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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

PS Publishing Update: New Joe Hill Novella, FantasyCon, etc.

Gunpowder” by Joe Hill. Release Date: Christmas 2008. Cover art provided by Vincent Chong. Because he didn't have The Talent—because of his random, pointless, terrible, irrevocable difference—Charley's brothers could be brutal to him, if they could get him alone. Even Jake could be cruel, could be talked into cruelty, if it was presented properly. Or no, that wasn't right. No one could talk Jake into anything. He was serenely above the persuasive force of social pressure. And yet it was Jake's weakness that he could talk himself into doing terrible things, if he felt some greater, probably illusory, good might be served.

So it happened one day when she went with Jake and Niles and Charley to service the core, which wasn't its good old self these days. Every few months it would get stuck, just when it was shifting into an automated maintenance cycle, so that it couldn't restore software or optimize the system . . . or shut down the rods to dump heat. Which meant the cycle had to be completed manually.

What happens if the rods overheat?Jake asked Elaine once.
About a third of the planet would go up in a flash of light bright enough to blind God,” she told him.

Welcome to “Gunpowder”, a 22,600-word novella from Joe Hill, set in the far reaches of space on a small planet that serves as a home for a very special band of children…

Gunpowder” will be available in three different limited edition formats:

~Slipcased Hardcover edition, signed by Joe Hill and cover artist Vincent Chong. Limited to 200 copies (£50/$100). Unfortunately, this edition is already sold out!!!
~Jacketed Hardcover edition, signed by Joe Hill. Limited to 300 copies (£25/$50). This edition is limited to One Copy per Customer and will sell out fast too!
~Unsigned and Unjacketed Hardcover edition. Limited to 500 copies (£12/$25).
Official Joe Hill Website
Preorder “Gunpowder
HERE (Jacketed) + HERE (Regular)

In other news,
PS Publishing has recently finalized details on the purchase of Ramsey Campbell's new novel, “Creatures of the Pool”, for a mid-2009 release. PS Publishing will also be attending FantasyCon (September 19-21) and will be launching the following titles:

~Vault of Deeds” by James Barclay
~Revolvo” by Steven Erikson
~The Hiss of Escaping Air” by Christopher Golden
~Cage of Night” by Ed Gorman
~The Song of Time” by Ian MacLeod
~Postscripts #15
~The Enigma of Departure” by Nicholas Royle
~Glyphotech” by Mark Samuels

For more information on these titles mentioned above, please read Fantasy Book Critic’s recent report
HERE or visit the Official PS Publishing Website.


Anonymous said...

I had to order a copy of Gunpowder. I was umming and ahhing as I liked Heart-Shaped Box but thought I can always get it nearer the time. But that was before the Slipcased edition old out in less than 2 1/2 hours!!!

So I've put myself down for the Jacketed edition. Woo!

Robert said...

I hear what you mean. I was hoping to order the slipcased edition too and thought I had time. Boy was I wrong! So even though I'm broke, I put down a preorder for the signed jacketed version before it was too late :D

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