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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The 2012 Goodreads Choice Awards are Live (with comments by Liviu Suciu)

As promised the Goodreads Choice Awards link is live as of today October 30th and the first write-in phase is underway.

"Opening Round: October 30 – November 11
Voting open to 15 official nominees and write-in votes."

In this round the interesting part is which 5 new books will be added to the official list, so consequently I voted for new books in almost each category. 

There were a few surprises insofar the eligibility criteria stated are not quite correct as they should refer to first English edition rather than first US edition, as quite a few books with 2012 US edition are not eligible as they had 2011 or earlier UK editions, while other books with no 2012 US edition but only a 2012 UK edition are. That is fine with me and I think it makes more sense anyway.

I will not present the cover collage for now as I will start doing it only from the second round when the full list is ready but I will note my votes and a few comments. I used mostly write-ins to add books I think should be on the list and my final vote may change in some cases depending whether the books in cause are added or not. Some of the choices below appear in other categories, but I think they make as much sense in the categories I voted for, while I did not have other strong choices there.

Go and vote yourself if you are a Goodreads member and register for the site and vote if not as Goodreads is just an awesome place for any book lover even if only in its cataloging, cover collages which I use extensively here on FBC and list aspects if the social aspect is of less interest. 

I found quite a few good books through comments on my reviews or local messages, while the ability to mark down any title I hear which seems interesting on my "wanted list" for further consideration is really invaluable as before I have been using Amazon wish list which was much less convenient. Also when you have a huge tbr pile like me, simply having it marked there reminds one of books one has, wants to read but could easily get lost otherwise. 

All for free!

Fiction - vote in - The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton
Mystery & Thriller - vote in - The Prisoner of Heaven by Carlos Ruiz Zafon
Historical Fiction - vote in - Poseidon's Spear by Christian Cameron

Fantasy- vote in - Sharps by KJ Parker
Science Fiction - vote in - The Hydrogen Sonata by IM Banks
Horror - The Twelve by Justin Cronin (read only 50 pages so far but it is good and anyway no other horror is of any remote interest - this one is more sf than anything but hey, one more vote...)

Romance -  vote in - Last Will by Bryn Greenwood
History & Biography - The Black Count by Tom Reiss
Nonfiction -  waiting for final list to see if I vote

Young Adult Fiction -  waiting for final list to see if I vote
Young Adult Fantasy & Science Fiction - vote in - The King's Assassin by Stephen Deas  (read only 50 pages so far but it is good and anyway no other YA-SFF is of any remote interest)

Middle Grade & Children's Books - vote in based on my son's preferences - The Ring of Wind by Chris Bradford
Goodreads Author - vote in - The Blinding Knife by Brent Weeks 


Joshua Lowe said...

How Throne of the Crescent Moon is nominated for anything other than a bin is still beyond me. Almost everything can be put down to personal opinion, but I am refusing to let this one go.

Had to struggle between KoT and Blinding Knife.

andrea said...

Hi! It's not that the criteria isn't correct, it's that the system isn't automatic for those books that have earlier release dates outside the US (as it uses the currently listed "original publication date" and that doesn't necessarily match the US pub date).
If the automatic system isn't correct, you can ask for a fix over at this thread: !


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