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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Solaris Books signs author Conrad A. Williams!

I’ve been waiting to announce this :) Perhaps one of my favorite new authors that I’ve come across since starting Fantasy Book Critic:

Solaris Books is proud and terrified to announce a new acquisition from critically acclaimed writer Conrad A. Williams.

Decay Inevitable” is one of the grittiest modern fantasies ever written, and a masterful dark thriller.

Sean Redman is a failed policeman who cannot escape the job. Will Lacey is a husband who witnesses the birth of a monster. Cheke is a killing machine programmed to erase every trace of an experiment gone horribly wrong… Decay Inevitable is a novel charting the grim territories of the shadow line that trembles at the very end of life. These are badlands of horrifying dreams and demons where a black market in unspeakable goods thrives. A race is on to unearth the secrets of the soul…secrets woven into the fabric of death itself.

Conrad A. Williams said: “I’m thrilled to be kicking off my career as Conrad A. Williams with Solaris. They are a knowledgeable, hungry, professional unit and I hope to be writing for them long into the future.”

Solaris Assistant Editor Mark Newton added: “I’ve read many of Conrad’s works and they have all blown my mind. Solaris want to take his writing to a much wider readership, and blow many more minds in the process.”

Conrad A. Williams was born in 1969 and has been in print since 1988. He has sold around 80 short stories to a diverse range of publications and anthologies. Writing as Conrad Williams, he is the author of three novels, including “The Unblemished”, which won the International Horror Guild Award for Best Novel in 2007 and will be re-published as a mass market release through Virgin Books in April 2008. He is also a past recipient of the Littlewood Arc Prize and the British Fantasy Award. Conrad lives in Manchester, England.

Solaris will publish “Decay Inevitable” in early 2009 in both the UK and US. Read the full press release HERE.


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