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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Index of Interviews

The Author Interviews are arranged by date and will be updated on continuous basis.
The interviewers are noted by their initials:

Robert Thompson (RT), Cindy Hannikman (CH), Mihir Wanchoo (MW), David Craddock (DC), Jacques Barcia (JB), Fabio Fernandes (FF), Liviu Suciu (LS)

Note that you can find some mini-interviews in reviews that have a Bonus Q/A part. There are also some end of the year posts from various authors that will be indexed separately later as an Index of Guest Author Posting and one such post indexed too for completion contains mini Q/A's regarding 2007/2008 books/plans with 42 authors; check it out HERE

So there is a lot of material directly from many authors, whether in the interviews below, in the reviews with the Bonus Q/A or in the guest posts. Check it out!

We currently have 86 Interviews.

2011 (1)

KA Stewart (Jan, MW)


Jennifer Estep
(Oct, MW)
Ilona and Andrew Gordon aka Ilona Andrews (Sept, MW)
David J. Williams (August, MW)
Sussanah Applebaum (August, CH)
Dan Wells (August, MW)
Ed Greenwood (August, DC)
Brent Weeks Video Interview (August, LS)
Alex Rutheford (July, MW)
NK Jemisin with Kelly Link (June)
Tad Williams (June, MW)
JC Marino (June, MW)
Philip Margolin (May, MW)
NK Jemisin (Apr, MW)
Ed Erdelac (Mar, MW)
Jacob Asher Michael (Feb, MW)
Tim Marquitz (Jan, MW)

2009 (24) :

Alexander Gordon Smith (Dec, CH + MW)
James Barclay (Nov CH + MW)
Gary Ballard (Nov, MW)
Hank Schwaeble (Oct, MW)
Shilpa Agarwal (Oct, MW)
Alison Sinclair (Oct, MW)
R.A. Salvatore (Oct, CH)
Andy Remic (Oct, MW)
Stuart Neville (Oct, MW)
Gary Gibson (Aug, Mark Chitty + LS)
Adrian Tchaikovsky (Aug, LS)
Kate Elliott (Aug, MW)
Jennifer Fallon (Aug, MW+LS)
Liz Williams (July, MW+LS)
David Weber (July, LS)
James Maxey (July, CH)
Mark Chadbourn (June, MW)
John Connolly (June, MW)
James Enge (May, MW)
Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child (May, MW)
Lou Anders (May, LS)
Mark Newton (May, RT+ JB+FF+MW+LS)
Alan Campbell (Apr, MW)
Sarah Ash (March, MW)

2008 (16):

Tobias S. Buckell (Nov, JB)
Leslie Klinger (Oct, RT)
Charlie Huston (Aug, RT)
Marie Brennan (July, RT)
Steven Erikson (June, RT)
Conrad Williams (June, RT)
Greg Keyes (May, RT)
Chris Evans (US) (May, RT)
Alan Campbell (Apr, RT)
Kate Elliott (Apr, RT)
Jonathan Barnes (Feb, RT)
David Keck (Feb, RT)
Kevin J. Anderson (Feb, RT)
Felix Gilman (Feb, RT)
Gail Z. Martin (Jan, RT)
Robin Hobb (Jan, RT)

2007 (29) :

Father Rahl aka Terry Goodkind (Dec, DC)
Jeffrey Thomas (Dec, RT + guest questions by Mark Newton)
Josh Conviser (Nov, RT)
Special: FBC aka Robert Thompson interviewed (Nov)
Joel Shepherd (Nov, RT)
Wayne Barlowe (Nov, RT)
Catherynne M. Valente (Nov, RT)
Kristen Britain (Oct, RT)
Dinner with Drizzt: R.A. Salvatore (Oct, DC)
J.V. Jones (Oct, RT)
Joe Abercrombie (Oct, RT)
Brandon Sanderson (Oct, RT)
Frank Beddor (Sep, RT)
David Gunn (Sep, RT)
Mark J. Ferrari (Sep, RT)
Douglas Clegg (Aug, RT)
Nicholas Christopher (July, RT)
Austin Grossman (June, RT)
Mike Carey (June, RT)
Stephen Hunt (June, RT)
Tim Lebbon + Christopher Golden (June, RT)
Patrick Rothfuss (May, RT)
Jacqueline Carey (May, RT)
David Anthony Durham (May, RT)
Dabel Brothers (Apr, RT)
Richard K. Morgan (Apr, RT)
Daniel Abraham (March, RT)
Neal Asher (March, RT)
Jennifer Roberson (March, RT)


Anonymous said...

I could've sworn I had read somewhere that Robert was doing one with Peter Hamilton a while back - must be my awful memory!

Liviu said...

May have been an intention - I will ask him asap - but there was no such interview in the archives or in Robert's notes

But as a big time fan I may try and wheedle one when Void 3 comes out :)

I am not planning to do many interviews myself since I truly need to have a "feel" for the author's work; but of course there are some authors that I would love to interview, those I read 10 books or more or had lots of online conversations with, so I will be looking into that.

Fabio and contributor Mihir are very eager to do some interviews, so we will have more coming up


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