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Sunday, May 17, 2009

George Mann's Newbury and Hobbes six volumes all contracted for publication

Via SFScope, we just have found out some great news about one of our favorite author and editor, George Mann. He has just sold books 4-6 of his superb steampunk series that started in The Affinity Bridge and will be continued in The Osiris Ritual to his UK publisher Snowbooks.

He also sold two books of a new series "The Ghosts of Manhattan" to Snowbook, while the US edition rights for these went to Lou Anders at Pyr who will publish them starting in 2010.

With the superb eye catching cover featured above, The Affinity Bridge was a great favorite here and we are eagerly awaiting a promised arc of "The Osiris Ritual" in time for a review for its fall publication date.

FBC congratulates Mr. Mann and we are really happy that we will see a lot more of Sir Maurice and his plucky and smart assistant Veronica Hobbes, as well as the assorted wonders of the series' imaginative setting, while we are quite interested in the new series too.


Robert said...

This is excellent news! Can't wait for The Osiris Ritual :D

Anonymous said...

The only problem is, Mann's books are a complete rip-off of the Pax Britannia series published by Abaddon Books.

Liviu said...

Actually I tried a Pax Britannia book (i think #1 but unsure) and while it may have the same underlying theme, I found it very poorly written, tie-in/shared universe quality; execution counts much more than originality and while Newburry and Hobbes is still getting settled as style, it is already in a different class than the juvenile Pax Britania

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