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Saturday, December 1, 2012

NEWS: Graeme's Fantasy Book Review and Anthony Ryan

When I started reading blogs a few years ago, there were few blogs that stood out because of their review style, blog content and overall pizzazz  One of my favorite ones was run by this British dude called Graeme Flory. He often blogged about fantasy titles, comics and other things that caught his interest. I found that my tastes ran similar to him and so I would always keep a lookout for his reviews and recommendations. Sadly I never had the pleasure of meeting or interacting with him, so when he blogged about this a couple of days ago I was truly saddened to hear of it. Here’s what Graeme had to say:

It's been a little while coming but it's time to bring this blog to a close. Obviously there are a whole load of reasons (none of them particularly interesting to you guys) but the bottom line is that I'm not really enjoying it anymore and that means that it's time to stop. That's not to say that I won't come back, in the future, and start something up again; just not here. I've got some ideas but I just want to stop and chill out for a while.”

I'm going to try and keep this relatively short and sweet... :o)”

Thanks to everyone who has stopped by and read the blog since it started. I may not have replied to all your comments but it meant a lot to me that you posted them and kept coming back to read what I've been writing. I'm sure that I'll be here and there on the internet so we'll probably bump into each other again.”

A stalwart blogger has decided that its time for his blog and we at Fantasy Book Critic would like to bid Graeme a fond farewell and best wishes for whatever he chooses to do next.

In other news, Blood Song, Anthony Ryan’s fantastic debut was picked up by Penguin a few months ago and now is officially being sold as a kindle book by them. The book’s price has reflected this move and has increased from $2.99 to $4.99. The author had posted about this event happening a couple of weeks ago.

Here’s what Anthony had to say about this move in an email:

“'The change in price marks the beginning of the transition of Blood Song from self-publishing to, hopefully, a bigger and brighter future with a major publisher. I'm also very excited by the fact that foreign rights have been sold to the UK, Germany, Russia, Bulgaria and Brazil, all thanks to Ace.”

As Liviu and me extolled in the Blood Song review, we both think that this is a gem of a debut and one which heralds the arrival of a great talent. So here’s looking forward to the official wider traditional release of Blood Song, book I of the Raven’s Shadow trilogy on July 2, 2013.

NOTE: Graeme Flory picture courtesy of Adam Whitehead.


Ryan said...

I just finished up the e book edition of Blood Song earlier this week. It was fantastic. I'm happy to hear that Anthony Ryan will be getting a mainstream publisher. As you say, it looks like he's got the talent to be a powerhouse of the genre.

The Reader said...

Hi Ryan

I'm glad you enjoyed it as much as I did. I've great hopes for Anthony's future and for the remaining two books in the Raven's Shadow trilogy.

Anthony revealed a few bits about the sequel in his FBC interview. The sequel looks promising :)



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