shattering betrayals taking hideous form in the shadows...
Official Jocelynn Drake Website
Order “Dayhunter
NOTE:Dayhunter” is the second Dark Days novel after “Nightwalker”.

The Awakening” by Kelley Armstrong. Release Date: April 28, 2009. Published by
HarperCollins. “The Awakening” is the second volume in Kelley Armstrong’s Darkest Powers YA trilogy which is set in the same world as the Women of the Otherworld. In this book, Chloe Saunders is running for her life with three supernatural friends—a charming sorcerer, a cynical werewolf, and a disgruntled witch—and they have to find someone who can help them before the sinister Edison Group finds them. Or die trying...
Official Kelley Armstrong Website
Official Chloe Saunders Website
Order “The Awakening

Sins and Shadows” by Lyn Benedict. Release Date: April 28, 2009. Published by
Ace. Sylvie Lightner is no ordinary P.I. She specializes in cases involving the unusual, in a world where magic is real—and where death isn’t the worst thing that can happen to you. But when an employee is murdered in front of her, Sylvie has had enough. After years of confounding the dark forces of the Magicus Mundi, she’s closing up shop—until a man claiming to be the God of Justice wants Sylvie to find his lost lover. And he won’t take no for an answer...
Order “Sins and Shadows

The Trouble With Demons” by Lisa Shearin. Release Date: April 28, 2009. Published by
Ace. Already fighting the influence of the Saghred, Raine discovers she is also magically bonded to a dark mage and a white knight, two dangerous and powerful men on opposing sides. To make matters worse, an opened Hellgate leads to a demon infestation on the Isle of Mid. Turns out, the demons want the key to unlock the Saghred. As a seeker, Raine should be able to find it first. As the axis of light and dark powers, she's a magical cataclysm waiting to happen...
Official Lisa Shearin Website
Order “The Trouble With Demons
Read Excerpts
NOTE:The Trouble With Demons” is the third Raine Benares novel after “Magic Lost, Trouble Found” and “Armed & Magical”.

Eve of Darkness” by S.J. Day. Release Date: April 28, 2009. Published by
Tor. For Evangeline Hollis, one night with a leather-clad man of mystery has led to a divine punishment: the Mark of Cain. Thrust into a world where sinners are drafted into service to kill demons, Eve’s learning curve is short. A longtime agnostic, she begrudgingly maneuvers through a celestial bureaucracy where she is a valuable but ill-treated pawn. She’s also become the latest point of contention in the oldest case of sibling rivalry in history...
Official S.J. Day Website
Order “Eve of Darkness
Read An Excerpt
Read Reviews via
BlogCritics, Darque Reviews, Green Man Review, SciFiGuy + Tez Says
NOTE:Eve of Darkness” is the first book in the Marked urban fantasy series. The sequels, “Eve of Destruction” and “Eve of Chaos”, will follow on June 2 and June 30, 2009.

The Magicians’ Daughter” by S.C. Butler. Release Date: April 28, 2009. Published by
Tor. In Reiffen’s Choice we learned how Reiffen chose magic. In Queen Ferris, we learned what he did with his magic. Now in The Magicians’ Daughter, we learn what his magic does to him... Despite ten years of peace, Reiffen is falling into madness and it’s up to his and Avender’s daughter, Hubley, to rescue him. And all the while the manderstone is growing in Issinlough . . . and no one knows what’s inside...
Official S.C. Butler Website
Order “The Magicians’ Daughter
NOTE:The Magicians’ Daughter” is the conclusion to The Stoneways Trilogy.

The Princess and the Bear” by Mette Ivie Harrison. Release Date: April 28, 2009. Published by
HarperCollins. He was once a king, turned into a bear as punishment for his cruel and selfish deeds. She was a once a princess, now living in the form of a hound. They are sent—in human form—back to a time when magic went terribly astray. Together they must right the wrongs caused by this devastating power. But even as each becomes aware of an ever-growing attraction, the stakes are rising and they must find a way to eliminate this evil force—or risk losing each other forever...
Official Mette Ivie Harrison Website
Order “The Princess and the Bear

Zima Blue and Other Stories” by Alastair Reynolds. UK Release Date: April 30, 2009. Published by
Gollancz. “Zima Blue and Other Stories” is the first collection of short fiction by Alastair Reynolds (Revelation Space, House of Suns). It was first published by Night Shade Books in September 2006 and includes such stories as “Signal to Noise”, “Spirey and the Queen”, “Understanding Space and Time” and the new addition, “Minla’s Flowers”...
Official Alastair Reynolds Website
Order “Zima Blue and Other Stories
Read Reviews via
SF Signal + SF Site

The Little Stranger” by Sarah Waters. Release Date: April 30, 2009. Published by
Riverhead. In a dusty post-war summer in rural Warwickshire, a doctor is called to a patient at Hundreds Hall. Home to the Ayres family for over two centuries, the Georgian house, once grand and handsome, is now in decline, its masonry crumbling, its gardens choked with weeds, the clock in its stable yard permanently fixed at twenty to nine. But are the Ayreses haunted by something more sinister than a dying way of life? Little does Dr. Faraday know how closely, and how terrifyingly, their story is about to become entwined with his. Prepare yourself for this chilling ghost story...
Official Sarah Waters Website
Order “The Little Stranger
NOTE: The UK edition will be published on June 4, 2009 (Virago Press).

The Genesis Secret” by Tom Knox. Release Date: April 30, 2009. Published by
Viking. In Kurdistan, a Western archaeological team has unearthed the oldest human civilization. Sent to cover the story is war reporter Rob Luttrell. What began as a fascinating assignment quickly turns dangerous as the site is sabotaged and someone is murdered. Meanwhile, a Scotland Yard detective is fast on the trail of a series of grisly killings in the British Isles. As he attempts to unravel these elaborate acts of violence, he discovers there may be a link to the site in Kurdistan. The secret to both is an origin and a bloodline that will challenge everything the modern world knows about the origins of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam...
Official The Genesis Secret Website


Mihai A. said...

Very nice list, as always.
Robert, there's a very nice title from Night Shade, "Bar None" by Tim Lebbon, this month. It sounds very interesting, especially that I am addicted to post-apocalyptic stories :)

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This is always my favorite part of Fantasy Book Critic!

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I follow a lot of blogs since beginning of 2009 but you still find books I didn't read about before. Well done!

And to my surprise there is one book on your list which I pre-ordered in December 2008 :>) It is THE REDWOLF CONSPIRACY by Robert V.S. Reddick. Yesterday informed me that the book will be delivered in the middle of May!!

Anyway I look forward to your May 2009 spotlight!

Robin Sullivan said...

Wow what a great month - I have a ton of things to add to my TBR pile - thanks so much for what is always a very informative post.

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These always make me painfully aware of how little I read anymore. *snivel*!

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