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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Index of Contributor Essays

Since we are starting to publish more contributors editorials and essays on various topics, a front page index is necessary to keep the material fresh and we are providing that here with a permanent link in our Index widget. Here we will index all non-transient material that does not a have a place in the other indexes (essays, editorials, capsule reviews and such).

As usual the contributors are denoted by their initials:

Main/Current: Robert Thompson (RT), Liviu Suciu (LS), Cindy Hannikman (CH), Mihir Wanchoo (MW)

Occasional/Former: Fabio Fernandes (FF), Jaques Barcia (JB), David Craddock (DC)

The current number of essays is 115


SFF Vs "Mainstream" (October 2012, LS)

The Books of 2012, Second Iterations (September 2012, LS) 

Focus on Three Older Titles, Zindell, Attanasio, Garfinkle (Jul 2012, LS)

A SF-nal Journey Into Books 1987-2011  (Jul 2012, LS)

The List of 100 SF Novels by Damien Broderick and Paul di Filippo  (Jul 2012, LS)

My Three Most Disappointing Books of 2011 (Dec 2011, LS)

My all Time Favorite Books (Oct 2011, LS)

Welcome to the new Fantasy Book Critic!!! (Mar 2011 RT)

Literary Fiction for SFF Lovers (October 2010, LS)

Selecting Books: A Case Study (Sept 2010, LS)

Interesting SFF Universes (August 2010, LS)

An Invitation to Steven Saylor's Roma sub Rosa (August 2010, LS)

Odds and Ends: Memorable Characters 2 - Men (July 2010, LS)

Odds and Ends: Memorable Characters 1 - Ladies (July 2010, LS)

Odds and Ends: Authors I've Read a Lot (July 2010, LS)

Odds and Ends: On Lists (July 2010, LS)

Dropped - Series I Would Love to See More of (July 2010, LS)

William Barton - Dark, Explicit 90's Sf Ahead of its Times (June 2010, LS)

An Invitation to David Weber's Honorverse (June 2010, LS)

Sarah Ash: The Eclectic World of Artamon (March 2010, MW)

Some Memorable First Lines (December 2009, LS)

The Trojan War - A Reinterpretation (August 2009, LS + MW)

The Legions of Rome: Novelizations (August 2009, LS)

Non Traditional Space Opera Universe: Mexica/Japanese (July 2009, LS)

On Overview of Indian Speculative Fiction (June 2009, MW)

Three Capsule Reviews 3 (June 2009, LS)

Two Capsule Reviews (June 2009, RT)

Three Capsule Reviews 2 (June 2009, LS)

Brazilian Speculative Fiction - A Small Overview (June 2009, FF)

Three Capsule Reviews (June 2009, LS)

Some Superb Covers (June 2009, LS)


2012 BSFA Shortlist
(Jan 2012, LS)


The Books of 2011 So Far (July 2011, LS)

Sharing a World, part III (August 2010, DC)

What Color is Your Magic? (July 2010, LS)

2010 At Half (July 2010, LS)

The Man Booker 2009 Shortlist (September 2009, LS)

Young Reader Capsule Review 1 (September 2009, CH)

Sharing a World Part II (August 2009, DC)

Three Un-reviews (May 2009, LS)

Sharing a World Part I (May 2009, DC)


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