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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Index of Guest Author Posts on FBC

We are presenting all guest author posts on Fantasy Book Critic. Most are end of the year posts for 2008, with two special 2008 essays as marked below.

For 2007 there is one guest post and one combined post with 42 authors answering several questions about their 2007 reading and 2008 plans.

We have 98 author answers/posts (many authors participated in both years so the actual number of distinct authors is smaller) grouped in 57 blog posts.

This Index will be updated as we go along and it will be linked from the front page FBC Indexes

Current number of posts is 69.

2011 (1)

Lory Kaufman on YA Dystopian

2010 (8)

Henry Neff on Fantasy
Cinda Williams Chima on Worldbuilding 101
Jaida Jones and Danielle Bennett on Writing Collaboration
Greg Hamerton on Magic and Make-Believe
Corey Rowena Daniells on Genre
Stephen Zimmer author of Rising Dawn
Kelly Link Talks with NK Jemisin
Michael Scott on An Age of Magic

2009 (3)

Mortimus Clay on Fantasy World Building
Saladin Ahmed story:
JC. De La Torre on Mighty Gods of Myth

2008/2009 (55)

Robert has one post with most of these links HERE, but I included the individual links for convenience, indexed alphabetically by first name, while in the post above you will find them indexed by last name:

Brian Ruckley
Carrie Vaughn
Conrad Williams
Darren Shan
David Devereux
David Anthony Durham
David Farland
David Moody
David Oppegaard
Ekaterina Sedia
Eldon Thompson
Eric Brown
Felix Gilman
Gary Gibson
Gwyneth Jones
Jack McDevitt
Jainne Fenn
Jake Seliger (*1)
Janny Wurts
Jasper Kent
Jedediah Berry
Jeff Somers
Jeffrey Thomas
Jim C. Hines
Jonathan Barnes
Josh Bazell
Juliet McKenna
Kay Kenyon
Kevin J. Anderson
Kristen Britain
Kristin Cashore
Lane Robins
Lawrence Watt-Evans (*2)
L.E. Modesitt
Lev Grossman
Liz Williams
Lou Anders
Marie Brennan
Mark Chadbourn
Mark Ferrari
Mark Henry
Mark Charah Newton
Michael Cobley
Mike Resnick
Pamela Freeman
Patrick Ness
Paul McAuley
Robert Redick
Sarah Ash
Stephen Deas
Stephen Hunt
Susan Hubbard
Tim Lebbon
Tim Pratt
Tom Lloyd

2007/2008 (2/43)

Justin Allen

One Single Post with the Following Authors Answering:

Joe Abercrombie
Daniel Abraham
Kevin J. Anderson
Christopher Barzak
Elizabeth Bear
Drew Bowling
Kristen Britain
Tobias Buckell
Mark Chadbourn
David Anthony Durham
Kate Eliott
David Farland
Joe Haldeman
Kim Harrison
Jim C. Hines
Susan Hubbrad
Matthew Jarpe
JV Jones
Paul Kemp
Caitlin Kiernan
Jay Lake
Tim Lebbon
Tom Lloyd
Gail Martin
Paul McAuley
Juliet McKenna
Karen Miller
LE Modesitt
Natasha Mostert
Mark Charah Newton
TA Pratt
Andy Remic
Mike Resnick
Patrick Rothfuss
Lilith Saintcrow
RA Salvatore
Brandon Sanderson
Joe Schreiber
Jeff Somers
Jeffrey Thomas
Eldon Thompson
Janny Wurts

(*1) Essay on the Joys of Romance and Fantasy
(*2) Essay by Lawrence Watt-Evans



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