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Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Highly Awaited SFF Books of 2013 (with comments by Liviu Suciu)

As 2012 is coming to an end, I put together a list of my highly awaited sff/related books of 2013 with a few comments and some (possibly not final) covers. I divided them into a few self-explanatory categories with a more or less chronological listing. I expect there will be surprises, indies and late year books that will deserve their own posts, but for now the following books are on the list, while reviews of earlier books in the series or other books by the respective authors are to be found in the Review Index.

Read - all will be top 25 of 2012

You can find fairly extensive comments about all these four books from the Goodreads link above, some of which I actually posted here too. So far Where Tigers Are at Home is the book to beat for 2013.

Modesitt, L. E., Jr. • Imager's Battalion (Quaeryt #3)
Lord, Karen • The Best of All Possible Worlds (standalone sf)

Weber, David • Shadow of Freedom (Honorverse #N, N > 20)
Blas de Robles, Jean-Marie • Where Tigers Are at Home (standalone)

Currently Reading 

Brett, Peter V.The Daylight War  (3rd Demon Cycle)

To Be Published

Roberts, Adam • Adam Robots (short stories)
Kay, Guy Gavriel • River of Stars (standalone fantasy, related to earlier books)
Abraham, Daniel • The Tyrant's Law (3rd Dagger and Coin)

Weber, David, et al • House of Steel: The Honorverse Companion (1st out of 3 planned companion volumes; contains a short novel plus universe details)
Corey, James S. A. • Abaddon's Gate (3rd Expanse)
Elliott, KateCold Steel (trilogy ending)

Reynolds, AlastairOn the Steel Breeze  (2nd Poseidon's Children)
McAuley, Paul • Evening's Empires (4th in the loose Quiet War series)
Egan, Greg • The Arrows of Time (Orthogonal trilogy ending) 


Gibson, Gary • Marauder (standalone in the Shoal universe)
Priest, Christopher • The Adjacent (standalone ?? sf)
Modesitt, L. E., Jr.Antiagon Fire (4th Quaeryt)

Baxter, Stephen • Proxima (standalone ?? sf, possibly related to the Xelee universe)
Roberts, Adam • Twenty Trillion Leagues Under the Sea (standalone sf)
Weber, David • Safehold #7 (title tbd)

Tchaikovsky, Adrian  • War Master's Gate (9th Shadows of the Apt)
Wilson, Robert Charles • Burning Paradise (standalone sf)


Hoffman, Paul • The Left Hand of God Volume 3 (title tbd)
Cameron, Christian • The Fell Sword (2nd in the Traitor's Son series)

Series Debuts:

The Emperor of All Things - Paul Witcover

Quintessence - David Walton

Promise of Blood - Brian McClellan 

Thousand Names - Django Wexler 

The Book and the Sword  - Antoine Rouaud 



shaneo52 said...

Lots of good looking books coming up there, Liviu. Why do you think Where Tigers are at Home is the one to beat?
Man, Roberts always has some cool covers huh?

Liviu said...

Because it is very impressive both in content as in style; I have no idea what Adjacent will be about but of the list, that's the one I would say has the main chance to beat the Tigers book, but of course we will see as i love surprises...

John said...

The Book and the Sword by Antoine Rouaud has me excited.From what info i could gather this will be published by Bragelonne , Gollancz & Heyne simultaneously in May 2013 -

Bob/Sally said...

River of Stars, Twenty Trillion Leagues Under the Sea, and Quintessence are all on my 2013 must-read list . . . but only once Sanderson finishes off the Wheel of Time saga.

Brett, Reynolds, and Tchaikovsky are all authors I need to make time for.

Liviu said...

There is one more French translation of interest, The High Kingdom by P. Pevel which has an interesting blurb; the problem is that I did not really enjoy his Dumas fantasy pastiche so I need a good sample for this one.

Also the US edition of The Red Knight (Cameron) which will appear in January, has an excerpt from Promise of Blood and I really liked what i read there; hope to get an arc of that soonish, when they are made available by Orbit, 2-3 months before the book usually

Liviu said...

And I forgot but Quintessence started making the rounds for reviewers and I plan to ask for a copy too and see what is all about; sounds interesting but of course I have no idea about the author's style

Anonymous said...

Republic of Thieves?

Liviu said...

What makes you think Republic of Thieves will be released in 2013?

It has been in the catalogs for what, 3-4 years now, so that's one of the "I believe it when I see it" book

Michael J. Sullivan said...

A very nice list, and several things that weren't on my radar which I'm now adding.

I should have 3 books in 2012. Two will be in my new series The Riyria Chronicles (The Crown Tower Aug 2013 & The Rose and the Thorn Sep 2013). I also want to go "hybrid" and release a self-published book by March 2013.

I think you'll like the new Riyria it is a prequel and sees the return of Royce and Hadrian but in the founding of their partnership when they weren't very friendly.

There's A Cricket In My Room said...

Great post. I just located your blog and wished to let you know that I have certainly loved reading your blogs. At any rate I’m going to be subscribing to your feed and I really hope you are writing again soon.

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