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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

SERIES NEWS & ANNOUNCEMENTS: Peter Clines and Robert V. S. Redick

Last month I had posted about Peter Clines, one of my favorite writers, and how his upcoming book Ex-Communication was going to be delayed from its earlier release in the holiday season in 2012. However recently Peter let the cat out of the bag with this tremendously exciting post. Here are the salient highlights:

A four book deal with Crown, a division of Random House has been reached. If you’re familiar with Ready Player One by Ernie Cline (no relation), the same folks who were behind that are behind this. They love the Ex series and after numerous phone calls with them, Jacob Kier at Permuted, many assurances, and a bunch of negotiations I had very little part in, an agreement’s been reached that makes everyone pretty happy."

"Well, first off, it means the paperback versions of Ex-Heroes and Ex-Patriots are going to disappear for a while. Hopefully you bought them while you could so a year from now you can be one of the cool kids showing them off and saying “I knew him when...” The ebook versions are going to switch over to Crown (you'd probably never even know if I didn't say anything) but they'll be here all through the holidays and into next year. Same with the audiobooks from"

"Next summer Crown’s going to start releasing the Ex series again. A big release/ roll-out which means you’ll be able to find the books in every bookstore, airport, and department store near you. I think there might even be something at the San Diego ComicCon next year, but I’m not sure. In theory, starting in the spring, there’ll be a new book every two months. Ex-Heroes. Ex-Patriots. Ex-Communication. And then...”

Basically this is just fantastic, in my reviews of Ex-Heroes and Ex-Patriots, I had waxed eloquent about the awesomeness of the story premise, the excellent characterization and basically everything about the books. Now that Crown has picked up the Ex- Series, I can only think that this means more readers around the world will find out about Peter and the world that is best summed as “George Romero’s Dawn of the Dead meets David Gemmell’s Legend meets The Avengers!”

The best part is that this is a four book deal and Peter has revealed that the fourth book will be another one in the Ex-Series. It however remains to be seen whether it will be a sequel or prequel or a sidequel?

While there has been good news, there has been some sad news as well. Robert V.S. Redick’s fourth book The Night Of The Swarm has had its hardcover publication cancelled by Gollancz. I was first alerted to this on twitter by a fan and then later confirmed by the author in this blog post:

It's with inexpressible regret that I must inform you that Gollancz has just decided (as of 8 October) to cancel the hardback edition of The Night of the Swarm".

"I had no warning whatsoever that this was coming; indeed I found out only after the cancellation had occurred. This would be bad news at any time, but it's just crushing to me less than three weeks before publication of the last book in a series to which I've devoted a decade."

"To all the readers who had been waiting for this book to complete their collection: my sincere regrets. I feel awful for you, and extremely grateful for your messages of support. Likewise to those individuals and booksellers who have taken the time and expense to send me hardback editions for signing all the way from the U.K., or to bring them to me for in-person signings at Forbidden Planet or Eastercon.”

Now this is obviously saddening for fans and for the author as well. Gollancz had this to say about their decision on Twitter:

Yes it is, very. But unavoidable I'm afraid as the bottom has fallen out of the library hardback market.”

 “The pleasure of a 'complete set' is one we share. This was not a decision taken lightly.”

Now one can’t exactly fault the publishers for wanting to limit their losses and they have every right to do so. What one can object to is the way it was done. As the author pointed out, it was revealed to him after the cancellation was done and when readers found out that their hardcover pre-orders had been cancelled.

However there might be an end twist to this saga, Robert has a request for all readers:

Is the decision final? Probably. But just out of curiosity, how many of you who read this blog were planning to buy the hardback? If you were, please send me an email [ robertvsredick at gmail dot com] telling me so. I'll share the results with Gollancz, not as a chastisement but just as a data point. And who knows? A limited edition hardback might just be feasible, via Gollancz or another publisher, somewhere down the road.”

So here’s your chance to show your loyalty towards Robert and his wonderful series. Send an email to RobertvsRedick(at)gmail(dot)com if you had your pre-order cancelled or were going to pre-order the book. Mayhaps this information might help the author in knowing that his debut series is not without its legion of fans.


Darkest Lord said...

This is catastrophic. I have been waiting for Night of The Swarm for a long time. i remember its initial release date being May 2012, now we are not gonna see it until next year. shame, really.

Liviu said...

the US edition has been pushed to January a long time ago; it gives the book a better chance of doing well as the period from Thanksgiving to New Year is dominated by the big bestsellers here in the US and usually the midlist books do less well then

as for the hc change, well the publishing industry is changing fast and library purchases which supported a lot of hc editions may slow down and being replaced with ebooks as per patrons requests

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