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Friday, April 23, 2010

Quick Blog Note: Fantasy Book Critic's Comment Moderation

For over the past week or so, comments that have been left on Fantasy Book Critic have not gone through after approval especially if the comment is left on a post that is more then 24 hours old.

I feel it's a good time to review Fantasy Book Critic's stance on comments.

1. FBC does have comment moderation on. This is to keep the number of spam posts down. Every day there are between 10-20 bot generated comments that are left on this blog. Without comment moderation they would go through. With comment moderation comes drawbacks such as there isn't instant comments posted.

2. FBC approvals all comments (except for spam and hate speech and advertisements). We try to keep the comments as a general discussion and understand that not everyone is going to share the same views on topics and novels that we read.

I hope to look into this comment problem. Until then we apologize in advance if a comment that you have made does not appear. Feel free to email us at if you have any questions or concerns about this issue.

The Fantasy Book Critic Team


bloggeratf said...

This comment is not spam.

Cindy said...

:) Spam has a bad rep it can be tasty in some recipes :P

Liviu said...

I saw that too once or twice - I approved comments that I wanted to answer to and they did not show up - well occasionally Blogger has issues so hopefully this is just a blip

James C. Wallace II said...

"Well, there's bacon, egg, sausage and spam. That's not got much spam in it!"

Booker said...

Bots are the bane of Blogger.
ComMod is your only option sometimes...

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