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Fantasy Book Critic has reviewed over 700 titles and is constantly adding new reviews daily.

This is an index of the reviews that have appeared on Fantasy Book Critic and will be updated on a regular basis. Reviewers are noted by the following initials:

Active: Robert Thompson (RT), Liviu Suciu (LS), Cindy Hannikman (CH), Mihir Wanchoo (MW)
Former: Fabio Fernandes (FF), Jaques Barcia (JB), David Craddock (DC), James Dunn (JD), Sabine Gueneret (SG), Casey Blair (CB), Lydia Roberts (LR)

Fantasy Book Critic occasionally does mini-reviews/capsule reviews some of which are located at the bottom of the page and are arranged by release date, though mostly they have been integrated in the regular index with a note stating that.

Current number of reviews (up to mid-August 2013) is 1216



 A (60):

Aaron, Rachel, The Spirit Thief, MW + LS
Aaron, Rachel, The Spirit Rebellion, MW
Aaron, Rachel, The Spirit Eater, MW
Aaron, Rachel, The Spirit War, MW
Aaron, Rachel, Spirit's End, MW 
Abe, Kobo, The Face of Another LS
Abercrombie, Joe, Before They Are Hanged RT
Abercrombie, Joe, Best Served Cold LS
Abercrombie, Joe, The Heroes LS
Abercrombie, Joe, The Blade Itself RT
Abercrombie, Joe, Red Country LS + MW
Abraham, Daniel, A Betrayal in Winter RT
Abraham, Daniel, An Autumn War with bonus Q/A RT
Abraham, Daniel, The Price of Spring  (short review) RT
Abraham, Daniel, The Dragon's Path RT + LS
Abraham, Daniel, The King's Blood MW + LS
Abraham, Daniel, The Tyrant's Law MW + LS 
Adamesteanu, Gabriela, Wasted Morning LS
Agarwal Shilpa, Haunting Bombay MW
Ahmed, Saladin, Throne of the Crescent Moon LS
Akers, Tim, Heart of Veridon LS
Akers, Tim, Horns of Ruin (short review) LS
Albahari, David, Leeches (short rv) LS
Alexander, Alma, Worldweavers RT
Allen, Justin, Slaves of Shinar RT
Almasi, G.T., Blades of Winter MW
Amsterdam, Steven, Things We Didn't see Coming LS
Anders, Lou ed. Fast Forward 2 FF
Anderson, Barth, The Magician and the Fool RT
Anderson, Kevin, Enemies and Allies CH + FF
Anderson, Kevin, The Edge of the World LS + CH
Anderson, Kevin, The Map of all Things LS
Anderson, Kevin, The Key to Creation LS
Anderson, Kevin and Herbert, Brian, Hellhole (short rv) LS
Anderton, Jo, Debris LS
Andrews, Ilona, Magic Bites and Magic Burns MW
Andrews, Ilona, Silver Shark MW
Andrews, Ilona, Magic Bleeds and A Questionable Client MW
Andrews, Ilona, Magic Slays MW
Andrews, Ilona, Magic Slays MW + LR
Andrews, Ilona, Gun Metal Magic MW
Andrews, Ilona, ed, Alphas: Origins MW
Andrews, Ilona, An Ill Advised Rescue (short story) MW 
Appanah, Natacha, The Last Brother (short rv) LS
Armstrong, Kelley, A Fantasy Medley RT
Ash, Sarah, The Eclectic Worlds of Artamon MW
Ash, Sarah, Song for a Naming Day (short story) MW
Asher, Neal, Brass Man RT
Asher, Neal, Hilldiggers RT
Asher, Neal, Line War + Bonus Q/A RT
Asher, Neal, The Technician LS
Asher, Neal, The Departure (short rv) LS
Astruc, R.J., Festival of Skeletons LS
Athans, Philip, The Guide to Writing Fantasy and Science Fiction DC
Auster, Paul, Invisible LS
Atwood, Margaret, The Year of the Flood LS
Avanti, Michele, GreeHee: The Journey of Five. Book One of the Tales of Tamoor CH
Azinger, Karen, The Steel Queen MW
Azinger, Karen, The Assassin's Tear MW
Azinger, Karen, The Flame Priest MW
Azinger, Karen, The Skeleton King (short rv) MW 

B (120):

Bacigalupi, Paolo, Ship Breaker CH
Bacigalupi, Paolo, The Windup Girl FF
Baker, Kage, Hotel Under the Sand CH
Bakker, R. Scott, The Judging Eye (Aspect-Emperor, #1) LS
Bakker, R. Scott, The White Luck Warrior (short review) LS
Bakker, R. Scott, Neuropath RT
Bakker, R. Scott, Disciple of the Dog RT
Ballantine, Philippa, Geist MW
Ballantine, Philippa, Spectyr MW
Ballantyne, Tony (ed), Aethernet 1 LS
Ballantyne, Tony (ed), Aethernet 2 (short rv) LS 
Banffy, Miklos, A Transylvanian Tale LS
Banks, Dakota, Dark Time MW
Banks, Iain, Transition LS
Banks, Iain, Surface Detail LS
Banks, Iain, The Hydrogen Sonata LS
Ballard, Gary A, Under the Amoral Bridge MW
Barclay James, Dawnthief CH
Barclay James, Noonshade CH
Bardugo, Leigh, Siege and Storm  CB
Bardugo, Leigh, Shadow and Bone  CB
Barlow, Toby, Sharp Teeth RT
Barlowe, Wayne, God's Demon RT
Barnett, David, Angelglass LS
Barker, Clive, Mister B. Gone RT
Barnes, Jonathan, The Somnambulist RT
Barnes, Julian, The Sense of an Ending LS
Barton, William, Invitation to His Work LS
Battersby, Lee, The Corpse Rat King (short rv) MW
Bazell, Josh, Beat the Reaper: A Novel RT
Beaulieu, Brad, The Winds of Khalakovo RT
Beaulieu, Bradley and Gaskell, Stephen, Strata MW
Beauman, Ned, The Teleportation Accident LS
Beaumont, Sebastian, The Juggler (short review) LS
Bear, Greg, Hull Zero Three LS
Bear, Elizabeth, Dust RT
Bear, Elizabeth, In the House of Aryman, A Lonely Signal Burns (novella) MW
Beckett, Chris, Dark Eden LS
Beckett, Galen , The Magicians and Mrs. Quent RT
Beckett, Galen, The House on Durrow Street LS
Beckett, Galen, The Master of Heathcrest Hall (short rv) LS 
Beckett, Galen, The House on Durrow Street LS
Bennett, Robert Jackson, Mr. Shivers CH + MW
Beddor, Frank, Archenemy + Hatter M. Mad Bonus Review RT
Beddor, Frank and others Hatter M. The Nature of Wonder RT
Beddor, Frank, Seeing Redd RT
Bedford, K.A., Time Machines Repaired While-U-Wait FF
Belcher, R.S., Six-Gun Tarot CH + MW 
Bemis, John Claude, Nine Pound Hammer CH
Berger, John, G LS
Bein, Steve, Daughter of the Sword MW
Beyer, Doug, Alara Unbroken DC
Bell, Alex, Jasmyn LS
Bell, Alex, The Ninth Circle LS
Bell Alex, Lex Trent Versus the Gods LS
Berg, Carol, The Spirit Lens LS
Berg, Carol, The Soul Mirror LS
Berg, Carol, The Daemon Prism LS
Berman, Sabina, Me Who Dove Into the Heart of the World (short rv) LS
Bernhemeier, Jim, Dead Eye MW
Bernobich, Beth, A Handful of Pearls LS
Bernobich, Beth, Passion Play RT + LS
Bernobich, Beth, 
Passion Play RT +Berry, Jedediah, The Manual of Detection RT
Berry, Julie, The Amaranth Enchantment CH
Bilsborough, David, Wanderer's Tale RT
Birkegaard, Mikkel, The Library of Shadows LS + CH
Bishop, Anne, Written in Red CB
Black, Holly, Doll Bones CH
Black, Holly,  The Darkest Part of the Forest CH
Black, Jenna, Rogue Descendant CB
Blas de Robles, Jean Marie, Where Tigers Are at Home LS
Blatty, William Peter, Elsewhere RT
Bledsoe, Alex, Sword Edged Blonde RT
"Blissett, Luther", Q LS
Bodard, de, Aliette, Servant of the Underworld LS
Bolano, Roberto, Monsieur Pain LS
Bolano, Roberto, The Third Reich LS
Bolano, Roberto, Woes of the True Policeman LS 
Bova, Ben, The Hittite (short review) LS
Bowman, James, The Adversary MW
Bowling, Drew, Tower of Shadows RT
Boyne, John, The House of Special Purpose LS
Brandon, Paula, The Traitor's Daughter LS
Brandon, Paula, The Ruined City LS
Brennan, ML, Generation (short rv) MW
Breaux, Kevin, Soul Born MW
Breaux, Kevin, Blood Divided MW
Brennan, Marie, A Natural History of Dragons CB
Brett, Peter V., The Painted Man LS
Brett, Peter V., The Daylight War MW
Brett, Peter V., The Great Bazaar LS
Brett, Peter V, The Desert Spear MW + LS
Britain, Kirsten, High King's Tomb RT
Britain, Kirsten, Blackveil RT
Brittenham Skip and Haberlin, Bryan, Anomaly RT
Brooke, Keith, The Accord LS
Brooke, Keith, Harmony (Alt.Human) LS
Brooks, Terry, Dark Wraith of Shannara RT
Brooks, Terry, The Elves of Cintra RT
Brown, David M, A World Apart (short rv) LS
Brown, Eric, Kethani RT
Brown, Eric, The Kings of Eternity (short rv) LS
Brown, Eric, The Devil's Nebula (short rv) LS
Brown, John, Servant of a Dark God RT + CH
Bryant, Shane, Worst Nightmares DC
Buchanan, Col, Farlander LS
Buehlmann, Christopher, Between Two Fires (short rv) MW
Buettner, Robert, Orphan's Triumph (short review) LS
Bujold, Lois, The Sharing Knife 1 RT
Bujold, Lois, The Sharing Knife: Passage 3 + Bonus Q/A RT
Bujold, Lois, Captain Vorpatril's Alliance LS
Bullington, Jesse, The Sad Tale of the Brothers Grossbart RT
Bullington, Jesse, The Enterprise of Death RT + LS
Bundy, Candice, The Daemon Whisperer (short rv) MW
Bunn, Christopher, The Hawk and His Boy LS
Bunn, Christopher, The Shadow at the Gate, LS
Buroker, Lindsay, Encrypted LS
Buroker, Lindsay, The Emperor's Edge MW
Butcher, Jim, Changes MW
Butcher, Jim, Ghost Story MW
Butcher, Jim, First Lord's Fury MW
Butcher, Jim, The Dresden Files: Welcome to the Jungle RT
Butcher, Jim, Cold Days MW 
Butler, Robert Olen, Severance:Stories LS
Byatt, A.S., The Children's Book LS
Bynum, Laura, Veracity RT

C (105):

Cain, Chelsea, Heartsick RT
Calvo, Javier, Wonderful World (short review) LS
Cameron, Christian, Tyrant: King of the Bosporus LS
Cameron, Christian, Tyrant: Destroyer of Cities (short rv) LS
Cameron, Christian, Poseidon's Spear LS
Cameron, Christian, Marathon LS
Cameron, Christian, Killer of Men LS
Cameron, Christian, God of War LS
Cameron, Christian, Tom Swan Installments I-III LS
Cameron, Christian, Tom Swan Installment IV LS
Cameron, Miles, The Red Knight LS
Campbell, Alan, God of Clocks RT
Campbell, Alan, Iron Angel RT
Campbel, Alan, Lye Street RT
Campbell, Alan, Scar Night RT
Campbell, Alan, Sea of Ghosts RT + LS
Campbell, Ramsey, The Grin of the Dark RT
Canavan, Trudi, The Magician's Apprentice DC
Card, Orson Scott, The Lost Gate RT
Carey, Jacqueline, Kushiel's Justice RT
Carey, Jacqueline, Kushiel's Mercy + Bonus Q/A RT
Carey, Jacqueline, Naamah's Kiss LS
Carey, Jacqueline, Naamah's Curse LS
Carey, Jacqueline, Naamah's Blessing LS
Carey, Jacqueline, Saints Astray LS
Carey, Jacqueline, Dark Currents CB
Carey, Mike, Dead Men's Boots RT
Carey, Mike, Thicker Than Water RT
Carey, Mike, The Naming of the Beast RT
Carey, Mike, Vicious Circle with bonus Q/A RT
Carey, Mike, The Devil You Know RT
Carriger, Gail, Soulless CH
Carriger, Gail, Changeless CH
Carriger, Gail, Blameless CH
Carriger, Gail, Etiquette and Espionage CB
Carroll, Jonathan, The Ghost In Love FF
Carroll Lewis, illustrated by Camille Rose Garcia, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland CH
Carlson, Jeff, Plague War FF
Cashore, Kristin, Graceling CH
Castro, Adam-Troy, Emissaries From the Dead RT
Castro, Adam-Troy, Emissaries From the Dead FF
Chabon, Michael, Gentlemen of the Road RT
Chadbourn, Mark, Age of Misrule 1: World's End CH
Chadbourn, Mark, Age of Misrule 2: Darkest Hour CH
Chadbourn, Mark, Lord of Silence MW
Chadbourn, Mark, The Silver Skull CH
Chadbourn, Mark, The Scar-Crow Men CH
Chandler, David, Den of Thieves RT
Chapman, Elise, Dualed CH
Charbonneau, Joelle, The Testing CH
Charlton, Blake, Spellwright RT
Charlton, Blake, Spellbound RT + CH
Christopher, Nicholas, The Bestiary RT
Chu, Wesley, The Lives of Tao MW
Cisco, Michael, An Invitation to Michael Cisco's Fiction LS
Cisco, Michael, The Tyrant LS 
Clegg, Douglas, Neverland CH
Clines, Peter, Ex-Heroes MW
Clines, Peter, Ex-Heroes Review New Edition MW
Clines, Peter, Ex-Patriots MW
Clines, Peter, Ex-Patriots Review New Edition MW
Clines, Peter, The Junkie Quatrain MW
Clines, Peter, 14 MW
Clines, Peter, Ex-Communication MW
Clines, Peter, The Fold MW
Cochran, Jeff ed, Alternative Coordinates #1 LS
Cochran, Jeff ed, Alternative Coordinates #2 LS
Cobley, Michael, The Seeds of Earth (Humanity's Fire) LS
Coe, David, The Horsemen Gambit CH
Coe, David, The Dark Eyes' War CH
Cole, Myke, Shadow Ops: Control Point MW
Cole, Myke, Shadow Ops: Fortress Frontier MW 
Collins, Lee, The Dead of Winter MW
Connington, Jon, Field of Fire LS
Connington, Jon, Skywatcher LS
Connolly, John, The Burning Soul MW
ConninConnolly, John, The Gates MW
Connolly, John, The Infernals MW
Connolly, John, The Lovers MW
Connolly, John, The Whisperers MW
Connolly, John, The Wrath of Angels MW
Constantine, David, The Pillars of Hercules + Q/A MW
Conviser, Josh, Echelon RT
Conviser, Josh, Empire RT
Cook, Glenn, Surrender to the Will of Night RT
Cook, Glen, Lord of the Silent Kingdom RT
Cooper, Elspeth, Songs of the Earth RT
Cordell, Bruce R., Plague of Spells DC
Cordell, Bruce R, City of Torment DC
Cordell, Bruce R, Key of Stars DC
Corey, James, Leviathan Wakes RT
Correia, Larry, Warbound CB
Corin, Joshua, Nuclear Winter Wonderland MW
Cornell, Paul, London Falling (SG)
Cornwall, Emma, Incarnation CH
Crisler, Lincoln ed., Corrupts Absolutely MW
Cronin, Justin, The Passage LS
Crouch, Blake, Run MW
Crouch, Blake, Pines MW
Crouch, Blake and Crouch, Jordan, Eerie MW
Crouch, Blake and Kilborn, Jack, Serial Killers Uncut MW
Crumey, Andrew, The Secret Knowledge LS
Czerneda, Julie, StMartin Rob ed., Ages of Wonder LS + Bogdan Lascu

D (49):

Dakin, Glenn, Candle Man CH
Dalglish, David, A Dance of Cloaks MW
Dalglish, David, A Dance of Blades MW
Dalglish, David, A Dance of Death + Bonus Q/A MW
Dalglish, David, Blood of the Underworld MW
Dalia, Albert, Listening to Rain (short rv) MW
D'Amato, Brian, In the Courts of the Sun LS
D'Amato, Brian, The Sacrifice Game LS
Daniels, Rowena Cory, King's Bastard CH
Danley, Kate, The Woodcutter (short rv) MW
Dantec, Maurice G., Cosmos Incorporated LS
Dashner, James, Maze Runner CH
David, Peter, Tigerheart with Bonus Q/A RT
Davidson, Andrew, The Gargoyle LS
Davidson, Rjurik, The Library of Forgotten Books LS
Davies, K. T., The Red Knight, LS
Davys, Tim, Amberville RT
DeAngelis, Camille, Mary Modern RT
Deas, Stephen, The Adamantine Palace RT
Deas, Stephen, The King of the Crags LS
Deas, Stephen, The Thief-Taker's Apprentice LS
Deas, Stephen, The Warlock's Shadow LS
Deas, Stephen, The King's Assassin LS
Deas, Stephen, The Order of the Scales (short rv) LS
De Santis, Pablo, Voltaire's Calligrapher LS
Decker, James, The Burn Zone MW
Dellamonica, A.M., Indigo Springs (CH)
Del Toro, Guillermo and Hogan, Chuck, The Strain FF
Derbyshire, John, Fire from the Sun LS
Dietrich, William, Napoleon's Pyramids LS
Dietrich, William, The Rosetta Key LS
Dietrich, William, The Dakota Cipher + bonus essay LS
Dietrich, William, The Barbary Pirates LS
DiLouie, Craig, Tooth and Nail MW
Dini, Paul and others, Madame Mirage RT
Doctorow, Cory, Little Brother RT
Doctorow, Cory, Little Brother FF
Donoghue, Emma, Room LS
Doub, David, Dusk: A Graphic Novel MW
Doubinsky, S├ębastien, The Babylonian Trilogy LS
Downing, David, Lehrter Station LS
Dozois, Gardner, Strahan, Jonathan, The New Space Opera 2 LS
Drake, David and Lambshead, John, Into the Hinterlands LS
Duenas, Maria, The Time in Between LS
Duncan, Glen, The Last Werewolf RT
Dunlap, Susanne, Anastasia's Secret CH
Durham, David Anthony, Acacia RT
Durham, David Anthony, The Other Lands RT + LS
Durham, David Anthony, The Sacred Band RT 

E (37):

Easton, Michael and Shy, Christopher, Soul Stealer: Blood and Rain RT
Easton, Michael and Shy, Christopher, Soul Stealer RT
Edelman, David Louis, MultiReal (The Jump 225 Trilogy, Book 2) LS
Edelman, David Louis, Geosynchron (The Jump 225 Trilogy, Book 3) LS
Edwards, Alan, The Curse of Troius (MW)
Egan, Greg, The Clockwork Rocket LS
Egan, Greg, The Eternal Flame LS
Eisler, Barry, The Detachment MW
Elliot, Kate, Shadow Gate RT
Elliot, Kate, Traitors' Gate MW
Elliot, Kate, Cold Magic LS
Elliot, Kate, Cold Fire LS
Elliot, Will, The Pilo Family Circus LS
Ellis, Warren, Crooked Little Vein RT
Emrys, DEM, It began with Ashes (short rv) MW
Eng, Tan Twan, The Garden of Evening Mists LS
Enge, James, Blood of Ambrose, RT
Enge, James, The Crooked Way CH
Erdelac, Ed, Merkabah Rider MW
Erdelac, Ed, Merkabah Rider:The Mensch with No Name MW
Erdelac Edward, Keaton James,  Chandler Randy, Cheetham Ben, Deadcore MW
Erickson, David Ross, The Blood Gate MW
Erikson, Steven, Bauchelain and Korbal, DC
Erikson, Steven, Reaper's Gale RT
Esslemont, Ian Cameron, Knight of Knives RT
Espinoza, Alex, The Five Acts of Diego Leon LS
Estep, Jennifer, Spider's Bite MW
Estep, Jennifer, Web of Lies MW
Estep, Jennifer, Venom MW
Estep, Jennifer, First Frost MW
Estep, Jennifer, Touch of Frost MW
Estep, Jennifer, Kiss of Frost MW 
Evans, Christopher (UK), Omega LS
Evenson, Brian, Last Days RT

F (39):

Fallon, Jennifer, The Gods of Amyrantha (MW+LS)
Fallon, Jennifer, The Immortal Prince (LS)
Fallon, Jennifer, The Palace of Impossible Dreams (MW+LS)
Farland, David, Worldbinder RT
Farnsworth, Christopher, Blood Oath RT
Farnsworth, Richard, Succumbing to Gravity MW
Farrell, S.L., A Magic of Nightfall: A Novel of the Nessantico Cycle LS
Farrell, S.L., A Magic of Dawn: A Novel of the Nessantico Cycle LS
Fauth, Jurgen, Kino LS
Fay, Kim, The Map of Lost Memories (short rv) LS
Fenn, Jaine, Consorts of Heaven LS
Fenn, Jaine, Principles of Angels LS
Ferrari, Mark, The Book of Joby RT
Finlay, C.C., The Patriot Witch CH
Fisher, Catherine, Incarceron CH
Fisher, Catherine, Sapphique CH
Flint, Eric, 1636: The Saxon Uprising + 163* Series Overview LS
Flynn Michael, The January Dancer LS
Flynn, Michael, Up Jim River LS
Flynn, Michael, In the Lion's Mouth LS
Follett, Ken, Fall of Giants LS
Follett, Ken, Winter of the World LS
Ford, Jeffrey, The Drowned Life JB
Foster, Alan Dean, Terminator Salvation: Movie Novelization FF
Fox, Daniel, Dragon in Chains RT
Fox, Daniel, Jade Man's Skin RT
Fox, Daniel, Hidden Cities RT
Friedman, C.S., Wings of Wrath: Book Two of the Magister Trilogy LS
Friedman, CS, Dominion MW
Frost, Gregory, Lord Tophet: A Shadowbridge Novel RT
Frost, Gregory, Shadowbridge RT
Frost, Toby, Space Captain Smith LS
Frohock, Teresa, Miserere: An Autumn Tale RT
Fry, Jason, Hunt for Hydra: Jupiter Pirates 1 CH
Fultz, John, Seven Princes (short rv) LS
Fultz, John, Seven Princes CH
Furst, Alan, Mission to Paris LS

G (60):

Gaiman, Neil, The Graveyard Book CH
Gaiman, Neil, The Graveyard Book FF
Gaiman, Neil, The Graveyard Book - revised after the Hugo 09 FF
Galgut, Damon, In a Strange Room LS
Galley, Ben, The Written MW
Galley, Ben, Pale Kings (short rv) MW
Gannon, Charles, Fire with Fire LS
Gay, Kelly, The Hour of Dust and Ashes MW
Gay, Kelly, Shadows Before the Sun (short rv) MW 
Gee, Emily, The Laurentine Spy LS
Gee, Emily, The Sentinel Mage LS
Gemmell David and Stella, The Troy Trilogy LS + MW
Gentle, Mary, The Black Opera LS
Gevers, Nick, Other Earths LS
Gibson, Gary, Stealing Light RT
Gibson, Gary, The Dakota Merrick Series: Stealing Light and Nova War LS
Gibson, Gary, Empire of Light LS
Gibson, Gary, Final Days LS
Gibson, Gary, The Thousand Emperors LS 
Gilman, Felix, Gears of the City RT
Gilman, Felix, Thunderer RTGilman, Felix, 
Gilman, Felix, The Half Made World LSGilman, Felix, The Half Made World LS
Gladstone, Max, Three Parts Dead CB
Golden, Christopher and Lebbon, Tim, The Map of Moments RT
Golden, Christopher and Lebbon, Tim, Mind the Gap RT
Golden, Christopher, Poison Ink RT
Golden, Christopehr, The Borderkind RT
Golden, Christopher, The Myth Hunter RT
Golden, Christopher, The New Dead RT
Golden, Christopher (Ed), The Monster's Corner: Stories Through Inhuman Eyes RT
Goodkind, Terry, Confessor DC
Goodman, Alison, Eon: Dragoneye Reborn CH
Gould, Steven, Impulse CB
Gout, Leopoldo Ghost Radio: A Novel LS
Goyer, David and  Cassutt, Michael, Heaven's Shadow RT
Gracq, Julien, The Opposing Shore LS
Graham, Ian, Monument RT
Graham, Jo, Black Ships RT
Graham, Jo, Stealing Fire LS
Graham, Jo, Hand of Isis (short review) LS
Greenberger, Robert, The Essential Batman Encyclopedia RT
Greenwood, Bryn, Last Will LS
Greenwood, Ed, The Annotated Elminster Collector's Edition DC
Greenwood, Ed, Elminster Must Die DC
Gregory, Darryl, The Devil's Alphabet MW
Griffin, Kate, A Madness of Angels LS
Griggith, BB, Blue Fall MW
Griffith, Susan and Clay, The Rift Walker LS
Grimwood, Jon Courtenay, End of the World Blues RT
Grimwood, Jon Courtenay, The Fallen Blade RT + LS
Grimwood, Jonathan(JC) The Last Banquet LS
Groff, Laureen, The Monsters of Templeton RT
Grossman, Austin, Soon I Will Be Invincible, RT
Gunn, David, Death's Head RT
Gunn, David, Death's Head: Day of the Damned LS
Gunn, David, Death's Head: Maximum Offense RT
Gunn, Val, In the Shadow of Swords (short review) LS
Gustainis, Justin, Black Magic Woman RT
Gwynne, John, Malice (short unreview) LS
Gwynne, John, Malice  (different take) SG

H (90):

Haarsma, PJ, "The Softwire: Virus on Orbis 1" CH
Hague, Michael, In the Small RT
Hair, David, Mage's Blood LS + MW
Hall, Sarah, Daughters of the North aka The Carhullan Army LS
Hall, Sarah, How to Paint a Dead Man LS
Hale Shannon and Dean, Calamity Jack, CH
Haley, Cameron, Mob Rules MW
Haley, Cameron, Skeleton Crew MW
Hamerton, Greg, Riddler's Gift, The: First Tale of the Lifesong LS
Hamerton, Greg, Second Sight: Second Tale of the Lifesong LS
Hamilton, Peter F., The Temporal Void (Void Trilogy, Book 2) LS
Hamilton, Peter F., The Dreaming Void RT
Hamilton, Peter F., Great North Road LS
Hamilton, Peter F., Manhattan in Reverse LS
Hammond, Alexander,  Tales from the Edge of Forever (short rv) MW
Hammond, Warren, Kop RT
Hanover, MLM, Unclean Spirits RT
Harkaway, Nick, The Gone-Away World LS
Harlan, Thomas, Land of the Dead LS
Harlan, Thomas, House of Reeds/Wasteland of Flint LS
Harms, William and others, Impaler RT
Hartnett, Sonia, The Ghost's Child CH
Harrison, Kim, This Witch For Hire Omnibus RT
Harrison, Michael J., Nova Swing RT
Harrison, Michael J., Cave and Julia (Kindle Single) LS
Harrison, Michelle, 13 Treasure CH
Harte, Aidan, Irenicon MW
Hartman, Rachel, Seraphina CB
Hawks, John Twelve, The Dark River RT
Hawks, John Twelve, The Golden City RT + MW
Hayden, David A, Wrath  of the White Tigress MW
Hayes, Rob, The Colour of Vengeance MW
Hayes, Rob, The Heresy Within MW 
Hayes, Rob, The Price of Faith MW
Hayward, Brett, Filaria LS
Headley, Maria, Queen of Kings RT
Healey, Karen, Guardian of the Dead CH
Heaney, William aka Joyce, Graham, Memoirs of a Master Forger LS
Hearn, Lian, Heaven's Net is Wide RT
Hearne, Kevin, Hounded MW
Hearne, Kevin, Hexed MW
Hearne, Kevin, Hammered MW
Hearne, Kevin, Tricked MW
Hearne, Kevin, Trapped MW
Hearne, Kevin, Hunted MW + CB
Hearne, Kevin, Grimoire of the Lamb (short story) MW
Heermann, Travis, Heart of the Ronin LS
Heermann, Travis, Rogues of the Black Fury (short rv) MW
Hicks, Michael R., In Her Name LS
Hill, Joe, Horns RT
Hines, Jim, The Stepsister Scheme RT
Hines, Jim, Libriomancer Book 1  CH
Hobb, Robin, Renegade's Magic RT
Hobb, Robin, Dragon Keeper RT
Hobbs, Roger, Ghostman MW
Hobson, M.K., Native Star CH
Hoffman, Paul, The Left Hand of God RT + LS
Hoffman, Paul, The Last Four Things LS
Hogan, James, Migration LS
Holt, Terrence, In The Valley of the Kings LS
Hooper, Kay, Blood Dreams RT
Horowitz, Anthony, The House of Silk RT
Houellebecq, Michel, The Map and the Territory LS
Hoyt, Sarah, Heart of Light RT
Hubbard, Susan, The Society of S, RT
Hubbard, Susan, The Year of Disappearances + Bonus Q/A RT
Hudner, Kennedy, Alarm of War (short rv) LS
Hughes, Alex, Clean + Bonus Q/A MW
Hughes, Matthew, Majestrum RT
Hughes, Matthew, Template FF
Hughes, Matthew, To Hell and Back RT
Hughes, Rhys, The Crystal Cosmos LS
Hulick, Douglas, Among Thieves RT
Humphreys, C.C., Vlad The Last Confession LS
Humphreys, C.C., A Place Called Armageddon LS
Hunt, Stephen, The Kingdom Beyond the Waves + Bonus Q/A RT
Hunt, Stephen The Court of the Air RT
Hunt, Stephen Secrets of the Fire Sea LS
Hurley, Kameron, God's War MW
Huso, Anthony, The Last Page LS
Hussey, Bill, The Absence RT
Hussey, Bill, Through a Glass Darkly, RT
Huston, Charlie, First Three Joe Pitt Cases RT
Huston, Charlie, My Dead Body RT
Huston, Charlie, The Mystic Arts of Erasing All Signs of Death RT
Huston, Charlie, Shotgun Rule RT
Huston, Charlie, Sleepless RT
Hutchins, J.C., Seventh Son:Descent RT

I (3):

Iles, Greg, True Evil RT
Ishiguro, Kazuo, Nocturnes LS
Isler, Ramsey, Remortal MW

J (19):

Jacka, Benedict, Fated MW
Jacka, Benedict, Cursed MW
Jacobson, Howard, Zoo Time LS
Jarpe, Matthew, Radio Freefall, RT
Jeschonek, Robert, Mad Scientist Meets Cannibal FF
Jemisin, NK, The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms RT
Jemisin, NK, The Broken Kingdoms LS
Jernigan Zachary, No Return MW
Johansen, Erika, Queen of the Tearling CH + JR
John, Antony, Elemental CH
Jones, Gwyneth, Spirit: The Princess of Bois Dormant LS
Jones, Howard, Andrew, The Desert of Souls RT
Jones, Jaida and Bennett Danielle, Havemercy RT + LS
Jones, Jaida and Bennett Danielle, Shadow Magic LS
Jones, Jaida and Bennett Danielle, Dragon Soul LS
Jones, Jaida and Bennett Danielle, Steelhands LS
Jordan, Robert and Sanderson Brandon, Towers of Midnight DC
Jordan, Robert and Sanderson Brandon, A Memory of Light SG
Judson, Theodore, The Martian General's Daughter LS

K (45):

Kadrey, Richard, Sandman Slim, FF
Kadrey, Richard, Sandman Slim, (short review) RT
Kadrey, Richard, Kill the Dead, RT
Kalina, Mark, Hegemony LS
Karr, John, Rhone MW
Kawabata, Yasunari, Timeless Masterpieces: the 3 Nobel Novels and a short story LS
Kay, Guy Gavriel, Under Heaven LS + CH
Kay, Guy Gavriel, River of Stars CB
Kasai, Kirsten Imani, Ice Song+ Author's Note LS
Katsu, Alma, The Taker RT
Kearney, Paul, The Ten Thousand LS
Kearney, Paul, Corvus LS
Kearney, Paul, The Kings of Morning (short rv) LS
Keck, David, In the Eye of Heaven RT
Keck, David, In a Time of Treason RT
Kehoe, Tim, Furious Jones and the Assassin's Secret CH
Kemp, Paul, Shadowrealm DC
Kemp, Paul, Shadowstorm DC
Kemp, Paul, The Hammer and the Blade DC
Kent, Jasper, Twelve RT
Kent, Jasper, The Third Section RT
Kent, Jasper, Thirteen Years Later RT + LS
Keun, Irmgard, Child of all Nations LS
Keyes, Greg, The Born Queen RT
Kiernan, Caitlin, Daughter of Hounds RT
Kilborn, Jack, Afraid RT
Killeen, Andrew, The Father of Locks LS
King, Stephen, Duma Key RT
Kirby, Matthew, Icefall CH
Kirkpatrick, Russell, Across the Face of the World RT
Kirov, Erica, The Pyramid of Souls CH
Kline, Otis Adalbert, The Swordsman of Mars FF
Koch, Herman, The Dinner (short rv) LS
Konrath, JA and Crouch Blake, Stirred MW
Kornher-Stace, Nicole, Desideria LS
Kornher-Stace, Nicole, To Seek Her Fortune (story from anthology) LS
Koontz, Dean, In Odd We Trust (Odd Thomas Novel, Book 5) RT
Koontz, Dean, Odd Hours (Odd Thomas Novel, Book 4) RT
Koontz, Dean, The Good Guy RT
Kowal, Mary Robinette, Shades of Milk and Honey LS
Kress, Nancy, Steal Across the Sky LS
Kristof, Agota, The Notebook LS
Kristoff, Jay, Stormdancer MW
Kristian, Giles, Raven: Blood Eye LS
Kristian, Giles, Raven: Sons of Thunder LS
Kristian, Giles, Odin's Wolves (short review) LS

L (37):

Lafave, Norman, J, Nanomagica (short rv) MW
Lake, Jay Mainspring + Bonus Q/A RT
Lake, Jay, Escapement RT
Lake, Jay, Green (short review) LS
Lalumiere, Claude, Objects of Worship LS
Lamplighter, L Jagi, Prospero Lost LS
Langan, Sarah, The Missing RT
Langan, Sarah, Audrey's Door RT
Lappe, Anthony and Goldman, Dan, Shooting War RT
Lasky, Kathrin, Daughters of the Sea: Hannah CH
Lawrence, Mark, Prince of Thorns RT
Lawrence, Mark, King of Thorns MW
Lax-Romano, Andromeda, The Detour LS
Lazellari, Edward, Awakenings MW
Lebbon, Tim, Dusk and Dawn RT
Lebbon, Tim, Fallen + Bonus Q/A RT
Leicht, Stina, Of Blood and Honey RT
Levithan, David, The Lover's Dictionary (short review) LS
Levy, Deborah, Swimming Home (short review) LS
Lewis, J.S., Invasion:CHAOS 1 CH
Lewis, Joseph Robert, Omar the Immortal MW
Ligotti, Thomas, Nightmare Factory Volume 2, RT
Lin, Grace, Where the Mountain Meets the Moon CH
Lint, Charles de, The Mystery of Grace RT
Lint, Charles de, The Case of the Tanglewood Forest  CB
Littell, Jonathan, The Kindly Ones (short review) LS
Littell, Robert, The Stalin Epigram (short review) LS
Liu, Ken, The Grace of Kings AU 
Llewelin, Josh, Zelda Pryce: The Razor's Edge MW
Llewelin, Josh, Zelda Pryce: The Clockwork Girl MW
Lo, Malinda, Ash FF
Locke, MJ, Up Against It (short rv) LS
Lord, Karen, The Best of All Possible Worlds LS
Lovegrove, James, The Age of Ra LS
Lovegrove, James, The Age of Zeus LS
Lowder, James (ed), Beyond the Wall LS
Lowrie, John Patrick, Dancing with Eternity LS
Lowthert, Lori, Instrument of Evil MW
Lowthert, Lori, Judgement of Evil MW
Lukas, Michael David, The Oracle of Stamboul LS
Lumley, Brain, Necroscope:The Touch RT
Lu, Marie, Legend MW
Lynch, Scott, Red Seas Under Red Skies RT

M (150):

Maas, Sarah, Throne of Glass, MW
Maberry, Jonathan, Patient Zero: A Joe Ledger Novel RT
Maberry, Jonathan, The Dragon Factory: A Joe Ledger Novel RT
Maberry, Jonathan, King of Plagues: A Joe Ledger Novel RT
Maberry, Jonathan, Dead of Night RT
MacLeod, Ken, The Restoration Game LS
Mace, James, Soldier of Rome (LS)
Mace, James, Soldier of Rome 2 - The Sacrovir Revolt (LS)
Mangum, Lisa, The Hourglass Door CH
Mangum, Lisa, The Golden Spiral CH
Mangum, Lisa, The Forgotten Locket CH
Mains, Johnny (ed), Bite Sized Horror RT
Manieri, Eva, Blood's Pride SG
Mann, George, Ghosts of Manhattan LS
Mantchev, Lisa, Eyes Like Stars CH
Mantel, Hilary, Wolf Hall LS
Mantel, Hilary, Bring Up the Bodies LS
Manus-Pennings, Kevin, A Shore Too Far LS
Marco, John, Starfinder CH
Margolin, Philip, Supreme Justice MW
Margolin, Philip, Capitol Murder (short rv)MW
Margolin, Philip, Sleight of Hand MW
Marino, JC, Dante's Journey MW
Marmell, Ari, Agents of Artifice DC
Marmell, Ari, The Conqueror's Shadow RT
Marmell, Ari, The Warlord's Legacy RT
Marmell, Ari, The Goblin Corps RT
Marquitz, Tim, Armageddon Bound MW
Marquitz, Tim, Sepulchral Earth MW
Marquitz, Tim, Skulls MW
Marquitz, Tim, At the Gates MW
Marquitz, Tim, Betrayal (short story) MW
Marquitz, Tim, Into the Mirror Black (short story) MW
Marquitz, Tim, Pray (novella) MW
Marquitz, Tim, Anathema (novella) MW
Marquitz, Tim, Demon Squad: Echoes of the Past MW
Marquitz, Tim, Demon Squad: Beyond the Veil (short rv) MW
Marquitz, Tim (ed), Fading Light Anthology MW  
Marquitz, Tim, Witch Bane MW
Marshall, Michael, The Intruders RT
Martin, Gail, The Summoner RT
Martin, GRRM, Dozois ed, G, Warriors RT
Martin, GRRM, Dozois, G, Abraham, D , Hunter's Run RT
Martin, GRRM, A Dance with Dragons LS
Martin, GRRM, A Game of Thrones SG
Marusek, David, Mind Over Ship LS
Mass, Wendy, 11 Birthdays CH
Masello, Robert, Blood and Ice RT
Massey, Misty, Mad Kestrel RT
Matheson, Richard, I Am Legend RT
Mathias, M.R., The Sword and the Dragon LS
Mathias, M.R., The Royal Dragoneers LS
Maxey, James, Bitterwood RT
Maxey, James, Dragonseed: A Novel of the Dragon Age CH
Mayer, Andrew, The Falling Machine LS
Mayer, Andrew, Hearts of Smoke and Steam LS
Mayland, Dan, The Colonel's Mistake (short rv) MW
Mayland, Dan, The Leveling (short rv) MW
McAuley, Paul J., The Quiet War LS
McAuley, Paul J., Gardens of the Sun LS
McAuley, Paul J., In the Mouth of the Whale LS
McAuley, Paul J., Stories from the Quiet War LS
McAuley, Paul J., Evening's Empires LS
McClellan, Brian, Promise of Blood LS
McCrina, Amanda, His Own Good Sword (short rv) MW
McDermott, JM, Never Knew Another RT
McDevitt, Jack, The Devil's Eye: An Alex Benedict Novel LS
McDevitt, Jack, Time Travelers Never Die LS
McDevitt, Jack, Firebird LS
McDonald, Ian, Brasyl JB
McEuen, Paul, Spiral MW
McGuiness, Patrick, The Last Hundred Days LS
McHugh, Steve, Crimes Against Magic (short rv) MW
Mead, Rachel, The Indigo Spell CB
Mead, Rachel, Gameboard of the Gods CB 
Meaney, John, Absorption, LS
Meaney, John, Black Blood (Tristopolis, Book 2) RT
Meaney, John, Bone Song RT
Mellon, Mark, Escape From Byzantium LS + MW
Mellon, Mark, Napoleon Concerto LS
Melton, Patrick and others, Black Light, RT
Meltzer, Brad, The Book of Lies FF
Merciel, Liane, The River King's Road RT
Merciel, Liane, Heaven's Needle RT
Merle, Claire, The Glimpse SG
Meyer, Christopher, Der Sternvolker LS
Meyer, Marissa, Cinder LR
Meyer, Marissa, Scarlet LR
Micklem, Sarah, Firethorn/Wildfire LS
Mieville, China, The City and the City FF
Mieville, China, The City and the City LS
Mieville, China, Embassytown LS
Mieville, China, Railsea SG+ LS 
Miller, Karen, Hammer of God CH
Miller, Karen, The Innocent Mage RT
Miller, Kirsten, How to Lead a Life of Crime MW
Ming, Wu, Manituana LS
Ming, Wu, Altai LS
Miranda, Mei Lin, Lovers and Beloveds LS
Miranda, Mei Lin, The Machine God MW
Mitchell, David, Cloud Atlas LS
Mitchell, David, Cloud Atlas Movie and Book CB
Mitchell, David, The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet LS
Melko, Paul, Singularity's Ring RT
Melko, Paul, The Walls of the Universe LS
Meydan, Lena, Twilight Forever Rising CH
Meyer, Marissa, Cinder LR
Meyer, Marissa Scarlet LR
Meyer, Marissa Cress CH
Meyer, Marissa Fairest CH
Meyer, Stephanie, The Host RT
Michael, Jacob Asher, Buddha's Thunderbolt MWModesitt, L.E., Imager: The First Book of the Imager Portfolio RT
Modesitt, L.E., Imager's Challenge (#2) LS
Modesitt, L.E., Imager's Intrigue (#3) LS
Modesitt, L.E., Scholar LS
Modesitt, L.E., Princeps LS
Modesitt, L.E., Imager's Battalion LS
Modesitt, L.E., Antiagon Fire LS
Moeller, Jonathan, Child of the Ghosts (short rv) MW
Monette, Sarah, Bear, E, A Companion to Wolves RT
Monette, Sarah, Corambis LS
Monette, Sarah, The Mirador RT
Montano, Steven, Blood Skies MW
Montano, Steven, Crown of Ash MW
Montano, Steven, Black Scars (short rv) MW
Montano, Steven, Soulrazor (short rv) MW
Montano, Steven, The Witch's Eye (short rv) MW 
Moody, David, Hater RT
Moody, David, Dog Blood MW
Moore, Alison, The Lighthouse (short rv) LS
Moore Leah, Reppion John, The Trial of Sherlock Holmes #1 FF
Moore, Steve and others, Hercules RT
Moore, JP, Toothless, (short rv)  MW
Morden, Simon, Equations of Life LS
Morgan, Richard K.,The Steel Remains RT + LS
Morgan, Richard K., The Cold Commands LS
Morgan, Richard K., Thirteen RT
Morgenstern, Erin, The Night Circus RT + LS
Morton, Kate, The Distant Hours LS
Morton, Kate, The Secret Keeper LS
Mortimus, Clay, The Purloined Boy CH
Mostert, Natasha, Keeper of Light and Dust RT
Mostert, Natasha, Season of the Witch RT
Mullen, Thomas, The Revisionists RT
Murakami, Haruki, 1Q84 LS
Murphy, C.E., Queen's Bastard RT
Murphy, Derryl, Napier's Bones LS

N (21):

Nadas, Peter, Parallel Stories LS
Nakamura, Fuminori, The Thief LS
Nassise, Joseph, Eyes to See RT
Nayeri, Dina and Daniel, Another Pan CH
Neff, Henry H., The Second Siege CH
Neff, Henry, The Fiend and the Forge CH
Ness, Patrick, The Knife of Never Letting Go + bonus Q/A FF
Neumeier, Rachel, Lord of the Changing Winds CH
Neville, Stuart, The Ghosts of Belfast MW
Newman, Emma, Between Two Thorns SG
Newton, Mark Charan, Nights of Villjamur LS
Newton, Mark, City of Ruin LS
Newton, Mark Charan, The Book of Transformations LS
Newton, Todd, The Ninth Avatar CH
Nielson, Sheila, The Forbidden Sea CH
Niffenegger, Audrey, Her Fearful Symmetry LS
Norfolk, Lawrence, John Saturnall's Feast LS
North, Pearl, Libyrinth CH
Northern, Chris, The Last King's Amulet LS
Novik, Naomi, Tongues of Serpents CH
Novik, Naomi, Uprooted CH + JR
Nylund, Eric, Mortal Coils RT

O (12):

Obreht, Tea, The Tiger's Wife (short review) LS
O'Brien, Caragh M. Vault of Dreamers CH
O'Connell, Jack, The Resurrectionist RT
O'Donnell, Anderson, Kingdom MW
Ogawa, Yoko, Hotel Iris LS
Olivo, Nicholas, Imperium MW
O'Malley, Daniel, The Rook MW
Oppegaard, David, The Suicide Collectors RT
Orringer, Julie, The Invisible Bridge LS
Orrulian, Peter, The Unremembered RT
Overstreet, Jeffrey, Auralia's Colors RT
Oyeyemi, Helen, White Is For Witching LS

P (49):
 Packard, Jake, The Manhattan Prophet LS
Palahniuk, Chuck, Snuff RT
Palma, Felix, The Map of Time, RT
Palmer, Dexter, The Dream of Perpetual Motion RT
Palmer, Philip, Debatable Spaces RT
Palmer, Philip, Red Claw LS
Palmer, Philip, Artemis (short rv) LS
Parker, KJ, Blue & Gold LS
Parker, KJ, Purple & Black LS
Parker, KJ, The Folding Knife LS
Parker, KJ, The Hammer LS
Parker, KJ, A Rich Full Week (story from anthology) LS
Parker, KJ, The Scavenger Trilogy LS
Parker, KJ, Three Short Stories LS
Parker, KJ, Sharps LS + MW
Paschen, Elise ed, Poetry Speaks Who I Am CH
Patterson, James, Dangerous Days of Daniel X RT
Pauley, Kimberley, Still Sucks To Be Me CH
Pears, Iain, Stone's Fall LS
Pearce, Jackson, Sisters Red CH
Pekearo, Nicholas, Wolfman RT
Peters, SM, Whitechapel Gods RT
Peterson, Andrew, On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness CH
Pevel, Pierre, The Cardinal's Blades RT
Phillips, Holly, The Engine's Child LS
Pick, Allison, Far to Go LS
Pierres, Marianne de, Chaos Space (Sentients of Orion) LS
Pierres, Marianne de, Mirror Space (Sentients of Orion) LS
Pike, Aprilynne, Wings CH
Pitts, JA, Black Blade Blues MW
Poblocki, Dan, The Stone Child + Bonus Q/A MW
Polansky, Daniel, Low Town RT
Pollard, Tony, The Minutes of the Lazarus Club LS
Pollock, Tom, The City's Son SG
Pratchett, Terry, Nation CH
Pratt, TA, Blood Engines RT
Pratt, T.A, Poison Sleep RT
Preble, Joy, Dreaming Anastasia CH
Preston Douglas, Impact MW
Preston Douglas and Child, Lincoln, Cemetery Dance MW
Preston Douglas and Child, Lincoln, Cold Vengeance MW
Preston Douglas and Child, Lincoln, Fever Dream MW
Preston Douglas and Child, Lincoln, Gideon's Sword MW
Preston Douglas and Child, Lincoln, Extraction (short story) MW
Priest, Cherie, Boneshaker RT
Priest, Cherie, Clementine RT
Priest, Cherie, Dreadnought RT
Priest, Cherie, Ganymede RT
Priest, Christopher, The Islanders LS
Priest, Christopher, The Dream Archipelago LS

Q (1):

Quidt, Jeremy De, The Toymaker CH

R (63):

Rabuzzi, Daniel, The Choir Boats LS
Raedeke, Christy, The Daykeeper's Grimoire 1 CH
Raicht, Mike and Smith, Brian, The Stuff of Legend Book 1 CH
Rajaniemi, Hannu, The Quantum Thief (short review) LS
Rector, John, The Cold Kiss MW
Reeve, Laura E., Peacekeeper: A Major Ariane Kedros Novel LS
Reeve, Philip,  No Such Things as Dragons (short review) CH
Redick, Robert V.S., Red Wolf Conspiracy RT
Redick, Robert V.S., The Rats and The Ruling Sea RT
Redick, Robert V.S., The River of Shadows RT + LS
Redmond, KE, What Time Forgets LS
Reilly, Matthew,  The Scarecrow Returns MW
Remic, Andy, Kell's Legend MW
Remic, Andy, War Machine RT
Remic, Andy, Soul Stealers MW
Resnick, Mike, Stalking the Vampire RT
Revis, Beth, Across the Universe CH
Reynolds, Alastair, House of Suns (Gollancz) LS
Reynolds, Alastair, Terminal World LS
Reynolds, Alastair, Blue Remembered Earth LS
Reynolds,  Eric (ed) Ruins Extraterrestrial LS
Rhodes, Natasha, Dante's Girl RT
Ritter, Lukas, Monster Slayers CH
Robbe-Grillet, Alain, Recollections of the Golden Triangle (short rv) LS
Robbe-Grillet, Alain, Repetition (short rv) LS
Roberts, Adam, Anticopernicus LS
Roberts, Adam, By Light Alone LS
Roberts, Adam, Yellow Blue Tibia: A Novel LS
Roberts, Adam, New Model Army LS
Roberts, Adam, Jack Glass LS
Roberts, Adam, Adam Robots LS
Roberson, Chris, Dragon's Nine Sons RT
Roberson, Chris, End of the Century FF
Roberson, Chris, Set the Seas on Fire RT
Roberson, Jennifer, Deepwood RT
Robins, Lane, Maledicte RT
Robinson, Kim Stanley, 2312 (short rv) LS
Rogers, Rob, Devil's Cape MW
Rogers, Jane, The Testament of Jessie Lamb LS
Rollins, James, The Doomsday Key MW
Rollins, James, The Blood Gospel MW
Rollins, James, The Judas Strain RT
Rollins, James, The Devil Colony MW
Rollins, James, The Last Oracle (Sigma Force, Book 5) Bonus Q/a RT
Rollins, James, Subterranean MW
Rollins, James and Cantrell, Rebecca, City of Screams (short story) MW
Rollins, James and Cantrell, Rebecca, Blood Gospel MW 
Rose, M.J., The Memorist LS
Rosen, Lev, All Men of Genius LS
Rothfuss, Patrick, The Name of the Wind RT
Rothfuss, Patrick, The Wise Man's Fear RT
Rowley, Christopher, Pleasure Model RT
Ruckley, Brian, Bloodheir (The Godless World, Book 2) LS
Ruckley, Brian, Fall of Thanes LS
Ruckley, Brian, Winterbirth RT
Russell, D.L. Hell is an Awfully Big City MW
Rutheford, Alex, Raiders from the North MW
Rutkosk, Marie, The Celestial Globe CH
Ryan, Anthony, Blood Song, LS + MW
Ryan, Anthony, Queen of Fire MW
Ryan, Carrie, The Forest of Hands and Teeth RT

S (116):

Sagara, Michelle, Silence CB
Saintcrow, Lilith, The Hedgewitch Queen (short rv) LS
Saintcrow, Lilith, Night Shift (Jill Kismet, Book 1) RT
Salvatore, RA, The Orc King DC
Salvatore, R.A. and Geno, The Stowaway DC
Salvatore, R.A. and Geno, The Shadowmask CH
Sanderson, Brandon, Warbreaker MW
Sanderson, Brandon, The Well of Ascension RT
Sanderson, Brandon, The Rhitmatist CB
Sanderson, Brandon, Steelheart CB
Santoro, Lara, The Boy LS
Sapkowski, Andrzej, The Last Wish RT
Sapkowski, Andrzej, Blood of Elves (short rv)LS
Sarkar, Sam and others, Caliber RT
Savage, Scott J, Water Keep CH
Sawyer, Robert, WWW.Wake FF
Saylor, Steven, Empire LS
Saylor, Steven, The Seven Wonders LS
Saylor, Steven, Invitation to the Roma sub Rosa series LS
Schafer, Courtney, The Whitefire Crossing RT
Schafer, Courtney, The Tainted City MW 
Scalzi, John, The God Engines RT
Schaefer, Craig, Black Tie Required MW
Schafer, William ed, Subterranean Tales of Dark Fantasy RT
Schafer, William ed, Subterranean Tales of Dark Fantasy 2 RT
Schlitz, Laura Ami, The Night Fairy CH
Scholes, Ken, Canticle RT
Scholes, Ken, Lamentation RT
Scholes, Ken, Antiphon RT
Schreiber, Joe, Eat the Dark RT
Schreiber, Joe, Star Wars: Death Troopers RT
Schroeder, Karl, Pirate Sun (Virga, Book 3) LS
Schwaeble, Hank, Damnable MW
Schwartz, David, Superpowers RT
Scull, Luke, The Grim Company MW
Sedia, Ekaterina, Heart of Iron LS
Sedia, Ekaterina, The Alchemy of Stone RT
Sedia, Ekaterina ed, Paper Cities RT
Sensel, Joni, The Farwalker's Quest CH
Sensel, Joni, The Timekeeper's Moon CH
Shalev, Zeruya, Thera LS
Shan, Darren, Cirque du Freak CH
Shan, Darren, Procession of the Dead MW
Shan, Darren, Hell's Horizon MW
Shan, Darren, City of the Snakes MW
Shaw, Ali, The Girl with Glass Feet LS
Shea, Michael, The Extra RT
Shevdon, Mike, Sixty-One Nails MW
Shepherd, Joel, Breakaway RT
Shepherd, Joel, Killswitch RT
Shier, Justin Zero Sight MW
Shier, Justin Zero Sum MW
Sigler, Scott, Infected RT
Simmons, Dan, Black Hills LS
Simmons, Dan, Drood: A Novel LS
Simmons, Dan, The Terror RT
Simmons, Kirsten, Article 5 CH
Simner, Janni Lee, Bones of Faerie CH
Simner, Janni Lee, Thief Eyes CH
Sinclair, Alison, Darkborn MW
Sington, Philip, The Einstein Girl LS
Siregar, Moses, The Black God's War MW
Sklar, David, Shadow of the Antlered Bird LS
Smith, Alexander Gordon, Lockdown:Escape from Furnace MW
Smith, Douglas, Impossibilia (PS Showcase #5) LS
Smith, Douglas, Chimerascope LS
Smith, Mark Andrew, Weldon, Matthew, New Brighton Archaeological Society CH
Snyder, Maria, Sea Glass LS
Snyder, Maria, Storm Glass LS
Snyder, Maria, Touch of Power (short rv) LS
Snyder, Maria, Shadow Study: Soulfinders 1 CH
Somers, Jeff, Electric Church RT
Somers, Jeff, The Digital Plague RT
Speakman, Shaw, The Dark Thorn CH
Spoor, Ryk, Grand Central Arena LS
Spradlin, Michael, It's Beginning to Look Like Zombies CH
Spradlin, Michael, Trail of Fate - Youngest Templar 2 CH
Sprunk, Jon, Shadows' Son LS + CH
St. Denis, Patrick ed, Speculative Horizons LS
Steele, Jon, The Watchers, RT
Stephens, AP, The Stolen Moon of Londor CH
Stephenson, Neal, Anathem LS
Stephenson, Neal, Anathem FF
Stephenson, Neal, SevenEves WB
Stevens, EJ, Shadows of Myth and Legend CH
Stevens, Taylor, The Informationist MW
Stewart, KA, A Devil in the Details MW
Stewart, KA, A Shot in the Dark MW
Stewart, KA, A Wolf at the Door MW 
Stiefvater, Maggie, Shiver CH
Stiefvater, Maggie, Linger CH
Stine, R.L. (ed), Fear CH
Stott, Rebecca, Ghostwalk RT
Stover, Matthew, Blade of Tyshalle LS
Stover, Matthew, Heroes Die LS
Stover, Matthew, Caine Black Knife LS
Strahan Jonathan ed, Eclipse 2 LS
Stratford, Sarah Jane, Midnight Guardian MW
Stroud, Jonathan, Heroes of the Valley, CH
Sturges, Matthew, Midwinter RT + LS
Sturges, Matthew, The Office of Shadow LS
Suarez, Daniel, Daemon LS
Sullivan, Michael J., The Crown Conspiracy LS
Sullivan, Michael J., Avempartha LS
Sullivan, Michael, Nyphron Rising CH + LS
Sullivan, Michael, The Emerald Storm CH + LS
Sullivan, Michael, Wintertide CH + LS
Sullivan, Michael J., The Viscount and the Witch (story) LS
Sullivan, Michael J., Theft of Swords LS
Sullivan, Michael J., Rise of Empire LS +CH
Sullivan, Michael J., Percepliquis LS
Swainston, Steph, The Year of Our War RT
Swann, Andrew, Prophets (short review) LS
Swierczynski, Duane, Severance Package RT
Swierczynski, Duane, Fun & Games RT
Swierczynski, Duane, Hell and Gone RT
Sykes, Sam, Tome of the Undergates (unreview) LS

T (44):

Taber, Colin, The Fall of Ossard CH
Tahir, Sabaa, An Ember in the Ashes MW
Tallerman, David, Giant Thief SG
Taylor, Laini, Faeries of Dreamdark: Blackbringer CH
Taylor, Laini, Faeries of Dreamdark: Silksinger CH
Taylor, Laini, Days of Blood and Starlight LR
Tchaikovsky, Adrian Blood of the Mantis LS
Tchaikovsky, Adrian, Dragonfly Falling RT + LS
Tchaikovsky, Adrian, Empire in Black and Gold RT
Tchaikovsky, Adrian, Salute the Dark LS
Tchaikovsky, Adrian, The Scarab Path LS
Tchaikovsky, Adrian, The Sea Watch LS
Tchaikovsky, Adrian, Heirs of the Blade LS
Tchaikovsky, Adrian, The Air War  LS
Tchaikovsky, Adrian, War Master's Gate  LS
Theroux, Marcel, Far North (short review) LS
Thomas, Jeffrey, Deadstock RT
Thomas, Jeffrey, Blue War RT
Thompson, Sam, Communion Town LS
Thorpe, Gav, The Crown of the Blood LS
Thorpe, Gav, The Crown of the Conqueror LS
Thor, Brad, The Athena Project MW
Tidhar, Lavie, The Bookman LS
Tidhar, Lavie, Camera Obscura, LS
Tidhar, Lavie, The Great Game, (short rv) LS 
Tinti, Hannah, The Good Thief LS
Toibin, Colm, Brooklyn LS
Torres, Alissa, American Widow RT
Traviss Karen, Judge FF
Tregillis, Ian, Bitter Seeds LS
Tregillis, Ian, The Coldest War (short rv) MW
Tregillis, Ian, Necessary Evil MW
Tremain, Rose, Trespass LS
Tripathi, Amish, The Immortals of Melusha MW
Tripp, Ben,  The Accidental Highwayman JR
Truman, Timothy and others, Conan: The Hand of Nergal RT
Tuck, James, Blood and Bullets MW
Turney, SJA, Interregnum, LS
Turney, SJA, Ironroot, LS
Turner, George, Brain Child LS
Turner, Max, Night Runner, LS
Turtledove, Harry, Hitler's War LS
Turtledove, Harry, East and West (short review) LS
Turtledove, Harry, The Man with the Iron Heart LS
Tyler, Pavarti, Shadow on the Wall MW

U (2):

Udaysankar, Krishna, Govinda MW
Unsworth, Barry, The Ruby in Her Navel LS


Valente, Catherynne M, Deathless RT
Valente, Catherynne M, Palimpsest FF
Valente, Catherynne M, The Orphan's Tales: In the Night Garden RT
Valente, Catherynne M, The Orphan's Tales: In the Cities of Coin and Spice RT
Valtat, Jean-Christophe, Aurorarama, LS
Vandermeer Jeff, City of Saints and Madmen FF
Vandermeer Jeff, Finch FF
Vandermeer Jeff, Shriek: An Afterword FF
Van Name, Mark, Children No More (Jon/Lobo #4) LS
Van Name, Mark, No Going Back (J/L #5) LS
Vaughn, Carrie, Discord's Apple MW
Vyleta, Dan, The Quiet Twin (short rv) LS
Vries, Jetse de (ed), Shine: An Anthology of Optimistic SF LS

W (73):

Walsh, Pat, The Crowfield Curse (short review) CH
Walton, David, Terminal Mind FF
Walton, David, Quintessence LS + CB
Warrington, Freda, Elfland LS
Warrington, Freda, Midsummer Night LS
Waters, Sarah, The Little Stranger (short review) LS
Watts-Evans, Lawrence, A Young Man Without Magic CH
Weber, David, At All Costs LS
Weber, David, A Rising Thunder LS
Weber, David, Midst Toil and Tribulation LS
Weber, David, Shadow of Freedom LS
Weber, David, A Beautiful Friendship LS
Weber, David, Storm from the Shadows LS
Weber, David, Mission of Honor LS
Weber, David, A Mighty Fortress LS
Weber, David, How Firm a Foundation LS
Weber, David, By Heresies Distressed LS
Weber, David, By Schism Rent Asunder LS
Weber, David, Invitation to the Honorverse LS
Weber, David, House of Steel LS
Weber, David, Out of the Dark, RT
Weeks, Brent, The Way of Shadows (Night Angel, Book 1) LS
Weeks, Brent, The Black Prism LS
Weeks, Brent, The Blinding Knife LS
Weis, Margaret and Hickman, Tracy, Bones of the Dragon CH
Wells, Dan, I Am Not A Serial Killer RT
Wells, Martha, The Cloud Roads RT
Werner, Markus, On the Edge LS
Whates, Ian, City of Dreams and Nightmare LS
Whates, Ian, City of Hope and Despair LS
Whates, Ian, The Noise Within LS
Whates, Ian, The Noise Revealed (short rv) LS
Whates, Ian (ed), Solaris Rising  LS
Whitfield, Russell, Gladiatrix (short review) LS
Wells, Jaye, Red-Headed Stepchild (Sabina Kane, Book 1) RT
Wendig, Chuck, Unclean Spirits CB
Wenzel, Kurt, Exposure RT
Westerfeld, Scott, Leviathan LS
Whitfield, Kit, In Great Waters (short review) LS
Wilks, Mike, Mirrorscape CH
Wieringa, Tommy, Caesarion LS
Williams, David, Burning Skies MW
Williams, David, Mirrored Heavens RT
Williams, David, The Machinery of Light MW
Williams, Liz, Bloodmind RT
Williams, Liz, Darkland RT
Williams, Liz, Inspector Chen Stories MW
Williams, Liz, Shadow Pavilion, MW
Williams, Liz, Winterstrike LS
Williams, Liz, Worldsoul LS
Williams, Mazarkis, The Emperor's Knife RT + MW
Williams, Sean, The Grand Conjunction LS
Williams, Tad, Shadowplay RT
Williams, Tad, Shadowrise/Shadowheart RT
Williams, Walter Jon, Implied Spaces LS
Williams, Walter Jon, This Is Not a Game: A Novel RT
Williams, Walter Jon, Deep State RT
Williams, Walter Jon, Metropolitan LS
Williams, Walter Jon, City on Fire LS
Wilson, Robert Charles, Julian Comstock: A Story of 22-nd Century America LS
Wilson, Robert Charles, Vortex LS
Wilson, Daniel, Robocalypse RT
Wilson, Geoffrey, Land of Hope and Glory, MW
Wilosn, P.A., Imperative, MW
Wingrove, David, Son of Heaven JD
Wisoker, Leona, The Secrets of the Sands LS + CH
Wisoker, Leona, Guardians of the Desert LS + CH
Wolfe, Gene, The Sorcerer's House LS
Wolfe, Gene, Home Fires LS
Wooding, Chris, Retribution Falls LS
Wooding, Chris, Malice CH
Wooding, Chris, Black Lung Captain (short review) LS
Wright, John C, Count to a Trillion (short review) LS

Z (9):

Zadoff, Allen, Boy Nobody, MW
Zafon, Carlos Ruiz, The Midnight Palace (short rv)
Zafon, Carlos Ruiz, The Prince of Mist CH
Zafon, Carlos Ruiz, El Prisionero del Cielo (short review) LS
Zafon, Carlos Ruiz, The Prisoner of Heaven LS
Zarioiu, Dorin Cristian, The Labyrinth LS
Zeh, Juli, Dark Matter/In Free Fall (short rv) LS
Zimmerman, Jean, The Orphanmaster LS
Zivkovic, Zoran, The Ghostwriter LS



 Capsule Review: Children's Books that took place in Scotland

Grey Ghost: Book One in The Wolf's Apprentice series by Julie Hahnke ill. by Marcia Christensen
The Case of the Purloined Professor: Tails of Frederick and Ishbu by Judy Cox


 Capsule Reviews for books about Vampires and other Mystical Creatures - Oct 09 by Cindy Hannikman

A Practical Guide to Vampires by Lisa Trutkoff Trumbauer
An Illustrated Guide to Mystical Creatures; Illustrations by David West; Text by Anita Ganeri
The Vampire is Just Not That Into You by Vlad Mezrich


Young Reader Capsule Review 1 - Sept 09 by Cindy Hannikman
The Youngest Templar: Keeper of the Grail by Michael Spradlin 
The Dragons of Wayward Crescent: Gruffen by Chris D'Lacey



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