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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Fantasy Book Critic clarifications

Dear Readers:

We the Fantasy Book Critic team are very sad that the founder of the blog, Robert Thompson decided to leave the blog, but we are truly grateful to him for providing us the opportunity to publish our reviews here and from now on to run the blog in his place.

We are *not* Robert and his awesome work will be missed by all, so we decided not to try and imitate him slavishly but to do what we are each best at and keep the blog as an important resource for speculative fiction book-lovers everywhere.

A good part of the reviews run here in the past six months have been written by us, so that will continue and we will supplement Robert's reviews with more of our own.

News and giveaways will continue too and we will add some more book-related content in the form of essays on various topics and spotlights on areas of interest like online sff magazines, independent authors and small press ones to start with.

We will have a list of books of interest received, seen or read by the team members with short capsules when full reviews are not practical.

We have not decided yet about the monthly upcoming releases feature which was such an awesome resource that we would like to continue in a fashion or another.

The one thing though that will change is some of the focus of the blog since we are going to spotlight, promote and review books that the three of us love, so most likely comics, horror, thrillers and urban paranormal will take a back seat with epics of all kinds - fantasy, sf and historical, YA fantasy novels, mainstream fantastic and adventure and idea sf more in the front. However that was the orientation of the blog reviews for the most part in the past several months, so the change is more of emphasis than of content per se.

Our group email is and we welcome queries for book reviews keeping in mind the preferences expressed above.

While we will keep comment moderation for now, the turnaround in posting and answering them will be much shorter and we welcome comments since we would like to have a conversation with book lovers everywhere.

Robert is irreplaceable, but we hope we will keep FBC running strong for a long time to come.

Much love and respect,

Cindy, Liviu and Fabio


Calibandar said...

Good luck guys, I will certainly continue reading this blog. I know you guys read a lot too ( especially Liviu) and I will be interested in seeing your highlight books as well.

SparklingBlue said...

I'm sorry to hear Robert is gone--I know you guys are doing a great job.

Liviu said...

Thank you for your kind words.

I was overwhelmed by the number of posts expressing their regret at Robert leaving and I felt the need to make sure that everyone knows we have the will to keep FBC going strong and while Robert is irreplaceable, we hope to keep things interesting for as wide a swath of sff and book-lovers as possible.

Robert has been absolutely great to work with and I am sure he will do well in his further endeavors.

Fabio Fernandes said...

I second that.

Donna said...

I will keep following this blog. Seems there will be some added variety. Look forward to your reviews and thoughts!

Mishel (P.S. I Love Books) said...

I'm so happy to hear you all will continue with FBC! I really love coming here and reading the reviews and news that is posted. Even with Robert gone, I think I'll continue to enjoy the blog (=

raul said...

i am unhappy robert is leaving, as is the majority of readers, but id like to say that while i am slow to warm to new have all added a aweful lot to the mix over the past few months.

So please; chin up and be assured the readership isnt going anywhere.

now as far as the lack of thrillers/horror/comics...i think i can live without them, easily(sorry robert!). :)

ill tell you the parts that i have liked over the past few months: interviews with lesser known authors(its great to hear new thoughts in the genre), the monthly preview was a big event to read over, and book reviews of the things either recently out or coming up.

Cindy said...

Thanks for all your kind words.

It was great to hear what you enjoyed coming to FBC for. I do know that we will be having interviews occasionally, also.

I hope to keep this interesting and fun for the readers.

Mihai A. said...

You have quite a hard job to do, but I am certain that you'll continue the tradition of Fantasy Book Critic. Good luck :)


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