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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Winners of the “2666” & Night Angel Trilogy Giveaways! Plus Misc. News

Congratulations to Bill Spangler (Pennsylvania) and Anita Yancey (Georgia) who were both randomly selected to win a COPY of Roberto Bolaño’s2666” courtesy of Farrar, Straus & Giroux!!! “2666” was officially released in the U.S. on November 11, 2008 and is available in two different formats: a Hardcover and a Three-Volume Paperback set. A review of “2666” is forthcoming from Fábio Fernandes :)

Congratulations also to Paul Keyser (Florida), Rachel Storey (Texas), Timothy Selig (Wisconsin), Louise Clarke (UK), Steve Wilson (UK) and Hugo Gomes (Portugal) who were all randomly selected to win a SET of
Brent Weeks’ The Night Angel Trilogy courtesy of Orbit Books!!! “Beyond the Shadows”, the third and final book in the trilogy, was released in the US on November 25, 2008 and in the UK today, December 4, 2008. For more information, please read Fantasy Book Critic’s review of “The Way of Shadows” HERE and look for future reviews of “Shadow’s Edge” and “Beyond the Shadows”.

In news,
Gollancz are delighted to announce that they have acquired world rights for the first three novels in an exciting and innovative historical fantasy series that recounts the trials and triumphs of an eternal werewolf living through the ages of human history. The first book is entitled “Wolfsangel” and is slated for publication in the Summer of 2010.

The deal was negotiated by Judith Murray at
Greene and Heaton on behalf of her author M.D. Lachlan.

Simon Spanton said: “As soon as I started reading Wolfsangel I knew that Judith had sent me something special. A tale that combines the Vikings, Norse Mythology, the myth of the werewolf and a narrative that spans centuries was always going to be ambitious. That Wolfsangel realized that ambition while also giving you vivid and believable characters, that it was as good in its evocation of atmosphere as it was in its depiction of action marked it out as something very special indeed. I’m delighted to welcome M.D. to
Gollancz and look forward to making his series a long-lasting success both here in our markets and in translation.”

NOTE: This news has me excited for a couple of reasons. One,
Gollancz always does a great job of discovering new talent and Lachlan sounds like he will continue that tradition. And two, I think the market could use a great werewolf epic :)

Moving on, to celebrate the recent release of “Fast Ships, Black Sails”, the new pirate anthology from
Ann & Jeff VanderMeer and Night Shade Books, Keep to the Code are hosting an exclusive promotional video featuring contributors performing a reading from the collection, accompanied by a jaunty sea shanty from Danny Fontaine and the Horns of Fury. The video can be viewed HERE along with an exclusive downloadable story from Neil Williamson.

Finally, from December 8th through December 12th, there will be a blog tour in support of “The Stowaway” which is co-authored by New York Times bestselling author
R.A. Salvatore and his son, Geno Salvatore. For more information about the book and the authors, a sample chapter, audio clip, tour schedule, and more, please visit HERE. You can also read Fantasy Book Critic’s review of “The StowawayHERE.


Anonymous said...

I'm not one for werewolf novels but it's sparked my interest. Maybe I've never really gotten into them because there are so few good ones?

Mihai A. said...

I am very curious about 2666 (I wait for the review too :)). And also about this new series from Gollancz :)

Liviu said...

2666 is a masterpiece of world literature. I posted a minireview a while ago on sffworld since I a bought an arc on Abe months ago.

And it's not that hard to read either, the last part is unbelievably good and could work as a novel in itself, the first part funny and enjoyable, the second short and weird, the third is the weakest but still quite good, while the longest and the heart of the book in some ways, part four is dark, depressing and the only one I could not bear reading more than twice, though it has quite a few weird tidbits to lighten the atmosphere, but otherwise it is a litany of murders and rapes of women in a Mexican border town across 10 years or so, some solved, some unsolved and based on reality.

It is the best book I read in 2008 by far, and second overall in my 08 favorites regardless of genre since Anathem is just one of those special novels for me that come once a decade maybe in hitting all my "sweet spots"

Robert said...

Yeah, I don't think werewolves get the same kind of attention as vampires because there are so few really great werewolf novels. In fact, the only one I can think of at the moment is Toby Barlow's "Sharp Teeth" and that just came out not too long ago...


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