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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Exclusive Author's Photo as Scene from the Novel; preview of the upcoming "Hell" by Robert Olen Butler

As mentioned in my review of "Severance: Stories", Robert Olen Butler's upcoming novel "Hell" became a highly awaited September release for me and a review of it will be forthcoming here around the publication date.

Mr. Butler was very kind to send me some extra material, including an author's photo that actually represents a scene from the novel.

As a limited preview I include two lines from the first page of the novel, lines that would always make me get and read such a book asap:

"’s the Evening News from Hell. And now here’s your anchorman, looking a little fragile himself, Hatcher McCord.” The voice of Beelzebub, Satan’s own station manager, mellifluously fills...."

"Later, in our ongoing series of interviews, ‘Why Do You Think You’re Here?’, we speak to the Reverend Jerry Falwell and to George Clemens, inventor of the electric hand dryer for public restrooms.” "


The Reader said...

Hi Liviu

Yeah these lines really make me want to rread the book " ‘Why Do You Think You’re Here?’, we speak to the Reverend Jerry Falwell"

This looks like a fun book.



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