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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Some Superb Covers

Since there has been recently an upsurge in beautiful or interesting covers of various novels, I thought of showcasing some striking covers of 29 novels that I loved a lot, plus one that I plan to buy due in large part to the cover. These are the kind of covers that for various reasons would and actually did in quite a few cases make me pick up the book in question and pay much more attention to it than otherwise. Enjoy!

I also plan to do a contrasting post; books that I love but that have covers that make me cringe and use a brown bag in public, while I would have run far away from them without knowing that I really want them.

In this collage there is only one book I bought partly based on the cover (#4); all the others are from favorite authors/series and they illustrate very well the respective books.

Here there are 4 books I partly got based on the covers (#1,2,3,5). While I would have got Consorts anyway, the cover is just beautiful.

In this collage there are 3 books that I got partly based on the cover and one I plan to (#3,4,5 and #2 respectively), while Adam Roberts just got some magnificent covers that I even broke my rule of one author cover only and showcased two.

Here there are two books that it's unlikely I would have bought without the superb covers (#3, #5) while for the rest they are some of my favorite covers around.

In this collage there are 2 books I bought again mostly because of the covers (#1, #2), while #3 and #5 are just more examples of superb artwork, with #4 a great cover too because it reflects the book and series so well.

Here there is one book that the cover represented about 90% of my decision to buy unseen from the UK (#5), a book that I may not have opened without the striking cover that hints at the superb stuff inside (#1), and three more superb covers of books I would have got anyway, including one more Adam Roberts cover that should make any sf lover take a look at that book.


SQT said...

I'm surprised you don't have Warbreaker on your list. I think the cover is so striking.

Dark Wolf said...

I love the covers for Adam Roberts' novels a lot too. Especially the one for "Yellow Blue Tibia" at which I spent quite a while looking over each detail of it :)

The Reader said...

Hi Liviu

This ia a good article, another good book with a great cover is Palace of Illusions by Chitra B. Divakaruni

Here it is

Also Jim Butcher's Codex Alera series is getting released in UK by Orbit with another set of Fantastic covers

Soul Trekking said...

I am so happy to see artists being showcased for some of the beautiful covers coming out lately. I'm always interested in the different international cover editions as well. I would be intrigued to see an article/commentary on books that do not have the best of covers but need a second look.

Robin Sullivan said...

Book covers are so interesting - I personally don't like the WOT covers. I'm glad you liked my husband's Avempartha cover (he does the artwork himself) and the third book's cover just had a rough done of it. Here is a link to it. Riyria Series Covers

Anonymous said...

The Yellow BLue Tibia cover convinced me to buy it. The other AR cover's cool too as is the Johannes Cabal.

Anonymous said...

The Yellow BLue Tibia cover convinced me to buy it. The other AR cover's cool too as is the Johannes Cabal.

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