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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Insect-Kinden are coming to the US Shores courtesy of Pyr

From the Pyr Blog via sffworld great news: the marvelous world of the Insect-Kinden created by Adrian Tchaikovski is coming to the US in consecutive 2010 months: March, April, May.
There will be new covers from John Sullivan!

Here at FBC we are big time fans of the series and Robert Thompson has reviewed "Empire in Black and Gold" HERE , while "Dragonfly Falling" got a dual review from Robert Thompson and Liviu Suciu HERE.

"Blood of the Mantis" is an asap book and will be reviewed around the UK publication date in August 2009.

Make sure that you check the wonderful site of the author since there is a ton of bonus material, including many short stories set in the Kinden world, maps, drawings of various Kinden types as well as essays on the history of the universe. And of course try the novels!!

FBC congratulates Mr. Tchaikovski and Pyr for the succesful deal!!


The Reader said...

This is really wonderful news. I had ordered the 1st book from Amazon UK & I had to buy the second book in India[So while I have it, I haven't been able to read it]

PYR is seriously becoming a Publ. house to keep eyes upon.


Cindy said...

These books, the Barclay books, and the Age of Misrule books have made me a huge follower of Pyr :).

Michael said...

Thank goodness! I bought book 1 via amazon not realizing it hadn't been released at all in the US and had to wait weeks (yeah, I know, spoiled by modernity). Yay Pyr! Between this and their recent releases on the kindle, they really are stepping up.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Interesting article as for me. I'd like to read a bit more concerning that topic. Thanks for giving this data.

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