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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

News Flash Reminder: "The Quiet War" by Paul McAuley is coming to the US courtesy of PYR books

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Read FBC Review of "The Quiet War"

Just in from PYR Books, a reminder that one of the best hard sf space operas of recent time, The Quiet War by Paul McAuley is finally coming to the US. Another non-traditional space opera milieu, this time with Greater Brazil in alliance with the European Union and the Asian Sphere on the top, and with perspectives both from Brazilian characters and Solar System colonists, this made my top five sf novel list of last year and its sequel Gardens of the Sun is a highly anticipated novel for 09. Look for more related material here in days to come since this is one of the most major US sf releases of 2009. While the official publication date is September 15, 2009, the novel should be available sooner as Pyr books are usually.

Pyr News Release:

“Shortlisted for this year's Arthur C. Clarke Award, this sweeping interplanetary adventure is also a thoughtful examination of human nature... McAuley…moves deftly among five well-drawn characters in the thick of the action: a cloned spy, a hotshot pilot, a ruthless scientist, a bluntly independent biological engineer and an unscrupulous diplomat. They all, in different ways, must choose between the familiar and the new, struggling to reconcile conflicting desires. This compelling tale opens vast panoramas while confronting believable people with significant choices.” --Publishers WeeklyStarred review!

“An epic of hard science, politics, economics and human evolution … A plausible future that’s every bit as sprawling, bloody and compelling as any work of history.” --Stephen Baxter, author of Flood

“With restrained brilliance, McAuley takes that hardy SF perennial, the interplanetary war, and shows us how one might actually develop.” Death Ray

“A complex, multilayered novel, almost an SF version of Bleak House or Bonfire of the Vanities… packed with great characters, breathtaking set pieces and intriguing SF ideas.” --SFX

“Combines the damn-the-torpedoes, full speed ahead narrative impetus of a Peter F. Hamilton, with the detailed, even meticulous attention to world-building and character development that distinguished Kim Stanley Robinson's classic Mars sequence. McAuley has always been a stylish writer, but he outdoes himself here. The Quiet War marks Paul McAuley's triumphant return to full-bore space opera.” --Locus

The Quiet War

Paul McAuley

From the teeming cities of earth to the scrupulously realized landscapes of the moons of Jupiter and Saturn, The Quiet War, an exotic, fast-paced space opera, turns on a single question: who decides what it means to be human?

Twenty-third century Earth, ravaged by climate change, looks backwards to the holy ideal of a pre-industrial Eden. Political power has been grabbed by a few powerful families and their green saints. Millions of people are imprisoned in teeming cities; millions more labor on Pharaonic projects to rebuild ruined ecosystems. On the moons of Jupiter and Saturn, the Outers, descendants of refugees from Earth's repressive regimes, have constructed a wild variety of self-sufficient cities and settlements: scientific utopias crammed with exuberant creations of the genetic arts; the last outposts of every kind of democratic tradition.

The fragile detente between the Outer cities and the dynasties of Earth is threatened by the ambitions of the rising generation of Outers, who want to break free of their cozy, inward-looking pocket paradises, colonize the rest of the Solar System, and drive human evolution in a hundred new directions. On Earth, many demand pre-emptive action against the Outers before it's too late; others want to exploit the talents of their scientists and gene wizards. Amid campaigns for peace and reconciliation, political machinations, crude displays of military might, and espionage by cunningly wrought agents, the two branches of humanity edge towards war . . .

Paul McAuley's first novel won the Philip K. Dick Award and he has gone on to win almost all of the major awards in the field. For many years a research biologist, he now writes full-time. He lives in London. Visit Paul McAuley online at

405 pages • ISBN 978-1-59102-781-2 • Trade Paperback $16 (6” x 9”) Publication: September 15, 2009


Anonymous said...

I love the cover of this one and even though I live in the UK I'll probably be getting the PYR edition :)


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