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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

GIVEAWAY ENDED: Win a SET of Matthew Hughes’ Henghis Hapthorn Novels!!! Plus the chance at a very special Grand Prize!

Official Matthew Hughes Website
Order “HespiraHERE
Read Fantasy Book Critic’s Review of “Majestrum

Sherlock Holmes meets Jack Vance's Dying Earth in Hespira, the new novel from Matthew Hughes, acclaimed author of Majestrum, The Spiral Labyrinth, and The Gist Hunter and Other Stories:

As magic continues to reassert its ancient dominion, replacing rationalism as the fundamental underpinning of the universe, Old Earth's foremost freelance discriminator, Henghis Hapthorn, and his intuition—now a separate person named Osk Rievor—are living apart, though they remain on good terms.

But now into Hapthorn's life comes a woman of mystery. Who is Hespira? Who has sent her to lure Hapthorn on a quest across the Ten Thousand Worlds? And to what final, fateful choice will she bring him?

In support of the January 2010 publication of “Hespira”, the newest Henghis Hapthorn novel by Matthew Hughes, Night Shade Books has agreed to give away TWO SETS of the Henghis Hapthorn novels including Hardcover copies of “Majestrum”, “The Spiral Labyrinth”, and the new book, “Hespira”!!!

In addition to the SET of Henghis Hapthorn novels, ONE randomly selected winner will also receive the Subterranean Press Trade Hardcover edition of “Songs of the Dying Earth” edited by George R.R. Martin & Gardner Dozois, and a copy of “Enemy of the Good: A Postscripts Anthology” edited by Peter Crowther & Nick Gevers thanks to Matthew Hughes himself!

However, any readers willing to go the extra mile and answer a question that can be found on Matthew Hughes’ website, will be eligible to win not only a SET of the Henghis Hapthorn novels, but also a very special Grand Prize—roughly a $500 value—that will include the following:

1) Rare Subterranean Press Slipcased Hardcover Edition of “Songs of the Dying Earth” edited by George R.R. Martin & Gardner Dozois which is SIGNED by all contributors (George R.R. Martin, Neil Gaiman, Dean Koontz, Jack Vance, etc). On top of that, this is a rare Unnumbered version that was sent out to the contributors!

2) Rare PS Publishing Slipcased Hardcover Edition of Matthew Hughes’Template” signed by both Matthew Hughes and Jay Lake!

3) Rare PS Publishing Slipcased Hardcover Edition of Postscripts 15 SIGNED by contributiong authors including Matthew Hughes, Michael Moorcock, Ian McDonald, Stephen Baxter, Mike Resnick, Paul McAuley, and many others!

4) Super-Rare T-shirt emblazoned with the cover art from the original Maxwell Macmillan Canada edition of “Fools Errant”, Matthew Hughes’ very first novel!

Giveaway ends Wednesday, February 24, 2010 – 11:59AM PST and is open to Anyone. Thank you for entering and Good Luck!


1) Open To Anyone
2) Only One Entry Per Household (Multiple Entries Will Be Disqualified)
3) Must Enter Valid Email Address, Mailing Address + Name
4) No Purchase Necessary
5) Giveaway Will End February 24, 2010 – 11:59AM PST
6) Winners Will Be Randomly Selected and Notified By Email
7) Personal Information Will Only Be Used In Mailing Out the Prizes to the Winners


The Reader said...

Now this is an AWESOME contest!


Salt-Man Z said...

I assume if one enters the Grand Prize drawing, there's no need to enter the other (non-grand) one? Thanks!

dd-b said...

I'm a little confused; does entering the version of the contest requiring answering the question also enter you into the simpler form, or should one enter both? The rule limiting entries suggests it's one contest for this purpose, so I have only sent one entry, but I'd appreciate a clarification.

Robert said...

I should have been clearer. I meant for contestants to either just enter a mailing address, or go the extra mile and find the answer to Matt's question. Not submit entries for both. It's a little late for that now, but TWO separate winners will be selected, so no one will be able to win both prize packs...

Helen Keeler said...

great prize

Anonymous said...

great contest, thank you
WandaJean(at)ymail(dot) com


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